How To Write A Letter of Recommendation For A Student? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

There are several candidates and aspirants who want to take admission into a particular college or maybe a school. All the candidates differ in abilities, academic performances, behavioral aspects, and talents. Some of them possess a letter of recommendation, which has the ability to boost the chances of selection considerably and immensely.

How To Write A Letter of Recommendation For A Student

What Is A Letter Of Recommendation?

A letter of recommendation is a formal document mentioning the strengths and abilities of a candidate. An educational institution after seeing a letter of recommendation is assured that a candidate is a person of high morale, he or she is skillful, hardworking, and possesses a cherishing and warm attitude. This helps an institution to decide whether or not the candidate would be a perfect match for the course he or she has applied for.

Step By Step Guide Of Writing A Letter Of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation must always be prepared on the official letterhead. This increases its authenticity and genuineness. There are various items that must be present in a letter of recommendation for its effectiveness. Some of the must include items are mentioned in sequential order:

  • Complete name and address of the sender
  • Complete name and address of the recipient. In case the recipient is not known then mention the line, ‘To whomsoever, it may concern’
  • Greet the reader by using different salutations. For example, Dear XYZ or Respected ABC, etc
  • Write Subject. For example, ‘Letter of recommendation for XYZ
  • Stanza One: It includes the introduction of the candidate. This stanza must explain the following:
    • The reason for writing this letter of recommendation
    • The time period for which you were in direct contact with the candidate
    • How you got acquainted with the candidate
  • Stanza Two: This stanza must include:
    • The special abilities of the candidate
    • His or her strengths
    • How they can contribute to any organization
    • Academic performance of the candidate
    • The ways using which a candidate improves (optional)
    • Some special attributes of the candidate. For example, hard work, honesty, meticulousness, etc.
  • Stanza Three: In this stanza write a line of recommendation. For example, This candidate is highly recommended for this course.
  • Close the letter, by putting your official signature and name.

Sample Format Of A Letter Of Recommendation

[Complete name of the writer]

[Complete address of the writer]


[Complete name of the recipient]

[Complete address of the recipient]


To whosoever it may concern

[Subject: Letter of recommendation for (name of the candidate)]

Dear, XYZ [use salutation]

Stanza One: Introduction of the candidate (variable)

Stanza Two: Positive points about the candidate and his or her special attributes (variable)

Stanza Three: I, ABC recommend [name of the candidate] to your prestigious institution without any reservation. Based on my experiences with him or her, I believe, he or she would be a perfect match for this course. (variable)

Five Perfect Templates Covering Variable Stanza One, Two, and Three

There is a set format to be followed as mentioned above while writing a letter of recommendation. However, stanza one, two, and three form an integral part of a letter of recommendation, and change on case to case basis. There is no fixed body of a letter of recommendation and must be tailor-made for every job opportunity or educational course. Some prominent templates to be followed are:

Template #1

Stanza One:

I know Mr. XYZ for the past year and am highly pleased to endorse him for an educational course at your esteemed educational institution. Mr. XYZ has worked with us as a part-time accountant and consultant for financial services.

Stanza Two:

He has a knack for solving problems efficiently in a time-bound manner with superior accounting knowledge and interpretation skills. With a burning sensation to learn and willingness to learn more about the diverse fields of investment banking, he can contribute to your organization with his zeal and labor.

Stanza Three:

The quick learning abilities coupled with a positive attitude entices me to recommend Mr. XYZ for your educational institute. In addition to this, the skills and knowledge, he would gain from your institute would further shape his career and build his future positively.

Template #2

Stanza One:

I am making this recommendation for Mr. XYZ whom I personally know for the past 15 months as I have been his high school teacher for Physics. This pupil has a bright career ahead, as he has the ability and zeal to do wonders in the field of physics. This is evidenced by his mark sheet and high grades.

Stanza Two:

He has the ability to absorb a tricky concept quickly with a willingness to participate and lead in various educational quizzes. He aspires to be a scientist and is very disciplined and energetic to do so. Given a platform and the right direction he can do wonders.

Stanza Three:

These are some of his qualities that encourage me to recommend Mr. XYZ for admission into your esteemed educational institute without any reservation whatsoever. Being a special person, he surely deserves a chance to study at your prestigious educational college, probably, in the field of physics.

Template #3

Stanza One:

It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. XYZ, who has been my part-time office assistant for the past 18 months. I after a careful evaluation can definitely say, that he is in possession of some special administrative and drafting abilities with superior note-making skills. Be them minutes of a board meeting or notes undertaken in any conference, they are always crisp, sharp, and to the point.

Stanza Two:

He is a disciplined person who is always punctual and understands the value of time. He is detail-oriented and meticulous with a special ability to pay attention to even the minutest things or tasks. I remember the number of questions he used to ask, before starting any allotted task, just to ensure that the task is completed smoothly and flawlessly.

Stanza Three:

There is absolutely no reason, to not recommend Mr. XYZ for a program at your prestigious educational college. Given a correct platform, this child can achieve great heights and shape his future adorably.

Template #4

Stanza One:

With great pleasure and enthusiasm, I recommend Mr. XYZ who has been undertaking management training from me for the past 6 months. The communication skills and leadership abilities of this child are exceptional and he is worthy of an esteemed business school to hone his skills further.

Stanza Two:

He has a knack for solving problems efficiently in a time-bound manner with superior accounting knowledge and interpretation skills. With a burning sensation to learn and willingness to learn more about the diverse fields of investment banking, he can contribute to your organization with his zeal and labor.

Stanza Three:

He is reliable, honest, and has the ability to adapt to tough situations pretty quickly. This coupled with a positive mindset and his go-getter attitude further prompts me to recommend Mr. XYZ for a seat at your educational institute. Being adaptive and resilient, I am sure, he would fit at your institution with relative ease.

Template #5

Stanza One:

I am writing this letter in reference to Mr. XYZ who has been associated with me for the past 18 months in the capacity of a part-time accounting intern. His knowledge of accounting principles and grip on various accounting software is extraordinary, making him worthy to receive higher education from an esteemed college like yours.

Stanza Two:

He is a responsible and honest person who loves to lead a team and take crucial decisions. The reliability and ability to work under pressure situations stand him apart and make him a person of high caliber and skills. In addition to this, he has a charming and magnetic personality, with a knack to always focus on bright side of things, no matter how tough the situations are.

Stanza Three:

His high concentration skills and ability to work for long strenuous hours without losing focus forces me to recommend him for admission to your prestigious college. I believe, his skillset and attitude would surely contribute to you in a positive and pleasant way.


A letter of recommendation must be carefully drafted with all relevant facts and figures. A perfect letter can help a student immensely to break into prominent educational colleges and business schools. Further, the format must be strictly adhered to and the language to be used must be polite and engaging. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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