What Do You Expect From Your Manager Or Supervisor? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

In today’s world, we all expect something from someone in our daily lives. Humans always need something and if they don’t get that particular thing then they start expecting. This is just an informal way but quite similarly the same environment works in the corporate world as well. Employees working in a particular company or any factory or organisation or firm after a certain period like three to four years start expecting few things from their managers or supervisors. Such kind of situation takes place in every organisation.

It will probably not work if you keep your expectations to you we all need to explain or open it to your respective supervisors or managers. Different people in the organisation needs or expects different things from their respective managers or supervisors.

What Do You Expect From Your Manager Or Supervisor

Here Are Some Samples Of What Are Your Expectations From Your Manager Or Supervisors?

Frequently in the corporate world, you face such questions from your manager or supervisors. This is where the employee opens up about what he should like to change in the company to make it a better place for him or her to work well. Sometimes answering such questions to your interviewee could be tricky but here are some of the samples which might help you in the future.

Sample No. 1

Working in the organisation for the past two months I found many things that should have been better between me and my manager. Of course, managers around the world will focus more on work-related pieces of stuff than personal problems to his or her employees. But, it would be highly appreciated from my end if my manager tried to understand from our end as well. In simple words, I expect an open-minded manager who is willing to know how his or her employees are doing in the corporate world. There are many times where the workers working in a company are under pressure it could even be personal or related to his work and they end up committing suicide. Of course, the manager would not want his or her employees to go under such kind of personal pressure or anything related to the workplace.

Sample No. 2

I expect my manager to motivate us to work better and efficiently. Previously, when I was working in a different organisation the manager there was fine with everything but he did not have the motivating capabilities and that was the reason why I personally did not like working there or in such an environment. In all other companies wherever we go there should be motivation training done at least twice or thrice a month which would surely do some change to the minds of the other employees working there in the company.

Sample No. 3

I expect my manager to have an entrepreneurial spirit in him so that he can tackle most of the situation by himself and need no help from others. Of course, managers or supervisors have such qualities in them that are the reason why they are in the position where they should be. But, not everyone is capable of tacking with situations as true entrepreneurship does. Yes, they are not the ones that own the company but, in the absence of their higher authorities, they are the ones that need to behave in such a way that the company is their own.

Sample No. 4

I expect my supervisor to take initiative as most of us might know that taking initiative is all about taking charge of our workers. Many factories do not have supervisors who take the initiative to make their workers happy or motivated. It is their job to take initiative as he is being represented by us wherever we go so handling us with the good initiative taken would be great to work under such kind of person or supervisors.

Sample No. 5

Employers are always ready to do teamwork in any task they are given but is it the same with the managers? I would expect my manager to have a character like a team player he should know what to do when and how to act when he is needed the most. I would like to suggest that doing surveys within the team members would build such qualities in any of the members including managers or supervisors. It of no doubt that, if employees and their managers come together or collaborate then the work would be more productive as it would be a complete team.  

Sample No. 6

I expect my manager to be more responsible and dependable while in the company. Most of the time in the companies managers or supervisors tend to use their power wrongly to their employees. Managers just pass their own work to their employees and that is something very wrong if you want to have a good effective working workplace. Being dependable means that the manager say what to be done and he has to do it there is no option there. Employees will always be appreciated and praised if they do their own work on time, they maintain the punctuality to work and the same is with the managers and supervisors.

Sample No. 7

I expect my manager to solve even the smallest of queries that we present to him. Many a time not solving the smallest of queries leads the company to a huge loss. As managing is a pretty difficult job to do so it is obvious he might not find the smallest queries important but he should make it a habit to listen to his workers and make them feel that they are always listened. The best way to do so is to keep a suggestion box where workers will suggest their opinions as well as put their queries so that the manager can handle what is going on with each of his or her workers. Having such a small activity in the company will make the workers feel better and they will feel engaged to their respective work.

Sample No. 8

I expect my manager to lead me to the right way if I am having some problem in the very first week of my work. As it is the first time for me to work in a company officially I want my manager to have the decency to make me understand what exactly my work would be. Yes, not only the work as me being the new member in the workplace he should introduce me to the other members in the workplace. I also want him or her to be of very friendly behaviour cause I have a personal problem if ever I face anger issue with my higher authorities I do not feel like working under that person.

Sample No. 9

I want or expect my manager to help me prove myself if I make any mistake constantly working for them. I personally have noticed that many managers in other workplaces where the workers tend to make the same mistake again and again then the manager gives up on them. This is some way not right we should give everyone a chance to prove themselves it might take time for them to improve but a chance should be given to them. I expect my manager to give me the chance to prove in what field I am capable in or what skills I have. Also, as I will be completely new to the company it is obvious I will take some time to prove and open up with what extra skills I have but that should be in the intention of the manager to prove myself.

Sample No. 10

I do not expect my manager to use me as a tool in the organisation. It would be quite inappropriate in a multi-national company where the manager is using his or her employees as a tool to make work happen in the workplace. I do not want my manager to take any kind of advantage to the decentness of his or her employees in the organisation. Such kind of behaviour would be unaccepted if the company wants to make a good working environment. Taking advantage of his or her higher position in the organisation is somewhat a crime in the corporate world. Overall, having such kind of manager in any organisation would surely de-moralise or de-motivate his employees and that would result in bad working result.


We want our best from our managers or supervisors and the same they want from us in return. People working under a good manager or supervisor would bring in more employees who are willing to work for the company. It will not only help to increase the productivity of the company but also builds a good reputation in the market and we don’t think that is something bad. Moreover, if you happen to face the question above in an interview then I hope the given answers would help you in some way or the other. Still, all in all, I hope that you found the article helpful in some way and do share it with your friends or close ones who are willing to give an interview. Also, please do comment below and do not forget to leave your precious feedback below.


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