Top 21 Digital Marketing Manager Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Customers are the essence of business organizations and the very reason for their existence. Organizations enjoying a bigger and loyal customer base, find their names in some of the world’s best and successful organizations. One of the fastest and most effective ways to get customers for products and services is marketing. With the advent of technology, gone are the days, when advertising was done in black and white. Nowadays, it is an era of digital marketing that uses digital platforms to promote a product and establish the brand name of an organization.

Digital Marketing Manager Interview Questions

Best 21 Interview Questions

1) Explain In Brief Google Analytics?

This question tests your awareness and level of knowledge of the basic digital marketing tools.

Sample Answer

Google analytics is a powerful analysis tool that uses java script to gather information from the websites. It helps us to evaluate the following:

  • Duration of a particular session
  • Pages per session
  • Bounce rate
  • Traffic sources, etc.

2) How Will You Create An Effective Marketing Strategy?

This question tests your practical working methodologies.

Sample Answer

In order to be successful and effectively promote an organization, it is essential that a digital marketer create an impressive storyline as well as a marketing strategy. For this, I always first understand the requirement of the company, as to what product they want to promote and what are its unique features. Post this, I create a storyline, which perfectly matches the image of the company and relates to the product to be advertised.

3) Explain In Brief The Difference Between Off Page and On Page SEO?

This question tests your grip on your core principles and concepts of digital marketing.

Sample Answer

Sir, Off-page S.E.O refers to all those activities that are done to improve the presence of a website and improve its visibility on the internet. There are really crucial and include the creation of back-links, guest blogging, etc. On the other hand, On-page S.E.O is used to regulate the traffic generated on the website by making page changes. It includes mentioning tags, meta descriptions, interlinking, etc.

4) What Is The Most Effective way Of Improving Website Traffic?

This question tests your knowledge and grip on the various tools and methods used for efficient digital marketing.

Sample Answer

In my humble opinion, the best way to improve traffic and enhance the popularity of a particular website is by advertising it on established digital platforms. There are hundreds of websites and mobile applications fetching more than a million daily users. An advertisement can be placed on such grown platforms, in order to promote and advertise the concerned website. The advertisement banner must be carefully designed and must convey the core meanings as well as intentions.

5) Name At Least Two Keyword Analysis Tools?

This question tests your knowledge and grip on the various tools and methods used for efficient digital marketing.

Sample Answer

Sir, these are:

  • Google Trends
  • SEM Rush

6) Explain In Brief PPC and CPM In the Field Of Digital Marketing?

This question tests your knowledge and grip on the core aspects and principles of digital marketing.

Sample Answer

Sir, PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It simply means that an advertiser who has placed advertisements on your website and/or mobile application will pay you if any user on your digital platform clicks on the ad. On the other hand, CPM stands for Cost per million impressions. In this arrangement, an advertiser will pay you a fixed cost on every million impressions. Users of a digital platform, might not click upon an advertisement, rather, just see it. This visibility would be counted as one impression, and you will be paid a fixed amount after million such impressions.

7) Name The Three Basic Parts Of A Digital Advertisement?

This question tests your knowledge and grip on the core aspects and principles of digital marketing.

Sample Answer

Sir, The three parts are:

  • Headline Text
  • Display URL
  • Description Text

8) What Is Advertisement Quality Score?

This question tests your knowledge and grip on the core aspects and principles of digital marketing.

Sample Answer

In order to master Pay Per Click, one must master the art of enhancing Advertisement Quality scores. This is calculated by Google and is used to determine what Cost per click can be offered to the owner of a website/mobile application. It depends upon several factors such as:

  • Relevance of the text mentioned in the advertisement
  • Relevance of keywords used
  • Click-through rate, etc.

9) What Is AdRank?

This question tests your knowledge and grip on the core aspects and principles of digital marketing.

Sample Answer

AdRank decides the order or hierarchy in which the several competing advertisements must be displayed on a search engine’s result page. A better ranking is conferred upon advertisements that have relevant text, keywords, and better quality scores.

10) What Is The One Thing That You Want To Change In Yourself?

This question is just another way of asking your weakness. You must answer this question after a thorough self analysis and try to avoid generic answers as far as possible.

Sample Answer

Sir, no one is perfect in this world. One must constantly self-evaluate oneself and keep on changing/ eliminating all the bad habits which one might develop with the efflux of time. In my opinion, the one thing that I would like to change is that I become irritated and frustrated too quickly. When things do not fall in my way as planned or expected, I tend to get irritated and short-tempered and start yelling at people even on petty issues. I am definitely addressing this shortcoming of mine, and have joined several online courses in relation to the same.

11) How Will You Place An Advertisement On A Website For Brand Promotion?

This question tests your knowledge and grip on the core aspects and principles of digital marketing.

Sample Answer

In order to place an advertisement, I will use the services of an online advertiser such as Google ad words. It is a pay per click online advertising system that allows us to show our advertisements on the search engine’s result pages.

12) Which Social Media Platform Is Your Favorite and Why?

This question tests how effective your grip is on the various social media platforms.

Sample Answer

As per my personal choice, Instagram is the best social media platform, due to its ease of use, more than 1 billion monthly users, and better payment cycles.

13) What Is Your Best Attribute?

There are many variations of asking your biggest strength. This is one of those variations. Through this question, an interviewer judges your level of self-awareness and your ability to conduct a scrutiny of the self.

Sample Answer

In my opinion, my ability to persevere and work hard in almost all working conditions is my biggest attribute. I have nerves of steel and I am unperturbed by cheap office politics, bullying, harassment, or ragging. I can focus on my work extensively and concentrate on achieving the assigned targets.

14) When Can You Start?

It is common for interviewers to ask this question during the interview session itself. This question in no way guarantees your selection and you are always advised to remain calm and composed, rather than getting excited or jubilated.

Sample Answer

  • For a fresher/unemployed individual: Sir, I have the ability to start immediately, because I have no prior commitments or obligations of any sort to be fulfilled or completed. This enables me to be a quick starter.
  • For Employed individuals: Sir, desperate for a job change, I have already given a notice to my employer. It is their policy to issue a relieving letter within 14 days from the receipt of a notice. Hence, if I add 2 more days of buffer, then I can confirm that I can join the organization on or after (___mention your expected date of joining_____)

15) What Motivates You To Work?

Through this question an interviewer wants you to share the primary reason or motivational factor that forces you to work hard and move forward in life.

Sample Answer

Sir, motivational factors are different for different individuals and are largely influenced by the circumstances and conditions in which a person lives. Mine too, are influenced by the same. Being a person from a poor financial background and a large family to be fed, money is the most primary desire of mine, that prompts me to push my boundaries and achieve the targets allotted to me. Further, I am a career-oriented person and would love to progress and achieve great heights in my professional career.

16) Why Should We Not Hire You?

This is a common interview question, wherein you are supposed to share one of your major weaknesses. Never forget to mention the way or method you are following in order to overcome your weakness.

Sample Answer

Sir, I find no immediate reason for you to deny me a position. However, if I focus and try to fetch any possible reason, then I can say, you can reject me because I am a detail-oriented person. I always lay the utmost effort to gather all the available information before initiating a project and always give due attention to all the tasks equally. At times, I tend to overdo this, for which, I am getting proper guidance and teachings from one of the celebrated professionals, who is a close relative of mine.

17) How Do You Prioritize Between Several Tasks?

This is a trending interview question, wherein you are supposed to share the technique that you follow in order to effectively prioritize.

Sample Answer

Sir, in my opinion, an employee must prioritize effectively, in absence of which, he or she will not be able to submit work in a time-bound manner. I always value prioritization and for this purpose, I maintain a diary in which I write the tasks to be finished in the day. Post this, I always arrange them on the basis of their difficulty levels. The toughest task would be at the top and the easiest at the bottom. This is for the primary reason, that in the morning we are fresh and have a greater ability to handle a tough task.

18) Why You Left Your Previous Organization?

This is a tricky question wherein an interviewer wants to know what prompted you to leave your last employer. The reason shared, will help an interviewer to judge, whether or not you will be a perfect fit for the team culture of the organization.

Sample Answer

In my honest opinion, my previous organization was really good and taught me a lot of tactics, procedures, and methods. But, the work culture of the company was too sub-standard and inferior. There was no clear chain of command and workflow. Often I and my colleagues used to be confused as to whom we have to report and submit our work. There was not a single person in the company who can guide you about your mistakes. This prompted me to move on to a more organized and sorted organization.

19) Why You Chose Us?

This is a common interview question wherein an interviewer wants to know your seriousness and level of commitment towards the organization.

Sample Answer

Being an organization maintaining pole position in the field for the past two decades, having 50,000 plus customers including some top corporate and operations spread in around 12 countries, it would be foolishness and buffoon to not join such an esteemed organization. In addition to this, I am deeply impressed by the level of infrastructure offered by the organization along with a lucrative salary and additional benefits.

20) Can You Work Under Pressure?

This is a common interview question through which an interviewer wants to know your ability as well as mindset to work for long stretched working hours.

Sample Answer

Yes sir, undoubtedly, I can work for long hours and can handle high volumes of work with ease. I believe, there are two primary requirements in order to achieve tight daily targets, which are:

  • Superior Concentration: In order to maintain a high level of concentration and work for long hours, I always perform yoga and meditation. I believe, both these methods, have worked wonders for me, and I have improved both my focus and attentiveness considerably.
  • Impressive Stamina: Along with conditioning your mind, it is pivotal that you maintain an adorable physical strength, so that you do not feel physically exhausted and tired. For this, I work out daily and even involve myself in high-intensity training at least 3 times a week.

21) Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

The best way to conclude an interview session is by letting the candidate ask a few questions in relation to the job profile, work timings, organization’s work culture, benefits, etc. It is a widely followed practice that is followed in almost all the interview sessions held across the world for different positions. Skipping such an important question would hurt your selection chances considerably as you will simply be deemed as an under-prepared candidate.

Sample Questions

  1. What are the work timings?
  2. Is there a provision of emergency extended paid leaves?
  3. What are the benefits offered by the organization in relation to the paternity period?
  4. What insurances are offered by the company to its employees?
  5. Are you offering an overtime allowance?

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (for Digital Marketing Manager interviews):

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