Top 15 Best Online Jobs for Teens in 2024

As we grow old, the need to earn and become financially independent start rising in our minds. Many teens around the world are in a quest of jobs that will make them earn a handsome income. As a teen the options are limited but many doors are opened due to the world coming closer because of internet.

No any job can give you a good income without improving and gaining skills and investing your time in it. There are tons of online jobs out there that will help you earn a good amount. Some options can even become your permanent income stream.

Best Online Jobs for Teens

Online Jobs for Teens are:

1. Sell online

Every year there are many things like books, furniture, etc that we donate or throw away just because they are old. These things which are old to you can be a necessary need for a crowd out there. There are many platforms like eBay that helps you sell your used products online. If you are creative enough to prepare some handmade objects or creative artwork, you can sell it online on platforms like Etsy. You should open a paypal account to get paid.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has grown rapidly since last few years. Affiliate marketing is a job where we earn rewards and money by bringing a customer or a client for a particular business due to our marketing efforts. It is a performance based job, so it is really hard to get started.

To get started you should register on any affiliate marketing programs like amazon affiliate, eBay partner Network, etc. After joining these platforms you can create an affiliate link of the products you want to sell. You can use these affiliate link in your articles, blogs, websites to draw traffic towards the products. Its pretty hard to build an audience at first but once you get that its easy to carry on.

3. Social media management

There are many businesses and individuals out there looking for a social media manger to manage there all social media platforms. The social media has grown its importance as a tool for marketing, creating public relations and for growing businesses. If you have good knowledge of social media and know how to create attention drawing posts than you can apply for online social media manager jobs.

4. Proof reading

If you are good in English grammar and have creative sentence construction abilities you can opt for proofreading jobs. Every day many documents, articles, stories and other contents are published. These contents have a big chance of having spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes if it is not read by proof readers. Finding these mistakes and correcting them is the job of proof reader. There are many websites like,, out there that helps you offer you proof reading services online.

5. Data Entry

Data entry is a job that requires you to prepare excel sheets, enter the given data as per requirements and prepare analytical charts, etc. Many businesses are looking for people who can do these jobs online. It is one of the most offered services on internet. Any teen with good Microsoft Office skills can apply for this job.

6. Selling designs on POD websites

Many teens and youngsters are selling their designs on POD websites like Redbubble, Spreadshirts, Merch by amazon, etc. Print on demand websites take your designs and print them on different products as per the customer’s requirement. These websites give good amount of commission for each sale.

 In order to get your designs more sales you can do your own marketing campaigns. More is the uniqueness and creativity of designs the more are the chances of getting a sale. However its really hard to get started on merch by amzon as you need to get approved for doing so but once you get started its easy to build audience as it has the highest traffic in the world.

7. Start a blog

Starting a blog has been a choice of many creative teenagers. If you are really good in creative writing and can write some really impressing content you can start a blog. To start a blog you should create your own website on buy a domain to register it for Adsense.

You can also start a blog website without paying but it can’t be registered on Google Adsense. So there will be no earnings through ads. Once you register you website on google Adsense you bl;og page will show ads relevant to your content and you will be paid by google for providing platform to advertise. You can also do affiliate marketing through your blogs.

8. Review music

Many of us love to listen music and some of us even have a great sense of music. If you are one of them there are some platforms that pay you for reviewing music. Platforms like Slice the Pie and MusicXray pay you for giving feedback on music. You can earn between $0.05 to $0.20 per song.

9. Review phonecalls

There are many teleoperating service providers, customer service providers and consultancy companies that record their calls to look for improvement in customer interactions. Interactions with are a big deal for many companies. Many companies try to improve these interactions to provide best possible service and rise their reputation. There are platforms like Humanatic that hire people to review these call recordings and answer few questions related to them. The payment is paid to your PayPal account.

10. Make you tube videos

This is one of the trending options among the teens. Its really easy to get started on you tube. The hard job is to draw traffic to your content and get views to your videos. To start monetizing your videos your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. This is only possible by good marketing strategies, good content and consistency.

One must have a lot of patience to succeed in this field. You can upload videos related to a particular chosen niche or vlogs or you can upload academic teaching videos. The scope of content creation is really vast on this platform and similarly the competition.

11. Online tutoring

Online tutoring are for those teens who have good teaching skills. Even if you have good basics you can start teaching online through different platforms. You can also become a tutor for English. If English is your first language or you are good at English, there is a large crowd out there waiting for you to teach them English from scratch. Same speak offers $10 for every half hour session of English.

12. Freelancing

Freelancing is other fastest growing method of earning. To become a freelancer you should have some skills like UI/UX design, web development, copy writing, content writing, photo editing, etc. Then you should open an account on any freelancing platforms like freelancer, fiver, peopleperhour, etc. You can bid on the posted project to get the job. You will be paid as per you proposal you offered while biding.

13.  Offer quick services

Sometimes you can offer quick services like photoshop, graphic designing, proofreading, etc on some freelancing websites like fiver and upwork. You can prepare you gig of quick services and wait for getting hired. Once you get hired and start building good customer satisfaction rates you will easily start getting clients for your services.

14. Virtual assistant

Many businesses and individual are looking for virtual assistant to help them be organised. Virtual assistant helps the employer to manage his/her schedule and might answer emails and calls when needed. It is actually a virtual form of secretary. A virtual assistant has to be hardworking and loyal. However many teens avoid this job as it requires more commitment but it also pays more than other ways of earning and its easy to stay dedicated once you get started.

15. Website tester

Many businesses and start-ups worry about usability of their websites. They hire website testers to test website and suggest any changes if required. Companies like UserTesting hire people to test websites rate them depending on different factors. The test doesn’t take more than 15-20 minutes.


As we pass through the phase of teen age many of us are driven through a passion or thought of earning on our own skills and living on our own money. However it is not at all a piece of cake to transform that thought into reality but it has become a bit easier due to internet to offer your skills at a reasonable rate. Internet helps us to showcase our talent to open the doors of opportunities.

 Teenage is a phase of learning and improvement. This is the phase where we get a lot of exposure to world and learn its ways to survive and stand out from the crowd. Before starting your online earning journey you should invest your time in improving your skills and learning new things. This will help you to have an edge over others in the competition out there. Never turn your back on opportunity to try something new.

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