Why Should We Hire You (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Job Interviews could be frustrating sometimes and much more if you do not come prepared for it. Sitting in a room with unknown hiring managers sometimes makes the interviewee very nervous. Yes, interviews do not go easy always you are bound to answer even the trickiest or tough questions about your academic experience, qualifications for the job position. So, whenever you are going for an interview make sure you are prepared for anything that is asked of your or has been put forward before you.

The interviewee always needs to keep in his or her mind that throughout the interview process you need to deliver examples that relate to your answer very often. Research says that the more you give out good related example the better the interviewee will be able to showcase your value and talent. So, while in an interview always make sure you have an example ready to the questions that have been asked of you it has a great impact to value your answer.

Why Should We Hire You

Here Are Some Sample Answers To Why Should We Hire You? 

This question is one of the most asked questions in an interview for any field or position around the world. It is a very tricky question that the hiring managers or the interviewers ask the interviewee of how well he or she knows about the job position and themselves.

Sample No. 1

The primary goal for any organisation is to hire employees who are loyal and hardworking towards the organisation. I am sure that is what the organisation will get from my side if I am hired in this organisation and the position that I am looking for. It is because I was raised and brought up in a very strict family and being loyal and hardworking was one of them. As I am very new in the field, I do not have any practical experience but, I am hoping to explore and experience by delivering my knowledge and services to the organisation. It will be my great honour to work with this organisation.

Sample No. 2

Responding to a different type of queries from different customers is surely not an easy job in any organisation. You being the interviewer for the ‘customer care’ department know very well what you are looking for. It seems like you are looking for a candidate who can handle different types of customers with ease and has good communication skills. If that is the case, then I would like to tell you about a time when I had to solve a very difficult customer issue which was solved by me in a very short period. The customer was satisfied and that is what every organisation is looking for.

Sample No. 3

It is my dream to work for this company ever since my childhood. I researched about this company for several years and I know quite well the mission and vision of every department of your company. If you put me in the marketing department I know very well how to ensure that the sales go high because I have gained marketing techniques and knowledge in my previous workplace. I have always imagined working for this company would boost my career in the upcoming years. As a result, it will boost up the production level of the organisation as well.

Sample No. 4

I firmly believe that my experience with the upcoming and the latest technological equipment make me the best match for the position in your organisation. As I am very highly experienced in this field because in my previous workplace I was responsible for maintaining their website, social media handles, other profiles and anything related to the technological world. You would not believe, my colleagues sometimes had asked me to go through their social media handles if they are being hacked. I truly enjoy what I do and that is one of the reasons why I am eagerly looking for a position in your company.

Sample No. 5

I am very glad that you put forward this question to me. I have done a lot of research for the position in your company and found out that it is looking for a skilled interpreter and with high communication skills. It was always my hobby and passion to learn and write new languages from around the world and from different countries. I have done my bachelors degree and learnt American Sign Language as well. Other than my native language and English I am very fluent in Hindi, French, Nepali, Japanese and Mandarin. All of my credit for learning these languages goes to the online teachings.

Sample No. 6

I have always been excellent at managing people and motivating them to work for something that they have the least interest in. I would surely not boast about myself but there were many situations in my previous workplace where I had to tackle different customers at the same time. Additionally, I have seven years of experience as a marketing manager from three different organisations. I am quite sure that some of my managing experience will be helpful to the organisation for better results.

Sample No. 7

Your job listing enlists clearly enlists that the organisation is eagerly looking for someone who has great communication skills. Being a part of the customer care department in your organisation would be the best position for me. Additionally, delivering and making speeches for different functions and events made by communication and writing skills to a great level. I hope that will greatly help in some way to the position that I am looking for and for the organisation as well.

Sample No. 8

As I am a fresher in this field, I do not have a deep knowledge of how to tackle with different people and problem-solving skills. But, with good communication skill, I could surely keep my clients and customers happy and make them feel comfortable with their queries. I strongly believe that I am quite capable of giving my full contribution to the organisation and it will surely be beneficial for the position and the organisation. I also strongly believe that after my position in the department the company will see many major changes.

Sample No. 9

I came across that the organisation is in great need of a hardworking and good team player candidate who is fluent in a computer languages such as JAVA, C++, J2EE and a few more. I can strongly ensure you hire me for this position as I am a very hardworking worker and do great when it comes to teamwork. Also, as for academics I am a B.E pass computer student and know most of the computer language which others will find very hard to encrypt. For your information, I have developed few small applications which are available in Google Play Store for both ‘Android’ and ‘IOS’ operating systems.

Sample No. 10

I will be very glad to answer this question. Honestly, speaking I have inherited all the possible skills that are required for the position in your reputed organisation. As a result, with all of those skills, I am pretty much confident in myself that I will be the best candidate for the position, not sure about the other candidates. My past projects not only build up my skills in different fields it build up my confidence and motivation on the same. Additionally, I have learnt some foreign language for the position as while conducting a meeting with our foreign clients or guests speaking in their native language will surely attract them towards the organisation.


This is one of the trickiest questions that is frequently asked in an interview so it is obvious you will not make it go bad. The sample answers above will surely help you get your dream job or the position that you are looking for in the organisation. But before answering this question, always make sure that you focus more on your personality trait, don’t forget to be honest, mention your weakness very carefully, do not be too negative. Follow these simple rules and there will be no one stopping you from getting the job position that you are looking for in the organisation.

I hope that some of the answers will help you for your future reference, If you think the article was of any help then do share, comment and do not forget to leave your feedback in the comment section.


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