Top 15 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well in 2024

In the present time, we are witnessing everything shifting from in-office jobs to work-from-home and those 9-5 jobs can be extremely stressful. And we must tell you that working for hours and hours is not the only way from which you can earn a salary that you have always wanted.

We are bringing up this article to your notice because we know that work-life can be extremely stressful, especially during current times. Work-life is allowed to have pressure as it does not demotivate us or makes us question our choices, it helps us flourish and work better than we already do. But stress is something that one should not have as it starts affecting one’s mental health, and mental well-being is also really important for one to flourish in this work-life or even in personal life. Good mental health is directly proportionate to good physical health, and in the absence of that one can experience so many health issues. This article is the key for you to avoid that stress from your work life.

All of us want a job that pays us a steady amount while paying us a steady amount. We have so many jobs that can pay us well while we work at ease by sitting at our home, and even less stressful remote. A less stressful job helps us maintain a healthy work-life balance that every working individual longs for. Working in a low-stress job will keep you good and let you have more fruitful and more pleasant work-life experiences that you surely will cherish.

So, let us now look at the top 15 low-stress jobs that pay well. The formula we will be used to derive these job options for this article will be,

               “Low-stress + High-paying = Job Satisfaction”

Low Stress Jobs That Pay Well

Top 15 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well

1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is nothing but marketing through the internet using digital technologies. A digital marketer engages in promotional activities that connect businesses to customers to convert into loyal customers through digital communication. It is a wide field divided further into

  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Optimisation

While the pay in this field completely depends upon the skill level, one who takes the opportunity to make the best use of their marketing skills can make a steady pay as a digital marketing consultant. As more and more businesses are shifting online, marketing professionals are in great demand. Being an independent digital marketer can help you make a lot. It is one such field that would help you to have fun and earn a tremendous amount of money at the same time. This is why it is a low-stress job that pays well. Businessmen hire digital marketers to grow their networks and business.

You could do this job by working from home as well. Many top b-schools and universities offer this course with certifications and projects. Becoming one requires excellent networking and communication skills.

2. Web Developer

A web developer is a specialized programmer engaged in developing worldwide web applications using the client-server model. Basically, web developers create and design websites and work on the front-end development of the websites and the back-end of the website as well, depending upon the job requirement. A web developer has advanced knowledge of programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These web developers can work as a freelancer independently or with the company as an employee.

The technology industry is growing faster than we ever thought, which makes the role of web developer less stressful than one may think, and building a career as a web developer if the role matches your interests and skill set can help you land on to a low-stress job that pays well that you are looking for. You build a career in this field a bachelor’s degree will do well, to have a great level of experience you can also pursue master’s and other certifications in this field. You can even pursue a career in this field in the absence of a bachelor’s degree, which is a perk of choosing web development as a career choice.

3. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is a person who is self-employed in the field of writing and is not necessarily committed to work for someone else or under a particular employer for a long term. A freelance writer writes to earn money. If you are interested in writing, this field can turn out to be the best option for a low-stress career/job that will pay you well. You can make money as a writer through various ways like self-publishing your own book and becoming an ‘author + entrepreneur’, becoming a copywriter and working under some employer, starting your own blog and earning through it, and being a guest blogger at someone else’s blog post. You can make a full-time living through this. It is a great choice for a stay-at-home low-stress job.

4. Freelance Photographers

These professionals are great in demand by various startups, businesses, corporates, etc. This field is indeed appealing and involves lesser stress as compared to many other freelance jobs. These professionals are considered digital assets and are hence paid really well, so if the job requirements match your interests and skills, we would suggest you go for it.

5. Economist

If you like to play with numbers and excel in mathematics, statistics, and probability, then your job option is for you. Economists are high in demand in the business world as businesses are looking for individuals who design and make recommendations to help the companies grow. You can earn pretty well in this field while enduring low levels of stress.

6. Marketing Manager

Marketing Management is the art of identifying the target market, analyzing the target market, developing a product as per the target market’s need, launching that product, and thereby providing after-sales services. Individuals with excellent communication, negotiation, and marketing skills can surely be marketing managers. This professional will pay you extremely well while you get to do your job with less stress involved in it. You have to be creative enough to come up with brilliant ideas to make this work easy for you.

7. Cartographer

A cartographer is a person who draws and produces maps. These maps can be of the world, of the local bus routes, etc. To become one you must possess scientific, technological, and artistic skills and knowledge for designing maps, graphics, illustrations, and layouts. The demand for cartographers noticed an immense growth this year. It is another example of a low-stress job that will pay you well.

8. Data Analyst

Data Analysts are also popularly known as Data scientists and they have a very crucial role that involves the manipulation of data by identifying primary and secondary sources of information that can be used to create meaningful and actionable insights. Data Analysts play a very important role as processing and analyzing data is useful across almost all industries, from medical to finance, from finance to e-commerce. It requires:

  • Specialization in statistics, probability, and computer science.
  • Communication Skills
  • Data Analyst or Science Certification.

This is also a good job to choose where you can earn a good amount. It is one of the low-stress jobs that pays you well.

9. Actuary

An actuary uses mathematics and calculations combined with statistics to assess risk and minimize cost, especially for companies working in the insurance field. Although this term may sound extremely boring and dry, according to research, the actuaries are the most satisfied ones with their pay. So, if you are someone who loves to work with numbers, this is a great job. Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in mathematics or
  • Bachelor’s degree in actuary science, or statistics
  • Additional coursework like database management, programming languages, etc.

It is a great field to work on if it matches your interests.

10. Therapist

One can find a wide variety of jobs in the field of psychology. One of which is the therapist. A role of a therapist is to look after their patients and help them find a purpose in their living, help them create a renewed identity so that they can overcome whatever they are going through mentally. It is one of the most rewarding careers that one can choose. These healthcare professionals’ higher level of patience and determination make this role a low-stress job that pays well.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • A Graduate Program in Occupational Therapy

11. Curator/Archivist

A curator can be defined as a manager or an overseer who is in charge of a collection of exhibits in a museum or art gallery. To become one, one must have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in a similar field. Their job is to collect objects, archives, and artifacts that can be presented in such events and exhibitions. They should be experts in conducting thorough researches. Their roles and responsibilities can differ from organization to organization. Museum curators can make a steady paycheck while doing their job which involves less stress. The salary can range anywhere from medium to high.

12. Dietician/Nutritionist

A nutritionist or a dietitian is an expert in conducting research nutrition therapy for their patients, and identify and cure any malnutrition related disease. Both of them help in finding a great diet plan meeting all the nutritional requirements to meet the health needs of an individual.

A dietitian is certified to treat such clinical conditions while it is not necessary that every nutritionist is certified. These professionals can earn a great paycheck while this job is almost as stress-free as doing something you love. In fact, we can add this category of jobs to one of the best-paying jobs.

13. Operation Research Analyst

Operation Research Analysts are high-level problem-solving professionals who use recent and advanced techniques, for example, data optimization, data mining, statistical analysis, and other techniques such as mathematical modeling, for the purpose of developing solutions that help business and organization to work and operate various functions effectively and efficiently in a cost-effective way.

It is expected by 2029, that this field faces a fast growth for employment which makes it a job that will pay you really well. And with the increased growth companies will be looking for fresh talents who can prove to be intelligent assets for the businesses, so it is a good opportunity for you to save one place in this field for yourself.

14. Hair Stylist

These are the professionals who excel in the occupation of hairdressing or styling to change or maintain a person’s hair image. This can involve hair cutting, coloring, different hair care treatments by suggesting different haircare products and texturing. They can also be called beauty service professionals. This indeed is a low-stress job that pays really well. The salary or the income varies from the level of expertise and the brand name you establish or work under. You just require to take the necessary training in this field as it does not require any educational qualifications as such. Some certificate programs could do wonders for you to open your own hair studio or work under someone else.

15. Anthropologist

As we all know that anthropology is the study of aspects of humans within present societies as well as past societies. They engage in activities that involve finding out how humans lived hundreds and thousands of years ago, how they survived, what was important to them, etc. This field is further divided into cultural and social anthropology, and linguistic and archaeology. You can study Ruth Benedict, an anthropologist, to get to know more about this field. It is one of the most amazing fields that makes one curious. They can earn salaries which can range anywhere from medium to high. These professionals are mostly required to do in-office jobs which makes it a low-stress job that pays well.


So, these were some low-stress job options that pay you really well. But remember to do what you are actually passionate about as you will find yourself working even for a day if you are choosing to do what you love every day. Whatever career option you choose should align with your skills, experience, and knowledge, and that will lead you to live a stress-free work life.  I hope you enjoyed this reading piece. Comment below your thoughts about this article and let us know what you like the most about our articles. Share this article with your friends and family.

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