How to Write a Thank You Email? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

In the world full of people we come along many instances where we are thankful for the various gestures and favours done by our friends, relatives, boss, colleagues or any other person and sometimes its not about how thankful we are but how we present our thankfulness. Its a challenge for many people to express their feelings of thankfulness correctly and its even more harder when you are expressing it formally through an email.

The phase of your life where you are trying hard to build a career you will get plenty of chances to thank people for helping you grab the opportunity and you never wish to ruin that chance. The most important thing that matters while writing a thank you email is the subject line. A subject line giving out positive vibes have higher chances of affecting the minds. The ways of writing a thank you email can change on the type of email.(formal or informal)

Write a Thank You Email

Tips for Writing Thank You Email

1. Check that you don’t sound too robotic and impersonal. (for subject line)

Even though you are very thankful to the person for providing an opportunity but sounding too robotic and impersonal can be rude sometimes.

E.g. Just “Thanks” or “Thank you” seems way too impersonal.

You can try to express your gratitude with little more efforts like ” Thank you very much for this opportunity”

2. Be short, compact and effective. (for subject  line)

Subject lines are used to give the idea of the content of the email. It’s on the top of visual hierarchy when a person reads an email. So, the brevity of your subject line matters a lot and also the effectiveness. You can always expand your thoughts about how great it was to serve the individual or the company or how thankful you are to get a chance to work with the company.

3. Address the person properly.

This is the second thing in the visual hierarchy when a person reads an email. So begin with properly addressing the person like ” Respected Sir,” or ” Hi Sir,” or “Hello Sir,” Don’t try to be very informal about the address

4. Mention the specifics (for content)

Mention the specifics (reasons) for thanking. Be clear about it and show how grateful you are for this opportunity.

5. Personalize it in different ways.

There are many ways to personalize emails. The most commonly used are to share your experience or a moment that makes you value your company or your future workplace more. This really makes a good impact on the person reading it.

6. Use appropriate closing.

The email shouldn’t look like a formality. An appropriate ending expressing that you love to work with the organization or under anyone’s guidance is necessary.

7. Thank again.

Thanking again can help you present the gratitude and appreciation. This makes the person reading the email feel important.

Examples of Thank You Emails

1. Thank you for this opportunity.

Thank him/her or the company for the opportunity. Mention the specifics like the work he/she provided you or a meeting he/she arranged for you. Express your gratefulness.

IMG 20210412 172625

2. Thanks for giving me a chance.

Sometimes you are given chances to prove your skills or your abilities or to prove your loyalty. These chances are worth thanking for. Thank the person for believing in you and let him/her know how grateful you are.

3. Thanks for making the journey memorable.

There will come many moments when you have to move on from your old job after mesmerizing journey of years and you will always be grateful to the people who helped you get there. Thanking them will be the toughest part but it will be necessary for progress. Mention how much you value the time you spent with them. Share the experiences that will always stay in your heart. In this situation you can get a bit informal but never go off the wagon that will destabilize the decorum of the email.

4. Thank you for treating us as a family.

Sometimes it won’t be you who is leaving, it will be your senior. Wishing him/her a better life and progress in future. Thanking him/her for always supporting and believing in you. These will be the part of your professional life. Never miss to make your last impression because sometimes last impression is worth more than the first.

5. Thank you for the internship.

Internships have always been the stepping stones for your career. These not only enhance your skills but also teach you to be professional. So, your first step towards professionalism begins with thanking the person who gave you the opportunity to intern under his guidance

IMG 20210412 172650

6. Thank you for believing in me. OR Thank you for the promotion.

There will come many moments in your career when you finally start climbing the ladder of progress and success. These moments call for the need to keep your toes on the ground and thank the people who helped you pave your way towards success. See that you don’t sound conceited while thanking them it would be gravely unprofessional. Make the people or even your juniors feel that you value their contribution.

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Thank you emails have always been a headache for the people getting started with their career or people getting promoted in their career. These are not hard because they are hard to write but because they make you feel vulnerable.

So, if you want to be professional in your life you will have to feel the vulnerability while thanking people. No matter how loud we shout that we make our own destiny that won’t change the fact that it’s important to respect and value the contributions of people for helping you achieve your goals and dreams by always believing in you and supporting you.

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