When Can You Start? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

This question may sound as optimistic as getting an all-expense paid vacation trip. One might feel that one is selected for the job and he or she has beaten or eliminated a lot of competition. Some may become emotional too remembering their journey. But, hold your horses and tears. This question does not mean that you are selected for a job advertised. Rather, it a common habit of the interviewers to ask your availability and time period in case you are selected and found eligible for the vacancy.

When Can You Start

Five Tips To Answer This Question

1) Never say Tomorrow, If You Are Working Currently

If you are unemployed then, it can be understood, that you are free and can join the organization even from tomorrow. But, if you are working somewhere just don’t say tomorrow. Rather, you must at least take a margin of at least 15 days, which is the usual notice period. If you feel, your current employer is understanding enough and can relieve you within less time, you are free to respond.

2) Don’t Take Too Much Time

Early or immediate joiners are preferred by the organizations. If you have the ability to join, say within 15 days, then there is no point in saying 25 or 30 days. It is nice to keep margins in case of any possible mishappening, but try not to stretch your joining date too far.

3) Always Tell An Exact Date

Vague or ambiguous answers won’t help you in any way. Your answer must be definite and must beat around the bush. You must say a confirmed date on which you will be available to join the organization. Responding in the following ways is a big no,

  • If I try my best I might be able to join on 24th May 2021.
  • I can make an effort to join on 24th May 2021.
  • I will ask my current employer and would tell you the date that he or she tells me.
  • I will endeavor and try very hard to join at the earliest.

4) Explain Clearly

Whether you have sent a notice to your current employer or you have not, whether you have received a relieving letter or you have not, all these things must be communicated clearly with your interviewer. There is just no reason to hide such things, and hence better to share.

5) Control Emotions

While answering this question it has been observed that candidates become too happy or overoptimistic after listening to this question. It is true that this question is asked only to the candidates who have high chances of selection, but this in no way guarantees your selection. So you have to still hold your nerves and maintain decency. This is a simple question, that wants you to share the minimum time period within which you can join the organization. So don’t overthink or exaggerate.

Ten Best Answers To Read

There could be several situations that considerably affects the answer to this question. We would try to cover all the situations in this article.

Situation I: You Are Unemployed

Sample Answer One (For Freshers)

Since this is my first job application and I am a fresh college graduate, I have no prior commitments whatsoever. This makes me eligible and available to work for the organization as soon as possible. Since it is always better to start quickly, I would like to say, that I am ready to join the organization even from tomorrow.

Sample Answer Two

My last tenure with ABC Management Group ended 2 months ago. During these days, I have been legally relieved from my prior employer and currently, I am not under any pending obligation to complete. Hence, if selected, I am in a position to join at the earliest and can even start contributing to the organization even from tomorrow.

Sample Answer Three

I have completed all my formalities with my previous employer and have been successfully relieved of all my duties and tasks. This makes me eligible to join the organization at its will. I have the ability to join the company, at whatever date you offer to me. I declare, that I have no prior commitments or assignments to fulfill or complete.

Situation II: You Are Employed And Have Sent A Notice To Your Current Employer

Sample Answer One

Being currently employed and having been sent a notice just 3 days back, I believe it will take at least 12 more days to get a relieving letter. This limits my ability to join the organization immediately. I would be happy to join the organization on (______mention the date you wish to join at_______)

Sample Answer Two

Desperately looking for a job change, I sent the notice to my current employer, 2 weeks ago. After my latest conversation with my employer, I am being told, that I will get my relieving letter within the next 2 days. I would be pretty happy to keep further 2 days of margin to cover any unprecedented situation. This makes me available to join your prestigious organization on (______mention the date you wish to join at_______)

Sample Answer Three

I have sent the notice to my current organization just 5 days before. They have a policy of at least 15 days. Hence, it would take 10 more days before obtaining a relieving letter. Hence, I would be eligible to join your organization on (______mention the date you wish to join at_______)

Sample Answer Four

I had a conversation with my current boss, yesterday. My relieving letter is ready and would be dispatched within 2 days. It would take further 2 days for the letter to reach me. Hence, by adding these 4 days and one buffer day, I will be able to join the organization on (______mention the date you wish to join at_______)

Situation III: You Are Employed And Have Sent A Notice To Your Current Employer, But Wish To Join At A Later Date

Sample Answer One

I was determined for a job change and in this quest, I sent the notice to my previous employer 1 month ago. I even got my relieving letter in time. But, I am planning to go on a vacation with my family next week for 5 days. Add two days for getting over the fatigue. I will be fresh and willing to join on (______mention the date you wish to join at_______)

Situation IV: You Are Employed And Have Not Sent A Notice To Your Current Employer

Sample Answer One

I am currently working with my current organization and is about to send them a notice. My company states a minimum notice period of 20 days. I am planning to send it by midnight today and expects to get the relieving letter by 25th of this month. This makes me eligible to join your organization after 25th. Hence, I confirm that I will join on (______mention the date you wish to join at_______)

Sample Answer Two

Being in employment with ABC Consultancy Corporation, I have not still, served any notice to my current employer. I wish to do it latest by the 10th of this month. As per my company’s policy, I will be relieved within 12 days. Post making all the calculations, it would be safe to declare (______mention the date you wish to join at_______) as my joining date.


There are several questions asked in an interview set. This is one of the questions that require you to share your minimum notice period of joining a particular joining. This also enables an interviewer to evaluate your candidature and application for the job. A short notice period is always preferred by hiring managers worldwide. So respond accordingly. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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