Top 21 Speech Pathology Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Watching people fight over petty issues is a common sight. Sometimes those issues are so trivial that you might be tempted to laugh off. But everyone is not even lucky to fight over paltry matters, let alone enjoying several moments of life. There are people that suffer from a variety of speech problems, such as stuttering, fluency disorder, resonance issues, etc. These people need the help of a specialist professional who is an expert in correcting speech disorders, commonly known by the name of a speech pathologist.

A speech pathologist is an increasingly growing profession due to a rapid increase in the cases of speech disorders over the past few decades. It is for this reason that such professionals are paid handsomely and are even offered lucrative incentives and benefits. Even a single job opening of a speech pathologist at any institution attracts several job applications from interested candidates. Hence, always prepare sincerely for the interview process by referring to the frequently asked interview questions.

Speech Pathology Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. What Is Your Understanding Of The Vocal Cord Palsy?

A speech pathologist has to deal with a variety of speech orders. This question aims to test your knowledge and experience in relation to the paralysis relating to the human vocal cords.

Sample Answer

Sir, vocal chord palsy is a paralysis of the vocal cords present in human beings. There are always certain nerve impulses that go towards our larynx or commonly known as the voice box. In this disorder, these impulses are severely disrupted and hence can not reach our larynx. This leads to the paralysis of our vocal cord muscles.

2. What Are The Vocal Cords?

Through this question, an interviewer tests your knowledge as well as an understanding of the vocal cords and the complete structure of the human vocal system.

Sample Answer

Sir, vocal cords are a pair of two stretchable bands which are located at the beginning of the trachea. Whenever a person attempts to make a speech, or in simple words tries to speak, these bands align and tend to vibrate, generating sound. When a person is not speaking, these bands go to their normal positions which allows humans to breathe and perform several activities such as eating food, drinking water, etc.

3. What Are The Effects Of Disruption Of Vocal Nerve Impulses?

A speech pathologist has to deal with a variety of speech orders. This question aims to test your knowledge and experience in relation to the paralysis relating to the human vocal cords.

Sample Answer

Sir, disruption of the nerve impulses reaching our larynx, will not only affect our ability to generate speech but also affects our vocal muscles by making it paralytic. Further, a person experiencing any such disorder is bound to have breathing issues as well in addition to frequent issues in swallowing food, drinking water and even restricting saliva from entering our windpipe making us feel choke and stuck all the time.

4. Name Any Three Types Of Disorders.

This question aims to test your knowledge and experience in relation to several types of disorders.

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, These are:

  • Speech delay disorder
  • Fluency disorder and
  • Swallowing disorder

5. What Is A Cognitive Communication Disorder?

This question aims to test your knowledge and experience in relation to several types of disorders.

Sample Answer

Sir, in this type of disorder, a person is simply not able to communicate effectively. He might be able to speak but lacks a general sense of logic and reasoning. Further, social conversation and also some executive functions are adversely affected.

6. Explain Aphasia In The Context Of Speech Disorder.

This question tests your knowledge and understanding of the various disorders and common problems arising due to defective speech.

Sample Answer

Sir, aphasia is a type of speech disorder that is not limited to the various parts of the throat but also includes the brain. In this illness, the human brain is unable to produce a meaningful response and is also unable to process the sensory speech inputs. The Wernicke’s Korsakoft area is highly impacted by this illness, further leading to a major impact upon motor speech.

7. How Does Brain Communicates and Sends Signals?

This question aims to test your understanding of the functioning of the human brain.

Sample Answer

Sir, our human brain is made up of several nervous tissues which consist of neurons. These neurons are responsible for transmitting messages throughout our human body by the process of neuro-diffusion. Each neuron is connected with another through a junction between them known as a synapse. The diffusion of neurotransmitters takes place and the message is transmitted to another neuron. Similarly, the diffusion takes place in the second neuron and the message is transmitted to the third neuron, this process continues until the message reaches its destination.

8. Have You Applied With Our Rival Organizations?

This is a tricky interview question and requires you to tell whether or not you have applied at the other business organizations. An interviewer completely understands that a candidate applies to other institutions to increase his chance of selection. Hence, always share the truth and never hesitate from sharing even the names of these other institutions.

9. Share Your Best Speech Therapy Session With Me?

This question aims to test whether or not you actually love your profession. Hence, share the best session that you must have encountered through your working tenure or professional career.

10. What Is The Primary Function Of Uvula?

This question tests your knowledge and understanding of the various parts of the throat.

Sample Answer

Sir, the primary function of the uvula is to secrete saliva, in large quantities, which helps our throat as well as mouth to stay lubricated and moist that allows easy movements and smooth functioning of other activities. Further, it prevents food to gather or even move towards the back of our nose, while eating our food.

11. How Do You Handle Failure At Workplace?

Every employee of a business organization is expected to have certain techniques that will help him overcome his failure. Through this question, an interviewer aims to know about those aspects or techniques, as those would help him to evaluate your personality to a greater extent. In case you are still confused and want to prepare in detail, refer to our exclusive article which covers this question in detail.

12. What Is Gag Reflex?

This question tests your knowledge and understanding of the various types of throat reflexes.

Sample Answer

Sir, gag reflex refers to the contraction and movement of the back of the throat. It is also known as the pharyngeal reflex.

13. Are You Open To Criticisms?

While working in an organization, there will always be negative feedbacks as well as criticisms towards your work. You at all times are required to have patience and also the strength to deal with them in an effective manner. An interviewer is interested in knowing your procedures and methods to deal with the negative feedback, as that would show your character as well as the approach in difficult situations. In an ideal response to this question, answer about all the techniques that you will follow and also your viewpoints towards getting criticisms.

14. Name and Explain Any Three Signs Of Vocal Paralysis.

This question aims to test your knowledge and understanding of the core symptoms of vocal paralysis.

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, These are:

  • Noisy breathing: It refers to the production of an awkward sound at the times of breathing, both inhaling as well as exhaling.
  • Hoarseness: It is also known as Dysphonia and in this the sound of an indvidual is too soft and lower in pitch giving it a raspy and strained appearance.
  • Inability to produce high pitch sounds: A person no matter how hard he tries is simply unable to generate high volume sounds, due to lower ability of bands to vibrate.

15. When Can You Begin Working For Our Organization?

It is common for interviewers to ask about your availability. This question in no way guarantees your selection and hence you are advised to maintain as well as control your emotions at all times. Though immediate starters are always preferred, you are advised to share a true and genuine quote of your availability. In case you are wanting for answers, refer to our ten unique sample answers for this question, to boost your preparation.

16. What Motivates You To Work?

Every individual in this world has certain motivational factors that prompt and stimulate him to work to the best of his abilities and strength at his workplace. An interviewer is always interested in knowing these factors as this information enables them to evaluate as well as examine the total personality of an individual. This question is majorly influenced by your personal living conditions and circumstances, hence always give a genuine reply and avoid generic answers. Refer to our famous article to boost your preparation.

17. Doing Business Nowadays Is Tough and Employees Have To Perform A Variety Of Tasks. How Will You Prioritize?

This statement is absolutely true and businesses do require their employees to prioritize between several tasks on the basis of an accepted and effective strategy. Whether you prioritize in a written manner or simply on the basis of time consumption, wherever it is, just share that thing with your interviewer. An effective answer to this question can increase the chances of your selection considerably, hence prepare sincerely through our exclusive post, which covers this interview question in detail.

18. Can You Handle Work Pressure?

Business organizations operate in a stressful working environment and are marred by a variety of political, legal as well as technological factors. This stress and pressure are translated upon the employees of the organization and they are required to work for longer durations of time, handling huge volumes of work. This is a common expectation of an interviewer and you must be ready to work effectively under stress. Always answer this question positively. Refer to our article covering this question exhaustively.

19. What Are The Various Strengths Present In You?

An interview session is almost incomplete without the mention of the strength-weakness-related question. This question appears in almost all the interview sessions held across the world. You can prepare for this question using a written report, wherein you must mention all your strengths and then pick up the most dominating ones and prepare them. A genuine response helps an interviewer in analyzing your personality to a greater extent. Considering its importance and frequency, Prepmycareer has designed an exclusive post for this interview question.

20. Why Do You Want To Work With Us?

This question aims to check your level of seriousness as well as commitment towards working for the organization. The best source for the preparation of this question is the official website of the company. From there, note the major facts, accomplishments, and recent affairs of the organization. Along with this, also mention in your answer how you can be benefitted on a personal level while working at the organization. All these things must be carefully compiled and a beautiful answer must be framed. This question is highly important from the selection perspective, and hence you must prepare it in-depth by referring to our famous article covering this question exhaustively.

21. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

It is a common habit of the interviewers to ask this question towards the fag end of an interview session. This question gives an opportunity to a candidate to ask a few questions from the interviewer in relation to the organization, its ethics, work culture, etc. Prepmycareer recommends our readers never miss this opportunity and always ask a few relevant questions. In case you are confused refer to our model questions mentioned below:

Model Questions

  • What are the various allowances and incentives offered by the organization to its employees?
  • Please share the work timings of the organization in several shifts.
  • Is it an organizations’s policy to give paid leaves to its employees?


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