Why do You Want to Work for Us? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Clarity of thoughts is one of the important thing that a recruiter is in quest of when he interviews a candidate. A candidate who doubts his own decisions or is unsure about his/her actions or steps is the last thing a recruiter wants.

‘Why do you want to work for us?’ this is the most common question asked in an interview. The motto of this question is to know the importance of the job for you or to judge your passion for the job. The answer to this question also puts light on your logical reasoning skills.

Why Do You Want to Work For Us

Tips to Answer This Question

1. Research about the company before going to interview

Researching about the company avoids us from getting blindsided in an interview. After knowing the objectives of a company you get an idea about points to include in your answer. Keep your eye out for any company related news that is in limelight to refer it in your answer if necessary. This represents your presence of mind.

2. Give examples of reviews from your network of friends

Don’t forget to mention any good reviews that you got from your friends or network on any social platform. Those testimonies are good to backup the fact of good work environment in the company.

3. Don’t be inappropriately funny

Being inappropriately funny can also hamper your image during an interview. It can show your immaturity and make them think that you are not serious about getting this job. It is also a sign of unprofessionalism.

4. Don’t beg for the job

“please give me a chance!” or “I request you to give me this job.” These are the phrases used by many candidates during interviews. This is the most common mistakes done by candidates during interviews. This will make the recruiter feel sympathetic for you but he/she won’t think that you are worthy for this job.

Sample Answers for “Why do You Want to Work for Us

1.  I strongly believe in collaborative approach and team work. I also saw many videos of some of my friends and social networks who are placed in this company. The way they work together really inspires me. I really wish to get a chance to work with a team like that. see the success rate of your projects in this industry, I am pretty sure that I will gain immense exposure to new things.

2.  I read an article back then about how your company is working towards making a difference in the community. I really loved the approach of your company related to various social issues. I was extremely delighted when I got to know that there is an opening in your company for my field. I would really like to work for your company knowing that I will be a part of making difference in the society.

3. I am using your software products for many years and I am extremely thrilled by the amount of improvement you have done in it since past few years. The way you chose to give free tutorial for using you software was an amazing marketing strategy. I would like to contribute in this innovative team work of yours and use my skills to get results that you wish for.

4. Your company has always been at the top places in the list of best places to work. I have read many employee testimonials about the encouraging work environment you maintain in the office. It is the perfect place for self growth and learning new skills. Who wouldn’t want to work in a place like this?

5. I would be proud to work for the company whose reputation speaks for itself. You have an excellent track record of projects success and client satisfaction. The work culture and environment here is top notch and I would really like to be the part of a team here and make an indelible impact in the industry.

6. I saw the interview of your CEO Roland Rose few days ago and I was really impressed by your company’s plans of investing in innovating technology. I think these innovative and creative ideas of your company will lead it to a bright future and I will like to be the part of this journey towards the future.

7. I saw that you won multiple awards for your innovations in technology field. My curiosity in developing technologies and products has always attracted me towards this company. This position vacancy just served as a purpose to fulfil my wishes to work for this company. I am a passionate and dedicated hard worker which you can use as an asset for your company.

8. I follow many social media handles of your MNC. I also visited your website and read about many upcoming projects that you are working on. I think my goals and skills perfectly align with the company’s objectives and aim. I really look forward to work in a team that has abundant skill and experience in the industry.

9.  I came across your company few years ago. Your brand in itself spoke a lot about you. You have a massive market share and exceptional marketing strategies. You work for the betterment of many businesses. I think your exceptional team is the perfect place for a person like me who have relevant skills to contribute.

10. To be honest, before the recruiter called me I didn’t have much idea about the company. I just knew that it is a company based on innovative technology. I visited your website and other social media handles and was blown away by your future plans and vision. I think the hyperloop project that you are working on is the future of transportation. As an experienced person in the electrical and mechanical subsystems I will be thrilled to join a team in your company.


Answering this question shows your passion towards the company. Show that you believe in company’s ideology and objectives. You can also mention the skills that you have which will be an asset for the company. Don’t try to be very over confident about getting the job. It seems unprofessional. You also mention the pay scale that the company provide really have great impact on employ value. Try to mention their future projects and employee testimonials to show that you are really interested in the job. Avoid making the answer too intense.

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