How To Write A Resignation Letter (2024 Template Included)

A Resignation Letter or it is also known as ‘a letter of resignation’ is written to announce that the individual is willing to leave a position that is in currently. Now, there could be any reasons to write a resignation letter sometimes it could be from the individual’s point of interest or from the organisation that he or she is working under.

How To Write A Resignation Letter

How To Write A Resignation Letter Giving A Perfect Reason

Yes, writing a resignation letter can be hard sometimes we mostly are not usual with resignation letter. But, there is a particular format to write a resignation letter also it is sure that one would like it if the written flow is properly done. Below are some of the steps of how to write a resignation letter giving a valid reason in the office, organisation, company or anywhere the individual is working now:

  1. Mention your intention of why you are writing the letter and do not forget to mention the date to make it all clear.
  2. Make a recap of why exactly you are leaving the workplace it could be of personal reasons as well.
  3. It will be great if you provide some supporting details.
  4. Here comes the most interesting part, you should thank the employers, boss, or anyone for the job opportunity.
  5. You also need to offer assistance with the transition.

Letter Of Resignation Check-List  

While writing any formal letter most of us tend to forget few important details that should be mentioned in the letter. The resignation letter also follows the same pattern you need to keep few things in mind while writing the letter of resignation. Your letter of resignation should include the following given format below.

  1. Date when you are writing the letter
  2. The name of the organisation and its proper address
  3. A statement or the reason for resignation
  4. State what your last day would be in the company
  5. A two-three week prior notice
  6. Mention your job title
  7. Appreciate the opportunity that the organisation provided to you
  8. You may ask an offer for help during the transition period
  9. Lastly, your name and signature is mandatory

Common Mistakes That Should Be Avoided While Writing A Resignation Letter

Resignation Letters are written to those employees in any company who has already made up his/her mind to leave their position. The individual must make sure that the resignation letter is very professionally written as it would be the last communication that the individual is going to have with the current boss, or employer thus, it must be done in an appropriate manner. Still, with all these in mind, while writing we make some common mistakes and they are mentioned below:

  1. The resignation letter should not be vague it should be very clear and have meaning to it.
  2. Avoid criticising your employer or boss and the organisation while writing the letter of resignation.
  3. As we are leaving the current position in the company we mostly tend to be rude, so do not be rude.
  4. Avoid mentioning your salary as a reason for your resignation from the company.
  5. It would be very much improper to mention include suggestions in the letter of resignation.

Letter Of Resignation Template

We know that there are different types of letters and all of them have their own templates which just come updated every year. The same way a resignation letter has its own template and it is given below:

Your Name

Address (your)

City (Name), State/District Pin Code

Contact Number

Your Email ID




Full Name of the Firm

Firm’s Proper Address

Name of the City, State with Pin Code

Dear Ms. (With title)

I would like to reveal before you that I have put a thought of resigning from my current job in your firm, Galaxy Forces Limited. This will be effective from the coming September 25th of this year itself.   

I will never forget the opportunity that I got working in the firm and it was always great to face them every time I went to the organisation. It was an enjoying moment working for the organisation I will cherish all the moments and years that I ever had with the firm. Also, I highly appreciate the support that was initially provided to me and I must say that the working environment was very healthy during my tenure. It was also a knowledgeable tenure ever since I came to the organisation I took all the advantage of gaining knowledge out of your organisation.

If I could be any help during the time of transition, please do let me know I will be honoured to do it.


Signature (Your)

Full Name (Your)

Sample Of Resignation Letter 2

Your Name


City Name, State and Pin Code

Personal Phone Number

Email ID:


Dr Sam Johnson

Reference Coordinator

Country Library System

122 Corner Street

Small Town, Zip Code

Dear Sam,

I would like to reveal to you that I am in a personal will to resign from my present position as a Reference Librarian. This resignation will come to be effective from the forthcoming Tuesday, October 25th.

Thank you for all the knowledge that I have gained from my position in the library also it will be improper to miss your instant assistance over the years of my tenure. I have considered that everyone or the other members in the library are my dearest friends now, and I will never stop thinking about them.

However, while working hours in the library suddenly my life has taken a very different turn and without doubt I think it is the right time for me to think about it.

It will be of great pleasure if I can be of your help in my remaining days in the library to assist you for finding a new replacement for my job position.

As I have enclosed my contact details above please do keep in touch. Just drop a text in my email ID above if there is anything you require from my part.  


First Name Last Name            

Tips For Writing A Attractive Resignation Letter

Following the steps and process given above would surely lead you to proper writing of resignation letter but, you should know how to make it look attractive. Below are some of the tips for writing a resignation letter to make it attractive:

  1. Give prior notice- It will be best if you give your employer or boss a two-three week prior notice if you are planning to resign from the organisation. It is obvious you have to write the letter three weeks before planning to resign from the current job. The significant information that should be there in the letter is that the date of when you are planning to exit your current job position. This will help the organisation or for the employer to look for a suitable candidate for the position that is going to be vacant.
  2. Appreciate or use the word ‘Thank You’- It is very important that you let the employer or your boss know that you highly appreciate your time. If you were not quite happy with the organisation then you could make the ‘thanks’ portion in brief.
  3. Asking questions- If you have any questions for the company including where to leave the work-related supplies or it could be any other thing related to your position you should include them while writing the letter.
  4. Do Not Complain about your reason for leaving the firm- Writing a resignation letter does not literally mean you share your frustrations about the employers, co-workers, or anything related to the firm. You should never underestimate someone and keep in mind that someday you might need help from someone who will be from your organisation, so it is best to keep everything polite and humble through your writing.  
  5. Make it a short letter- Writing a resignation should be in a very simple format and to the point of what you want to say, should be briefed well and focused on the same. It would be improper to elaborate on the reason that your leaving for you should keep in mind that the letter should be kept professional rather than making it personal.
  6. Proofread or check twice before you send it- After you finish writing the resignation letter you should read it thoroughly of where to make changes if required. It would be better if you know all the details required from your employer prior to writing a resignation letter.
  7. Use formal format and words- The workplace is not an informal area or environment. You need to make sure that you are using the proper business-world letter format in your resignation letter. You should include header with the employer’s name on it, address, date and your name and address. Also, as it is formal you need to keep in mind that the words used in the resignation letter should be thoughtfully done.


The article above about writing a resignation letter will surely help you in future. We are quite sure that any of you reading this will not find any difficulty writing a resignation letter also it will be much fun as all the tips are enclosed above for better writing. If on any inch you found the article helpful then please do share with your friends, family, comment on the part you liked the most and leave feedback below.


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