What Is Your Dream Job: Interview Question [With Answers]

“Dreammmms” how sweet this word is. A word that reflects hope and possibilities. It gives meaning to the life of every individual and a purpose to live in this big world. Everyone has a dream, however, only a few handfuls are lucky enough to live it. Almost all the business organizations know very well that most of the employees literally drag themselves to their offices on Monday mornings. With such a negative attitude towards work, these employees are not able to match the expectations of their business organizations and are not able to deliver a good performance that ultimately hurts consumer satisfaction and profitability of the company.

Through this question, an interviewer wants to know:

  1. How would you like your workplace to be?
  2. How do you perceive your teammates, colleagues, and bosses to be?
  3. What are the duties that you would love to perform on the work floor?
  4. What are corporate events things that discourage you and deter you from coming to the office?

A perfect answer to this question would enable an interviewer to understand your personality, approach, and behavior. He or she will be able to ascertain that whether or not you are a perfect match for the corporate culture followed by the business organization. Every question of an interview session matters, and thus prepare seriously and devote time to each question separately.

What Is Your Dream Job

Three Tips To Answer This Question Effectively

1. Your Dream Organization

Every job seeker dreams of a perfect business organization that plays a crucial role in his or her overall development and evolution. You can always incorporate in your answer the type of organization you expect to work in. The company can be supportive, offers several incentives to its employees, or simply gives ample recognition to the best performing employees.

2. Ideal Colleagues/Co-workers

The co-workers or employees with which a person has to work and spend more or less 9 hours a day together, must also be perfect and supportive. The various qualities that you expect your team members to possess can also be included in your answer. Some of the best corporate-friendly qualities are, hardworking, supportive, dedicated, loyal, committed, etc.

3. Stick To The Corporate World

There is no end to dreams and all of us have some of the wildest dreams in our possession. Your dream might be to work with your best football franchise team, or maybe a commanding job on a movie set. Please avoid such filmy and glamorous answers as these will not help you in any manner. Just try and stick to the corporate world and give answers that relate to your job description.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Consider

Sample Answer One

Dreams do come true if a person decides to follow and pursue them. I have always dreamt to work in a business organization that cares for its employees and gives them several options to choose from. In addition to this, any job role which is related to my domain and knowledge is highly preferred by me.

Sample Answer Two

A dream job for me is a job that uses all my core domain skills and knowledge. Further, the business organization must offer some lucrative benefits and incentives to its employees that will ultimately motivate employees and would prompt them to work to the best of their abilities. A stress-free and caring atmosphere is what I am looking for.

Sample Answer Three

My dream is to work for a business organization that is well renowned in the market and offers ample developmental and promotional opportunities to its employees. Further, the organization has in place some strict anti-harassment policies that protect its employees from bullying, teasing, and all other related harassment tactics at the workplace.

Sample Answer Four

It is always nice to dream things because that gives a person a reason to live. I have always dreamt of working in a business organization that offers me roles and responsibilities that align and match with my skillset. Further, the company takes care of its employees and gives learning opportunities.

Sample Answer Five

A dream job is a job in which I am able to command a team of at least 5-6 members and is able to give instructions to them. It will certainly be a job in which I am working hard and I am hugely respected by my seniors and subordinates. The business organization always takes care of my needs and fulfills my desires.

Sample Answer Six

My dream is to work in a socially responsible company like this one, which influences and strives to make the lives of the people better. This company invests heavily in the corporate social responsibility segment and has uplifted the lives of several orphans and the poor. Moreover, this company takes ample care of its employees and offers several lucrative benefits.

Sample Answer Seven

I dream and wish to work in an enterprise in which all the employees are supportive and encourage each other so as to achieve business goals and objectives. Further, the roles and responsibilities must pertain to and belong to my domain knowledge and core skillset. In addition to this, the company must also offer several learning and development opportunities to its employees for their overall evolution.

Sample Answer Eight

Like everybody, I also dream to work in an authoritative business position in which I am able to take strategic and important business decisions and become an integral part of the team. I wish all my team members are decent, supportive, and committed to achieving the common organizational goals and objectives. Further, if the company can offer incentives and regular promotional opportunities then it would be perfect.

Sample Answer Nine

Instead of working on a regular 9 to 5 job, I aspire to work on different projects and business proposals. I wish to be a part of the exciting business opportunities in which there is traveling, adventure, and calculation. Further, I also believe that my dream organization would always take care of my interests and would compensate me for my overtime.

Sample Answer Ten

Living in this competitive world, it would be hard to imagine a person who does not dream. I dream too of a business organization that hires me and gives me a leadership business position in which I am taking crucial business decisions. Further, the company maintains a workforce of smart, helpful, and interactive employees that never bully rather support each other.


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