How to Write a Resignation Email? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

Tired of your job? Want to quit and work somewhere better or somewhere else? Want to start your own business and you’re wondering how to quit while not trying to make your boss mad? Writing a handwritten note for resignation is no longer working now, everything from offering letter to resignation letter everything works on eMail.

There’s a plus point of this digital world, many things get easy, writing an email is one of those things so whether it may be joining or resignation email.

Though it may seem easy, not everyone drafts it the way it should be. Writing Email has many aspects or formats to look upon, if the drafted email satisfies all the aspects then it can be called a perfect email.

Undoubtedly drafting an email is a skill, and not everyone is familiar with it. Even if you are drafting a resignation email, a proper way can put a nice impression on whomever it may concern.

So, we are coming up with the idea of drafting a resignation email properly or decently.

How to Write a Resignation Email

Tips For Writing Resignation Email

1) Two Weeks Notice Letter/Mail

Two weeks notice letter is much similar to a resignation letter/mail. This will be your first step towards resignation. Here you intimate your concerning authority about your plan of resigning from the firm two weeks earlier. So even a recruiter can arrange for another capable person to continue the work. This is the formal way to contacting your decision of resignation.

2) The Name of Your Job Position

Mentioning the name of the position of your work can specify more things to the reader, as they can know which space is vacant so they can hire a new employee to handle that position.

3) Date of When You are Resigning

As mentioned the date of drafting, even the date of your day of resignation is also important, as it will help the H.R and manager to keep the track record of the leaving date of their employees.

4) Gratitude Towards Your Recruiter

As you have worked in an organization it’s a simple but very effective way to express gratitude to your recruiter or manager that they gave you the chance to work and gain experience. This shows that you are happy leaving the organization and looking towards better things.

5) A Highlight of Your Work Span

Though adding this point is completely optional, it’s up to you whether you have to mention it or not. Adding the highlight of your work span can give a quick glimpse of your contribution to the manager.

6) Offer Training to The Replacement

 When you free up space there will be someone else who will take up the charge and in some scenarios that person can be fresher or new to that work. So your offer to train that trainee can give a gesture to your decision. It will show that even if you are leaving the firm you still have affection towards your firm and job.

7) Greetings and Wishes For The Future of Your Company

As of now, you have been a potential employee for your organization so even now when you have to leave you have to be formal and ethical to maintain your value. Greetings and wishing your organization great success ahead will depict that you still respect your organization and you will be optimistic towards it.

8) No Need to Give All Details

You don’t need to go into deep details of the reason why you are leaving or about your plans after the resignation, but still, if you want to then you can keep it minimalist like you are leaving because of some family circumstances, or moving to some other career, etc.

9) Thanking Them

Thank your HR department and manager for giving you the opportunity and to express your skills, tell them that you’ve learned many things from their organization and you will be grateful. Express your gratitude for the beautiful experience you had.

Examples For Resignation Mail

1) Resignation Email as Sales Manager

To: [email protected]

Subject: Joey Smith Resignation 

Dear Mr. Hank, 

I would like to inform you that I am resigning from the position of sales manager for Heritage Tourism Agency, effective from August 1.

I appreciate the opportunity that your agency had for me. My time at Heritage Tourism has helped me in my personal as well as professional growth. It was a privilege working under your leadership which taught me many aspects of the sales industry. 

I ensure that I would complete all the targets and assignments within the time frame with the organization and I request you to not assign me any more new ones. Also, if there is any other thing I can help you with, I would serve to the best of my ability. 

I wish the Heritage Tourism Agency continued success and prosperity. Please let me know what assistance you will require during my transition period. 

Thank you!

Joey Smith

Sales Manager

Sales and Business Development

2) Resignation Email as a Teacher

To: [email protected] High 

Subject: Resignation from my post of Political Science Professor 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

I’m writing this to inform you that I am resigning from the post of Political Science Professor for St. Charles High School with effect from June 1.

 I have decided to resign from my position as I feel that my skills have been up to their limits in the environment I’m currently serving under. Hence, I believe that it is time for me to experience something new and thus have found a different teaching role that would give me greater exposure to hone my teaching skills. 

Indeed it will be a very sad phenomenon to say goodbye to St. Charles High School as I have started my career from there. The confidence and creativity I’ve developed over the years are because of the trust and belief that the entire faculty have put in me. I will be forever in debt with you all. 

I feel that I’ve been given an excellent opportunity by the school and I wish the teachers and the students of St. Charles High School has great success ahead. 

Thank you! 

Donna Reid 

Political Science Professor

St. Charles High School 

3) Resignation Letter as an Accountant 

To: [email protected] 

Subject: Resignation from the post of Accounting Assistant 

Dear Sir/Ma’am, 

I regret to inform you that I must resign from the post of Accounting Assistant for Growth Expo Corporation with effect from April 1. 

I must say that during my time as an Accounting Assistant at Growth Expo, I’ve learned a lot of new things and was able to inculcate new skill sets which helped me prosper in my area of expertise. I am thankful to the entire team and its leadership which believed in my abilities. 

If there are any areas you would like to focus on during my notice period, do let me. 

I hope that I can rely on you for a positive reference if needed in the future. 

Thank you!

Mike Willis 

Accounting Assistant 

Growth Expo Corporation

4) Resignation as a Financial Analyst 

To: [email protected] 

Subject: Resignation – Henry Jones 

Dear Sir/Ma’am, 

This email is to notify you that I will be resigning from the post as a Financial Analyst at J.T. Marlin LLP effective from May 1.  

Thank you for all the opportunities you have provided me during my time at J.T. Marlin. As a fresher in the corporate world, I was able to get exposure to the functioning of the industry. Under your leadership, I have learned a lot of things and have upgraded myself over the due course. The Credit Suisse project which I was a part of has helped me to adapt to the changes which take place over and over again in the financial industry. 

I promise that I will complete all the work assigned to me within the period of notice. 


Henry Jones 

Financial Analyst

J.T. Marlin

5) Resignation as a Quality Control Manager 

To: [email protected] 

Subject: Resignation – Sheldon Levene 

Dear Sir/Ma’am, 

I am writing this email to notify you about my resignation from the post of quality control manager for Green World Medical Equipment L.T.D. with effect from July 1. 

My time at the organization has given me numerous opportunities to show my ability. I appreciate the trust and confidence the entire management department has put in me over the years. 

I will do whatever is necessary to have a smooth transition. I have several team members whom I see as the potential candidate to fill in my position. 

Once again I would like to thank you for allowing me to be part of Green World Medical Equipment L.T.D. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch about what I can do within my ability to help in the near future. 


Sheldon Levene 

Quality Control Manager

Green World Medical Equipment L.T.D


Resigning from a job for some better achievement is always a good option, as it has perfectly quoted that all the great things happen once you get out of your comfort zone. So decide to move out of your comfort zone and grow more.

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