How To Resign From A Job? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

Sometimes it just does not work out. No matter how hard you try, you are just unable to fit in or squeeze yourself into your workplace. The reasons could be plenty, there can be too low of a salary for the amount of work expected or simply there is an unresolved dispute with any colleague, senior or junior. Whatever prompted you to take the bold decision of resignation, it just can not change despite effective counseling and advice. If you are going through this phase, then this is a perfect article for you to read and study which would enlighten you about the entire resignation process and would tell you about your duties and responsibilities.

How To Resign From A Job

Resign Decently

Your career at the current organization might be over, but you still have a professional life to live and several other organizations to apply to. Hence, any unprofessional behavior is highly discouraged. No matter how bad your reason for resignation is, you are expected at all times to maintain decency in your conduct and gracefully complete your resignation process. You might be moving away from your current employer, but remember they were the ones giving you salary, incentives, and also the projects to work on. Hence, act as a reputable person and be thankful for whatever positive you got from your current organization.

Guide To Ace Your Resignation Process

Resignations are a blend of several human emotions, such as anger, frustration, fear, and uncertainty. With so many feelings erupting inside, you are bound to behave awkwardly. But, ace your resignation process through our complete guide upon the same. Readout large our below-mentioned points:

1. Settle Yourself

You might be too tempted to leave and immediately join another organization. But, hang on and take a long breath. First of all, settle yourself and focus on the other employment opportunity that you have received. Review the offer letter diligently and respond to them in a timely fashion. Post this, obtain an exact date of joining which will be your first day of serving your new employer. In case, you have not received any offer letter, we recommend you not to resign from your current position, as any miscalculation and un-informed decision can even make you unemployed.

2. Transfer Assets and Accesses

While working at a designation, you must be having access to several vital information, files, and business communications. These are the assets of your business organization and in no way you are supposed to hamper or manipulate them. Thus, transfer these digital assets to the concerned person and follow it up with written communication, preferably send an e-mail to your manager as well as the business/departmental head.

3. Draft An Official Comunication

After getting yourself settled and practical transfer of all the accesses and digital assets, now is the time to draft an official communication to your immediate manager. Inform your manager about your decision verbally and then send an official resignation letter. This would be your official communication to your manager and the organization, that your time is up with this company and you are looking forward in life, for better opportunities and earning avenues. You must never write any negative statement about the company, blame someone, or express discord. Be humble and appreciative while writing the letter and say a grateful goodbye.

4. Give Sufficient Time

In case you are planning to resign from your current organization, always prefer to serve a notice which gives ample time to the business organization. Typically, two weeks or fifteen days is the acceptable time in the corporate world, however, you can increase it also, depending upon your next joining date. never give any time less than fifteen days, as that would amount to immediate resignation and you might be stripped off of some of your employee benefits.

5. Stuff Away Your Personal Belongings

So your time with your current organization is up, and now you must be planning to pack your items. There must be some personal belongings of yours at your desk, like a pen, mobile charger, personal diary or notebook, bag, etc. Just make sure to pack and stuff all those items, as it is highly unlikely that you will come here again. Bid adieu to all your colleagues, seniors, and managers, and be grateful for them for giving you an opportunity and for all the things that you learned from your workplace.

Sample Resignation Letter

A sample resignation letter, like every other official communication, would contain the names and addresses of the recipients as well as the sender. After giving an appropriate salutation and mentioning the subject line, you are supposed to start your body of the letter, which would contain the main content. A sample of this body has been presented below:

This is to inform you that, I, ABC, an employee of the organization having employee ID: XXXXX has decided to part ways and resign from my current designation of (mention the name of your designation) at XYZ Department. with effect from (mention your last working day).

It was a tough decision which ultimately had to be taken in the wake of growth opportunities and better earning opporunities. I thoroughly emnjoyed my time at the organization and would be grateful for all the learnings, teachings and skills imparted.

It would be lovely to know about all the assistance, help and aid, which you might require from me so as to smoothly complete the transfer process. For this contact with me at my personal contact no. XXXX as well as e-mal address XXXXX. Thanks for giving me an opporutnity to work with you.

Tips To Write An Effective Resignation Letter

1. Use Professional Tone

If you are planning to call names, play the blame game or accuse someone through your resignation letter, you are in for a grave mistake. Doing such things, would not come in handy for you, rather by doing this, you will generate a negative character certificate which will severely impact your future selection chances and shrink your employment opportunities. Hence, use a professional tone and maintain a sense of decency as well as respect while writing the letter.

2. Be Appreciative

Every business organization along with putting bread and butter on your table gives you learnings and corporate experiences which you can exploit in your next job opportunity. Thus, always be appreciative and show them how grateful you are. Further, always mention that in case any further assistance is needed, you are there for them to help.

3. Close The Letter With Your Contact Details

Towards the end of the resignation letter, always mention your contact details, both e-mail address as well as phone number, so that the organization could contact you for any issues arising in the transfer process, or even discuss the problems in the entitlement of employee benefits.


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