How to Write an Introduction Letter? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

Do you face a hard time while trying to introduce yourself and face a block when writing an introduction letter? Do not worry because we have got it all sorted for you. You don’t introduce yourself in an introduction letter like you do when you meet a new group of friends. It is a completely different way that helps you fly into a job interview and land on a job offer. That is why it is essential to know how to write one professionally and effectively.

In this article, we will read about how you can write an introduction letter with some recent examples. So, let us learn about the letter of introduction in detail. We will cover,

  1. What is an introduction letter?
  2. Who can write an introduction letter?
  3. Guide to writing an introduction letter.
  4. How to write the letter?
  5. Examples of introduction letters.
How to Write an Introduction Letter

What is a Letter of Introduction?

An introduction letter is a formal correspondence letter in which you introduce yourself to someone to build professional relationships so that they can help you find employment opportunities, opportunities for growth, and build acquaintance that can help you land a job in your desired industry in the future. It can also be called a cover letter. It is a valuable networking tool that is given by an individual to another business party as an introduction.

No matter what career stage one is at, a letter of introduction can help at every stage.

Who can Write an Introduction letter?

  1. A candidate looking for a job
  2. One colleague to another
  3. A team member to another
  4. A freelancer to a potential employer
  5. Customers
  6. Business Clients
  7. A professional contact to another
  8. One business to collaborate with another

Guide to Writing an Introduction Letter

Develop a network

As you know that a letter of introduction can help you get into your desired industry, therefore, there is a need to build a network and make professional connections. This will help you make more introductions and you will have chance of getting more job opportunities. Some examples of such professional connections can be

  • Someone from your industry
  • Potential employer
  • New professional contact
  • Client
  • Customer

According to research, it has been proven that networking can help job seekers get their dream job through building connections.

Know your audience

It is important to know who are you writing for so that you can craft your letter keeping that in mind. Research the company’s background, its work environment, work values, and potential employers.

Always proofread the letter

After writing the letter, never forget to edit it. Make sure that the letter is mistakes free, that is, it should have no grammatical errors, no spelling mistakes and it should be well-formatted and consistent. An error-proof letter will help you make a good impression, no matter who is sending the letter to whom. Make sure all the names in the letter are spelled correctly as it can make a bad impression.

Format of a Letter of Introduction

Given below is a formal of a basic formal introduction letter, it can be used by anyone belonging to any industry.

Letter of Introduction

Name of the person writing the letter,



Contact information(Phone no./Linked In Profile)


Name of the person receiving the letter,

Position Name,

Company Name,

Company’s Address


[Body of the letter]



Let us now see the format explained in detail:  


This section can include salutations that will help in starting the letter in a positive and thoughtful manner. This could be written in various ways, for example, Dear ABC, Respected Sir/Madam, Dear Mr./Mrs. Whomsoever, Hello Mr./Mrs., etc.

Body of the letter

It is the most important part of the letter as this is where the actual matter lies. The body of letter should include:

  • Introductory line: Introduce yourself in two to three lines, about who you are, what you do, about your skills, etc. For example, start the letter by saying that, “I hope this letter finds you well. I am XYZ and I am a digital marketer. I am writing this letter to…” Include your full name and start with why you are writing this letter.  
  • Follow-up paragraph: This paragraph should include information on how you can work together with the person you are writing the letter to and how you can be helpful to their business or the company. Explain your role and how you can make your role relevant for the employer. Talk about your past jobs and about your skills in detail. Mention specific details about what you would like to know from them like industry insights or information on job opportunities.


Include any necessary information that you would like the employer to know. Mention some additional information about follow-up e-mail id or contact number. Include the information about they can contact you or reach you and thank them for their time as it comes under professionalism.

At the end of the letter sign off with your full name and your job title with a signature.

Note: If you writing the letter of introduction through the mail, then directly dive into the greetings and the introductory section of the format given above.

Examples of Letters of Introduction

Example one: E-mail

Dear [Employer Name],

I hope this e-mail finds you well. My name is John Kelly and I am a freelance Digital Marketer. I have been working in this field for more than 2 years now. I started interning with ABC Infotech ltd and worked as a digital marketer in the same company for 1.5 years. I am writing this letter to you to let you know that I am a huge admirer of your company.

I recently did SEO optimization for your company. I hope you liked the changes we made to your website and I would like to let you know that your website reach has doubled in the past few days.  If you have time, I would love to talk to you, in case you have any opportunities for me in your firm.

Thank you for your time. You can contact me anytime at 98987654833 and you can also review my work portfolio at I am looking forward to hearing back from you.


John Kelly,

Digital Marketer.

Example two: Letter introducing another professional contact

Anup Shah,

133, ABC road, CA 334456,

[email protected]

City, State

January 22, 2021

Ashish Sethi,


XYZ Company,

Business Road,

City, State

Dear Mr. Sethi,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing this letter to introduce you to my intern Manish Sharma. It had been a pleasure to have him working as a graphic designing intern. I mentored him throughout his internship training. He is blessed with excellent technical skills.

Manish is in search of a prospective job based on his skill set and would appreciate any recommendations you could offer him for conducting a job search for the position of Graphic Designer. It would be a major help if you could provide him with any follow-ups.

I have attached her resume with this letter for your reference. You can further contact him at [email protected] or through contact number at 89897767546. Thank you so much for your time. Kindly assist him in the job search process.


Anup Shah.

Example Three:

March 20,2021

Dear Mrs. Sujata Jain,

My name is Ananya Kashyap, and I have been a General Manager at Retail Associates in Kolkata for the past three years.

To work with a company like yours has always been my dream. While I have been working here at retail associates for the past two years, I think it is time for a change for betterment. I am looking for better growth opportunities. I would appreciate any recommendations you could offer to the hiring manager for a job as Senior General Manager.

I have attached my resume with this letter so that you can review it, and if you have time, or if it is okay with you, I would love to talk to you regarding this job more.

Please let me know about it. You can contact me at 77664847884. Thank you so much for your time. I will look forward to work with you.


Ananya Kashyap


So, these were examples of some formal letters. However, introduction letters can sometimes be less former, it depends upon the third party to whom you are writing the letter. We would suggest you send more and more introductory letters to make more and more connections in the industry that will help you in your career. Make sure you customize each letter you write and enjoy the advantage of introduction letters.

You can send your letter of introduction through an e-mail, or a hard copy or soft copy could work as well. Generally, people tend to use their mail for the same. Irrespective of the medium you choose, these letters can work wonders in building great business relationships.

I hope this article was informative and you enjoyed reading this article. Comment what you liked about this article and share.


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