What Do You Hope To Gain From This Experience (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

It is in our nature to gain everything from what we do and get the best out of it. Without starting any work or job or anything where you have to research and do something or present something we do not gain knowledge and experience on the same. In simple words, work experience is the kind of experience where the worker, employee or any person working gains experience while working in a specific field or in their occupation.

Yes, you will not gain anything by not doing anything you need to spend time on the field that you have been opted or chosen for. Researches reveal that most of the work experiences are unpaid and in some types, you get monetary benefits also certification in some cases. Gaining all of these not only makes a person good but overall it increases and build up a good resume for you. Gaining experiences is so important that who knows in the future you could be called to your dream workplace.

What Do You Hope To Gain From This

What Are The Gains From This Experience? 

This is one type of questions in the corporate world where the employees or the interviewee have to face. Obviously, it is not a biased or subjective question you should know what you want to gain from the working environment. But, there are many things that should be kept in mind before answering such type questions to the interviewer. At the same, you have to keep in mind that you are here to impress the interviewer so the answer should be very punchy and to the point. below are the ten sample answers to the above question asked by the interviewer.

Sample No. 1

As it is my first working environment I would like to gain my working experience. As you know as I have been selected for the marketing intern for the first time it would be the very first time me being practical. Working in this reputed company will surely help me build a better resume in the future. There is nothing more I can add as everything that I will be doing in the company would be for the first time. Writing emails, complaints, sending feedbacks, handling customers are some of them experiences that I am willing to expect in future from your company. It will surely open up where my future is heading.

Sample No. 2

In my previous work, it was probably a desk job so meeting new people practically was no in the question. Since my childhood, it was always in my intention to meet and talk to new and different people whether through meetings, speeches or as a journalist. Yes, being a journalist is not easy we need to tackle a lot of things and at the same, we need to keep our work going. But, as a journalist I am hoping that I would gain the experience of meeting new people throughout. Not only meeting new people, but it would also improve my speaking skills, but knowledge from different people and will also open my mind. Yes, now I know that there is no going back from such a field in your company.

Sample No. 3

I see that as working under Human Resource Management I would have to study the human behaviour for different people. Handling people was not a cup of tea for me so I am hoping that I will gain that experience. I also want my public speaking skills should be improved by the end of this year and also willing that I would lead a team in the company for meetings around the country. I am very excited just thinking about this as personally, I like to face challenges in the fields where I feel am weak.

Sample No. 4

You might not know but I have a lot of experience in social media as previously I was working as a social media handler. With such a job I never got an opportunity to go door-to-door advertisement. As a part of this position in your department, I am very excited to move to new places and promote your products to different people around the country. This would help me gain more confidence in travelling alone and meeting strangers whom I will be meeting for the very first time in my life. I also see that you offer some training programs for the same I would be happy to join to know what and how to tackle any fatal situation.

Sample No. 5

I was not always a fan of automobiles but as I have been selected as a content writer in your automobile department that would want me to get one of those four-wheelers in my garage. Writing original and unique contents about luxury cars would be a great opportunity for me to improve my writing skills. As your company works for the American market I would surely improve a lot on my speaking skills and attracting customers through my writing would be a plus point in my future career.

Sample No. 6

I have heard that your company each year takes ten sessions for those who are willing to go abroad for their work placement. There is nothing better than this training for such opportunities would surely rises my inner confidence and tackle difficult situations when needed the most. Additionally, going abroad for the first time and that too for something to do with my job which I love the most I will gain about all the procedures that are done, speaking skills, how to pronounce words correctly and a few more.

Sample No. 7

So many people around the world face loss of job even though having the talents that the company needs. Being a part of the recruitment process for your company would help me gain how to select a candidate that is the best suitable for the said job. I know very well what the job would be so knowing the knowledge and skills of other people (recruiters) would help me know them deeply in a very short period. I personally think that could be one of the hard jobs to do but slowly gaining experience it will make it more challenging and fun.

Sample No. 8

As you know that I was a visiting faculty professor in my previous university which would change from now on. I desperately want to gain the chance in your university just as a normal regular professor cause visiting faculty was not easy for me I personally could not cope up with the time. I am hoping that being a regular professor at your university will help me gain the experience of coming regularly and follow the same fixed time so that I have no problem with my time management.

Sample No. 9

Since my childhood, I was given everything that I asked from my parents but never knew the problem of a poor who don’t get what they ask. Working as a volunteer in your Non-Governmental Organisation would help me gain that experience knowing the value of what we have in life. People are always greedy we always want more in our daily life but, that is not the same case with poor people or kids. Volunteering for your company would increase my empathy, sympathy and know how it feels when you don’t get what you want.

Sample No. 10

In my previous workplace, there was no such thing as appraisals but that is not the same in your company. I see that you have an appraisal system which will automatically increase my motivation towards my work where previously this was not there so I had a lot of problem with working as there was lack of motivation. As you can see that working in your organisation would make me feel motivated and as a result working would be more effective that is what I am hoping for. Additionally, the appraisal would be my gift of working hard these are the experience that I am hoping to gain from your organisation.


Ever since our birth, we all want to gain something or the other. Looking at the magazines, posters, advertisements, we tend to have some attraction over the product that is shown to us. But, we all know that the world does not work like that there are always some rules and regulations to follow, criteria to fulfil, money to earn for the product or the thing that an individual is willing to get. In the same way gaining work experience, writing skills, communication skills, motivation, having sympathy and empathy from any working environment is something very different and effective in our daily life. If we gain some of these important skills our future tend to become brighter and have a good life ahead. Moreover, if you found the article interesting then share, comment below and do not forget to leave your precious feedback below.


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