Human Resources Manager Job Description (Skills, Salary, Duties & More)

Human Resource Management is the process in an organisation where people recruit, select, inducts the employees, provides orientation, conduct training and development and many more. The Human Resource Manager is the overseers of the human resource department and they do the task that is carried out by the Human Resource team.

Human Resources Manager Job Description

Job Description Of An Human Resources Manager

The Resources managers are seen as a very significant link between the company’s management and its employees. The skills, salary, duties and qualities are discussed in the content below.

Duties of a Human Resource Manager

The Human Resource Manager is the one responsible for smooth and premium work in the organisation. A list of the most essential duties or responsibilities is mentioned below.

  1. Human Resource Management implements the HR strategies with the actual business strategies that were made.
  2. HR Manager is the one that manage the recruitment and the selecting process in the company.
  3. They also play an important role in the organisation to build a strong relationship between the employers and the employees to have a good and friendly environment.
  4. The Human Resource manager oversees and manages the performance appraisal system in the organisation.
  5. They play a keen and important role in planning and development. The managers participate in the identification, planning, development and execution of unwanted activities or objectives.
  6. Human Resource Manager builds policies in their organisation’s HR policy and keeps revising them for expecting a better performance of the employees.
  7. It is the significant task of the manager to recognize how their employees are working and reward them for their performance and dedication to the organisation.
  8. Human Resource Managers enables the employees to develop their skills for the future requirement as per the organisation.
  9. The Human Resource Manager should be available when there is a dispute among two or more parties and the manager has the right to intervene to come out with a solution.
  10. They are the ones that organise the learning and development programs.

Here, we can clearly see that it is not easy becoming a manager in the human resource department. They have to cover heavy duties in the organisation to run it effectively and efficiently. On the other hand, if something in the organisation goes wrong then they are the ones held accountable and responsible.

Expected Salary Of Human Resources Manager

‘Manager’ is a highly appreciated position could be in any organisation, department, enterprise etc,. The manager in the Human Resources Department is well compensated as per their heavy duties and responsibilities in any organisation around the world. The average human resource manager is around $80,665 as per the US National Average.

As per some reports, it has also been revealed that around 90 per cent of the human resource managers’ salaries are under $88,000 while the lower while the other 10 per cent are paid less than $41,000 annually. Moreover, the combined average salary of a human resources manager is around $61,000. Yes, of course, this greatly depends on the qualifications of the individual.

The entry-level human resources managers having less than five years of experience are paid on an average of $50,000 annually. Now, this slightly increases if there is gain in the work experience but does not influence much if an individual has work experience of more than twenty years.

Skills Of A Human Resources Manager

Having skills to manage and lead the employees is very important for an organisation. Human resource manager should have a deep knowledge of the relevant areas and have practical skills to generate more opportunities in the business world. Here are some of the skills required for a human resources manager:

  1. Effective communication skills- The human resource manager should be able to express himself clearly, it includes both oral and written communication. This field requires a lot of oral talking to the employees so that the organisation operates smoothly.
  2. Good organisational skills- As we know that the HR manager oversees all the functions so they should be having proper systematic way to handle any situation. With all the tasks involved in the organisation, the HR manager should be able to handle all the multiple tasks simultaneously.
  3. Decision making- A HR manager needs to take a lot of decision every day. During the recruitment process, they have to decide immediately and properly if the applicant is fit for the job assigned or not. Recognising good talent in a very short time should be done easily also all the manages should be of good sound and support the organisational functions.
  4. Training and development- HR managers are the ones responsible for offering the employees opportunities in order to maximise the performance. They should train the employees to find the right placement for them in the organisation.
  5. Budgeting skills- Other than practical skills the HR manager should be quick in mental calculations or in writings. The main role of any HR managers is to limit the expenditures and not spend on unnecessary activities.
  6. Technological skills- This is a very important skill that the HR manager should be updated with. The HR manager should have the ability to adapt to the upcoming technologies so that their organisation does not become outdated.

Qualities Needed For A Human Resources Manager

Becoming an HR manager might sound easy but, it is not as easy as it sounds. It includes the basic requirements such as education, previous job experiences, certifications acquired, and the most important the technical skills. You can also expect soft skills and personality traits which is very significant to have in the current generation.

To become an HR manager they need a bachelor’s degree in human resources course or it could be related to it. Some of the related human resource course is business management also opting for the financial course you will surely find yourself in a higher-level role with good salary. Some of the selectors also prefer to have a master’s degree in Human Resources or Master of Business Administration (MBA). Having any of these course completed may lead you to become a great Human Resource Manager in the future.


HR managers are the ones that play a significant role in any organisation. They plan, coordinate and manage all the administrative functions in an organisation. They see the future by calculating and selecting the right candidate for the right job in order to have a good profit annually. If you like the article then please do share, comment on the part you enjoyed the most also leave feedback below.  


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