How to Write a Thank You Email After Your Interview? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

Now, you must be thinking why to write a Thank you e-mail after your interview is over? So, let me tell you that maximum of the job seekers makes this odd decision by not mailing the HR their appreciation e-mail. Also, it may sound not that important but let me tell you that most of the recruiters reject you from the interview round just for not sending this Thank you mail. Interview round does not only means to showcase your knowledge but also depends on how excited you are to grab that opportunity. In this article, we will be discussing how this Thank you mail can be written and how to convey your message to the recruiter.

How to Write a Thank You Email After Your Interview

Structure To Be Followed While Writing a Thank You Email

Every application that you write has a particular format or structure to be followed. The points mentioned below seem a lot of things to add on your behalf but all of them do not require a paragraph to be discussed. It is mainly the points that you must highlight in your application to make it more convincing for the recruiter to hire you.

  1. Subject line
  2. Personal greeting
  3. Expressing of appreciation
  4. Assuring them your interest in that particular job
  5. Referencing a specific while highlighting capabilities
  6. Providing access to new information
  7. Tapping about upcoming steps
  8. Lastly, professional sign off

Etiquette To Be Followed In Thank You Mail

As we all understand the importance of a person’s behavior professionally or personally. So previously as we have seen that the technology was not that advanced were people to post their thank you letter needs to visit a post office. They need to find an envelope, stamp and finally sent it to the desired address. This may also take a couple of days for the recipient to receive the gratitude application.

But now things are made easy with the help of technology. Where the job seekers can mail it to their recruiters personally through the mail. Mail is suggested to be a professional option because in social media platforms or to directly DM your recruiter does not give a fine impression about you in this case. So avoid such silly things and use E-mail.

But always you need to keep certain things in mind while writing the mail. The mail should be professional so the tone in which you write should be appropriate. Secondly, you should talk on the relevant topics only without adding baseless topics and most importantly do not ever send the recruiters a group mail. Instead, share your mail individually with each recruiter if there are multiple ones to mail this genuinely creates a good impression.

Step-wise Representation On How To Write Thank You Mail?

  1. Subject Line- This part is the initial stage of this entire process. Just think once we delete so many messages and clear them for space. So it is very necessary to write a very catchy subject line that increases your chance for your mail to be read by the recruiter. “Thank you for giving me this opportunity for this (job profile)”, this provides a major chance of grabbing the attention of the recruiter for your mail.
  2. Personal Greeting- It is very much important to know who is taking the interview. So while writing a Thank You mail you just cannot mention the recruiter with the names of their respective job positions. Rather, you must be writing their respective names to give a perfect example of personal greetings.
  3. Expression of Appreciation- This is the most initial part when you start the body part in your mail. In this particular section, you mainly express how obliged you are for your recruiter’s time to meet you during the interview round, to provide you the opportunity, and to make you understand your job role.
  4. Assuring therm your interest in that particular job- After expressing your appreciation for the recruiter it is also necessary to make them convince that you are interested in the job role offered.
  5. Referencing a specific while highlighting capabilities- This is a section where you need to play smart. Here in this section you can recall your interview round and note down certain points and the main objective of the company on reaching their targets. So, you can add some of your skills that can be helpful for the organization in completing its goals. Also, if you have missed out on certain important information about your traits or skill to address this is the right place for you. But you should be smart and subtle because you are directly exposing your errors in front of the recruiters.
  6. Providing access to new information- This section is mainly the final part of your mail. Where you provide an access to the recruiters where you mainly ask them to ask any questions if required and you will be happy to answer them.
  7. Tapping about upcoming steps- It is always necessary to mention your upcoming steps. Like if there is any particular slot mentioned to you for your next meeting do mention that timeline. Otherwise, you can also write that you will be eagerly waiting for their response.
  8. Professional sign-off- This is the final part where you need to thank again your hiring manager. Once that is done you can add sincerely and place your name and date below it. After completing this you are done.

Certain Mistakes That Must Be Avoided While Writing Thank You Mail

“How to write Thank You mails?” Is as important as, ‘What mistakes we must avoid on writing mails?”. The reason behind it is very simple as writing this mails is considered to be the last impression in front of your recruiter. Because small mishandling of this mail can lead to big consequences on your career.

  • It is necessary to provide a clear and straight subject line. Rather than just typing anything. Because your recruiters will be busy they won’t have enough time to read all emails.
  • Do not make your mail lengthy as this may lead to bore the recruiter. A professional Thank You mail just has few paragraphs and each paragraph contains 3 to 4 sentences. If you writing long paragraphs then you must reevaluate it and try to keep it short and relevant with appropriate details.

Sample of Thank You Mails After Your Interview

Provided below certain examples of how to write Thank You mail to your hiring manager for the offered job position.

Sample 1- Standard Approach

Subject- Thank you, for the Business Development Associate interview.


Hello, Mr. XYZ,

Thank you respected Sir/Ma’am (NAME), for your time to discuss the job position. It was a big opportunity for me to attend the interview in this ABC company and also after understanding the goals of the company I believe that this will be a platform where I can use my skills for the benefit of the organization.

Our conversation during the interview round just triggered me to know more about the future projects that my current role will be handling. It is interesting and I have done certain research on any similar projects and checked their success rates. It was a successful project for them and I believe that my leadership skills and my good communication skills will help to manage a sales team which will eventually contribute to the benefit and growth of the company.

If there are any queries then you can ask me anytime. I would be waiting for your response next Thursday as it was already discussed after the interview round.

Thank you again for your valuable time and consideration.


(Your name and contact details)

Sample 2- Adding new information

Subject- Thank you Mr./Mrs. XYZ, for the interview.


Hello, Mr./Mrs. XYZ

Thank you Sir/Ma’am (Name), for your time yesterday during the interview round. The Business Development Associate, position for your Ed-tech organization is a revolutionary project in the field of education. I have researched the idea that we discussed to reach out to the maximum at a reasonable charge.

The online sessions and animated videos explaining the topics for particular subjects not only grabs the attention of the children but also are a very effective way of teaching and learning things easily. So, as my background is also from the Computer department so I have a more transparent understanding of all these digital platforms.

Therefore, it would be a great opportunity for me to work for your company also my communication and leadership skills will help the company to bring some potential clients. Along with that, it will be completely something fresh and appealing to start with. I will be looking forward to your response at your convenient timings.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


(Name and contact details)


I hope the above-discussed topic will help you in your career. I believe this article will help all the job seekers and will guide them in the right direction. Also, the dos and Don’t are made clear so there will be no errors while you write the mail. So, now your chances for getting hired all depends on your way of approach and also your interview. Best of luck for your future ahead and if you have found this article helpful do share and comment.



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