Operations Manager Job Description (Skills, Duties, Salary, Certification & More)

The operations manager plays an important role in any business organisation. The follow-up a lot just like any detective does in terms of boosting productivity, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. Being an operations manager gives you the position of a leader who guides a particular department. They invest a lot of their time in framing policies and successfully executing them, work on innovative measures to present more attractive products, creating a highly competitive working environment to boost the efficiency among the employees and also take part in financial analytics. The only motive of an operations manager is to make the company function at its best.

Operations Manager Job Description

Operations Manager Job Description

Here are a detailed description of the skills, salary, duties, certification and so on that will help you in getting a brief knowledge about the entire job. Below are the details of the job:

What are the responsibilities of an Operations Manager?

All companies differ in respect of tasks, duties, working environment and how a designated role should do its work. However, all the companies more or less have the same roles or positions in common. Here are some of the responsibilities of an Operations Manager which are almost common for all the companies:

  1. Follow up the work processes
  2. Framing of policies related to the development of the company
  3. Search for departments that need improvement
  4. Research on innovative procedures of making
  5. Instil a sense of co-operation among the employees
  6. Search for opportunities for growth
  7. Take a note of supply chains and inventories required

Skills of an Operations Manager

Being an Operation Manager is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to have a wide of capabilities to take the workload. However, the requirements of the job might differ from company to company. Although the requirements and procedure might differ a bit, the main idea of the job remains the same. Take a look at the different skills required to become a successful Operation Manager:

  1. Managing Finance and Budget
  2. Auditing skills
  3. Work as a reporter after follow up
  4. Supervisor
  5. Innovative creations
  6. Management of inventory and supply chains
  7. Research on innovative procedures of making products
  8. Co-operative
  9. Planning of project and its Management
  10. Finance and Risk Analysis
  11. Policy drafting

However, people might fail to obtain this job irrespective of the fact that they have a good amount of field skills. This is because soft skills have a major role to play for any operations manager. If you want yourself to flourish as an Operations Manager, then below are some of the stated soft skills that might help you in having so:

  1. Innovative
  2. Communication
  3. Leadership abilities
  4. Analytics skilled
  5. Negotiating
  6. Strategic thinking
  7. Rational
  8. Sound thinking

What kind of Training, educational background and certification is mandated?

Having a sound educational background will give a pillar to your resume. The minimum requirement for you to apply to this job is a Bachelor’s degree in fields such as business administration or operation management. But, if you are somehow targetting the C-suite, then a Master’s degree would be the best option for you. Besides all these, you can try collecting certifications from the various trusted and renowned organisation which will give an instant boost to your resume, although they are not compulsory to have. Below, we have attached links to those Operations Manager certification options:

  1. https://www.apics.org/credentials-education/credentials/CPIM
  2. https://www.ashrae.org/professional-development/ashrae-certification/certification-types/opmp-operations-and-performance-management-professional-certification
  3. https://www.aibmc.org/view_Article.aspx?type=2&ID=86&certification=1

These links might not get you a straight ticket to the job position but will give you an idea about it.

What is the expected salary of an Operations Manager?

Talking about this topic has always been a sensitive one, although quite engaging. The average annual salary of an operations manager is approximately around $100,780 which is a decent amount for healthy survival. Apart from this, the compensation package comes in with a lot more than just this, however, you will have to reach that particular spot to earn that. There are many more industries that pay a higher amount than this average annual salary. If you are from a computer management background, then your salary probably will amount to $175,000 an incredibly huge year.

But it will always not mean that will earn that same amount because there are a lot more other factors that will affect your earnings such as the location of your work. Expensive areas such as San Francisco will earn you more salary as compared to a moderately less expensive city such as Soth Dacota. The scale of the company will also play an important role in affecting your salary. If your organisation has a bigger sale and a comparatively bigger reach to customers, then your salary will be pretty high, however, in that case, you may be made to handle a lot more activities.

Get familiar with the Job Interview

Whether you are applying for a marketing manager or an operations manager or any kind of post, you will have to convince the hiring team that you are the most deserving candidate for the role. You can take your time and browse different websites where you can get different interview question such as Indeed, Naukri.com and LinkedIn. You should have in-depth knowledge about the company for which you are applying so that you can have a unique standpoint. You should also be well aware of its accomplishments in its past years, the types of job they offer, their working agenda, and their goal. Once you have all the things ready, start an interview session with yourself and evaluate accordingly.


We have provided an in-depth article where you will find a list of tips and strategies for becoming a successful Operations Manager Job Description along with its Skills, Duties, Salary, Certification and will help you in preparing for the best. If you are having any query regarding this, you can always drop down your comments down. Also, if you have any suggestions related to this, please let us know in the comments down below so that we can update people about the same. We hope that this article really helps you with your preparation. All the best!

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