How to Write Two Weeks’ Notice Letter? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

A notice letter is a formal document that includes a declaration of your intention to leave the company. This letter is also known as a resignation letter. This letter signifies that you are a professional candidate working in the company and that you are following the terms and conditions of your employment contract. To officially resign from the position, you hold in a company, a two weeks’ notice letter is required before you actually leave the job.

How to Write Two Weeks Notice Letter

By giving a two weeks’ notice letter to you employer, you will be

  1. Having enough time to complete the current work you were assigned and the deadlines that you have to meet.
  2. Giving the employer enough time to recruit and select another potential candidate as your replacement for the job.
  3. Having enough time to say goodbye to your fellow workers, subordinates, and colleagues, leaving the company on a professional and positive note. 
  4. Getting time to settle the remaining pays and clear the accounts in your name.
  5. Having a written document on why you wanted to resign.

If you leave a company without giving a notice letter for at least two weeks’, there will be following consequences:

  1. You will be portraited as an extremely unprofessional employee.
  2. The employer will feel disrespected.
  3. You will be leaving your employer in a disturbing situation as he will be having no time to select another person for the same job.
  4. The employer may not write a letter of recommendation in your favor and you might not get the next job you apply for looking at your unprofessional attitude and sudden exit from your job.
  5.  You will be violating the rules written in your employment contract.  

In this article, we will be discussing in detail how to write a notice letter with some examples.

Format of a Notice Letter/ Resignation Letter

1. Start off with a heading that should be center-aligned

“Notice Letter”

2. Personal Details

  • Your full name
  • The position you hold in a company
  • Your address

3. Mention the date of writing the letter

4. Subject line

“Application for resignation”

5. Salutation

Mention your employer’s name, write, “To the employer (Employer’s Name).

6. Opening line

Start with an opening line like, “This is to inform you that…” etc.

7. State your resignation

  • Include the date of your last day
  • Give the reason for why you are resigning (Optional)

8. Statement showing gratitude for the company

For example: “I am extremely grateful to the company for giving me this opportunity and helping me grow.”

“I really enjoyed working for the company, I am thankful for the opportunity.”

9. Wrap up your letter

  • Include your signature
  • Your name

Sample Notice Letter Example 1

                                        Notice Letter

Recipient’s name

Job Position


(Date of writing the letter)

Subject: Application for resignation

Respected Sir/Madam (Salutation)

This is to inform you of my intention to resign from (the position name) at (Company name), effective two weeks from today.

Kindly accept this letter as my notice of resignation. I hope that two weeks’ notice is sufficient for you to find another potential candidate in my place, please let me know otherwise.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work with your company, I will forever be grateful to you and this company for being part of my career and helping me grow.

Please do let me know if you need any assistance in further process.

Thank you.


(Your Name)

Few things to consider before handing in your notice letter

1) Your manager should to the first person to know about your resignation

How unprofessional it would look if your manager overhears a conversation between two of your colleagues about you resigning from the job. He might also take it as a disrespect to him. Talk about it to him beforehand, so that you can discuss your remaining work and pays and so that he can plan on selecting another candidate for the same position.

2) Keep your speech ready

Before meeting the employer, to keep the conversation straightforward, try to practice what reasons you have to resign from that job. You need not go into too much detail about your personal life but if you are resigning from the job because you got a better opportunity to work at a senior position in some other company, you can be honest about it to your employer and he would obviously understand you a reason to leave. Be honest with your reason or you may even choose not to give one.

Preparing for your conversation before the meeting would help you make the conversation easier and effective. That is why it is your responsibility to let him know about your resignation before talking about it to your fellow workers. This will be the only way you can wind up your job on a good note.

3) Remember that employer may keep a counter-offer in front of you

When you prepare for the conversation, remember that if you have extremely good relations with the employer and the employer really values your work, he may come up with some offer for you to make you stay at the company as they need you. This offer could be made in various kinds like giving you a promotion or increasing your payor giving you other perks and incentives to make you stay.

It is completely your choice to accept their offer and stay on board. But, in case you have completely made up your mind to leave the company, state calmly to the employer that you appreciate their offer and are grateful for the company but it is the best option for you to leave and join some other work environment for self-growth.    

4) Try to resign in person

When you resign from a job the best way to communicate about it to your employer would be to meet him. So, if you find it convenient to meet your employer and discuss your resignation with him with patience, it would be the best option as this way you can thank the employer for the opportunity to work with the company that he gave to you.

If it is not convenient for you to resign in person due to some personal reason or any, you can use a phone call or set up a google meet or you can also send a soft copy in the form of mail or telegram. Make sure you send the mail or the message in a formal manner using the format of the notice letter we discussed above. 

5) Keep your notice letter ready

Before you set up a meeting or a conversation with the employer make sure that you have already written your letter so that you can present it to the employer in your meeting.

6) The after-conversation

After you have had the conversation about you resigning the company to the employer, thank him for the time you had in the company, for the work opportunities and the projects you have a part of, and for the experience that you got by working with the company.

Your gratitude will show that you valued your work and respected the opportunities that were provided to you.  

Sample Notice Letter Example 2

                                  Notice Letter

[Your name]


Subject: Resigning from the post of [Your position Name]

Dear Mr. [Name of the Employer]

This letter is to give you two weeks of my official resignation from [The company name]. My final day as a [Your position name] will be two weeks from today.

I really enjoyed working for the company, I am thankful for the opportunity. I am also grateful for the company for investing their time in mending my skills and grateful to you for being a wonderful supervisor.

I will finish my ongoing projects and tasks assigned by you within these two weeks.

Please accept my notice letter and let me know if there is anything you need me to do to help you during this transition time.

Thank you for your support. It has been a pleasure working with you.



[Your name]

Each resignation letter is different as every person has his or her own reasons to leave a job, but always end your resignation on a positive note, this will help in making a good impression and also assist you while getting a letter of recommendation from the company or the employer.

This is how you end your current job on a good note.


In case if it is your final decision to leave the company, make your intentions clear in the notice letter. Remember to keep your notice letter as subtle as possible. Always proofread the notice letter after writing it to avoid any general errors like spelling mistakes, wrong salutations, or grammatical mistakes. Hand it to your superior only after proofreading it. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Comment below what you like about this article and also share this article with your friends who are struggling with writing a notice letter, to make it easy for them.

All the very best for your next job!


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