How To know If You Failed A Phone Interview? (With Relevant Examples For 2024)

The world is enhancing, almost in every aspect, technology and process are getting upgraded day by day. It applies to the hiring process as well. Nowadays H.R or recruiters also prefer to have a telephonic interview on the phone.

This type of interview is for the initial round of the hiring process, it allows the interviewer to take an overview of the candidate, for eg: experience, qualification, salary expectation, and many more. It saves time for the recruiters and candidates both, it also works as an eliminator of the candidates who might not fulfill the company’s requirements. It creates a hierarchy in the hiring process as it works as the first step. Hence, usually, the questions to be asked for a telephonic interview are already prepared in advance.

Of course, we cannot directly predict what will be the interviewer’s call after giving a telephonic interview but yes there are some aspects from which we can estimate whether you excelled in your interview or else you lost it. It will be a good idea to review your attempted interview so you can analyze where you used your presence of mind properly and where you need to improve. After self-analyzing you can get a slight of a glance at the probability of your outcome. If you did good that would boost your confidence and if you didn’t, no problem at all as you have analyzed yourself you can get another chance to do better next time.

So here we are listing some points to analyze whether you have failed your phone interview.

How To know If You Failed A Phone Interview

7 Points To Know Whether You Failed Your Phone Interview

1) You Continue Being Silent On The Question They Asked

Sometimes silence is the best answer you could ever give, it is also said that wise men choose to stay silent but probably not in any phone interview.

As is mentioned earlier that the phone interview includes a very basic set of questions just to understand the overview of any particular candidate, so imagine staying silent or not answering such basic questions like, Why do you choose to do this job? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Where are you looking at yourself in the next five years? etc.

Not a good gesture right? Exactly even what interviewers think, always be prepared for the basic questions for the interview. For help, you can refer to the sample questions from the internet for a clear view and also sample answers. Whatever the situation might be, don’t keep silent and answer something related to the question. Keep the conversation going.

2) Unaware of the company you applied

When you are too serious about your job you just don’t randomly apply for vacancies, you study about yourself and which company suits your work style. Apart from your answers, the interviewer also seeks your seriousness about your job and how much you have researched about the company of whom you are getting interviewed.

Study about the company which you have applied for, understand its workings, it will help you in interviews, it will portray that you are too serious about the company and also optimistic about them.

3) The Phone Interview Was Short

Honestly, when the interview goes more like a conversation between two people for a longer period it gives a positive signal that both the people are interested and more likely to agree to work together. Even this is true, that your interview lasts for just 10 minutes but you answer all the questions aptly still you have a chance to win the interview. But moreover, if your two-way conversation lasts longer the chances of getting hired and also of building a better bond get high. Of course, it’s a skill of keeping the conversation interesting, for eg: by answering the questions aptly and in a unique way, delivering more than what they expect, asking them the questions, etc.

4) Ended call without the further intimation

As the phone interview is the first step of hiring, after the successful telephonic interview, the interviewer is ought to intimate the further date or the process, but if in case the interviewer hangs up the call without doing any of these, so it can be said that interview may not reach its expectations. A phone interview is just to know you in general hence even interviewers don’t expect out-of-the-box answers so he asks most of the introductory questions. So after the interview, if the interviewer politely hangs up the phone saying they will come back to you (without intimating when) it may not be a good sign as it says that you might have failed your phone interview.

5) Low tone or lack of confidence

Irrespective of the way of interview, people tend to become anxious even after hearing about an interview. This thing affects their interview indirectly because it directly affects their confidence and breaks it. Confidence does 50% of your job, if you have it in the right proportion your way of tone changes and you feel more capable of carrying the responsibilities and completing them. No organization would entertain an incapable employee hence on a phone interview you need to sound like a capable one by the confidence you have and the way of impression you put on the interviewer. Of course, it will gradually increase your chance of winning the round and get into the next one.

6) Talking off the point without getting on point

Yes, I did say that a long conversation can make a good bonding between an interviewee and interviewer but that doesn’t mean that the long conversation must take the form of pointless talks. Usually, some people lose themselves so much in talks that they go pointless of what the interviewer has questioned. Talking off-topic is overall not a good sign, the interviewer wants to know the apt answers to the questions he asked, so always try to be on point and only answer as much as is required. This will save time for the interviewer and even yours.

7) Inappropriate Use Of Language And Fouling The Former Company

It has been rightly said that words can make a person and can even destroy him/her. Whether it’s a telephonic interview or phone interview, the words you use or the way you use them moreover make a difference. Especially in phone interviews, you have not seen all the work that will be done on your responding ability. More beautifully you speak with kind and polite words more you can grab chances of winning the first round of the hiring process. Usually, people are so depressed that on the phone interview their nervousness speaks first before they answer any questions and eventually they end up using inappropriate words or language. In most cases the reason is the bad experience of the previous job, remember past is past you need to let it go and start afresh. So not even by mistake abuse or use foul language for your previous boss or organization, it portrays a negative gesture and state of mind which is not at all appreciated. If you have the same experience of a previous workstation and are looking for some good environment then just don’t keep complaining about your experience and your upper authority tell them how better you are to work for some well-mannered organization and how you deserve it.

So, these are the main 7 aspects you can verify whether you have failed your phone interview in case you have committed while your interview, and we have also learned how we can avoid for the next interview if unknowingly you have committed.

We know about an opportunity only once it is gone. Hence whenever opportunity knocks on the door, always being willing to take a chance and even luck is nothing but a preparation when the opportunity is knocking on your door.

Working tips on how to prepare for a phone interview

  1. Make sure you have all essential papers and documents you need for reference in your hand distance so you need not put on hold to the interviewer
  2. The room where you are going to receive a call must be clean and full with network
  3. All the electronics must be close which make loud noises like T.V, radio, put other mobile phones on silent
  4. If in case you have a pet let that sweetheart distance from you for
  5. Make sure whichever room you choose for a phone interview must be isolated for some moment don’t allow kids nearby you and if outside surrounding making a disturbance close the window
  6. Before appearing for a phone interview, go through the basic interview questions and write down how you are going to answer them, you can also take help from the internet. It will help to answer more promptly on the D-Day
  7. Ask questions from your at the end to the interviewer, it reflects your seriousness towards your interview


As we have covered most of the important lessons about the phone interview, we suggest you not to give up even if you made any of the above mistakes, never shy to give one more try but this time with more preparation and previous experience.

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