How to Write A Letter of Interest? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

It is not an easy task to seek employment and reach potential employers so that they are aware that you are an option for a respective position even though it is vacant. In this article we will learn that what actually is a letter of interest, how can one write a letter of interest, sample examples of a letter of interest, and the format of the statement of interest. So, without wasting time, let’s dive into this article.

How to Write A Letter of Interest

What is a Letter of Interest?

A letter of Interest is also widely known as a letter of intent or statement of interest. A statement of interest is like a written document that a candidate sends to the employer that he would like to work for, whether or not that the employer has job vacancies available in this/her company. A candidate writes this letter to show his/her interest in a company. It is more like a general document that mainly focuses on you seeking employment for so and so company that matches your interests and qualifications.

As this letter involves you expressing interest in a prospective company, this letter can also be called a prospecting letter or an expression of interest. This letter is different from a resume or a cover letter. You write a resume or a cover letter when the position vacancy has been advertised by a prospective company. The specialty of this letter is that it can be sent by anyone, at any level of expertise. For example, an intern recently graduated from college as a digital marketer at a firm and wants to show his interest in an actual job. This letter to another company offers a better salary for his level of expertise.

Now, to land your dream job, you must know how to write a good, well-formatted letter of interest. Let us now learn how to write a letter of interest.

How to write a statement of interest?

Research. Research. And Research.

Before starting to write the letter of interest, the first thing you have to do is do your homework and research about the target company and find all the important details of the company, its goals, and its employees and track records. Note down the important details you can mention while writing the letter. Take your time to make sure your letter is well-crafted and well-researched.

Grow your network through social media

There have been numerous times when we have seen that someone got hired based on recommendations made by an already existing employee in the company. During your research, if you come across an employee whom you are familiar with or who you might use as an advantage to get into the company, then it is a jackpot. Along with the letter of interest, that insider connection can help you get hired for the company by suggesting you to the company’s recruiting team.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn are the best way to find such connections online and approach them to grow your professional network.

Keep your letter concise, and the matter relevant

The purpose here of this letter is to let the employer know about your interest in a particular position in the company, so aim at keeping the letter short and to the point.

Include your skills

It is so important to highlight your key skills and what you can do for the company in the letter of interest to impress the employer and quickly get his attention.

Format for the Letter of Interest

Below shared is the basic letter format that one can follow.


  • First Name and Last Name
  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Website



  • The reason of writing the letter


  • Name of the HR, or the Name of the Manager
  • “To Mr, Mrs, Sir, Ma’am (Name of the Hiring Manager)

Body of the letter

  • Opening Paragraph introducing yourself and your intentions for writing the letter
  • Qualification and Skills in the following paragraph
  • Previous work experience that may help in putting value to this job

Concluding Paragraph

  • A thank you for their time message
  • Looking forward to work with the employer message
  • Ask for an appointment for an interview


  • Your Signature
  • Name

Sample Letters of Interest

Example of a letter of interest #1

John Andrews,

234, Model Town Colony,

[email protected],

LinkedIn: John Andrews 01,

Contact Number: 9898098980,

Bhopal (M.P.)

March 03, 2021

Subject: A letter of intent

Mr. XYZ (The employer’s name)

The Manager,

Steel Co Pvt Ltd,

Scheme No. 12, A.M. Road

Indore (M.P.)

Respected Sir/Madam,

This letter is to express my interest in working for your company. To work with your company has always been my dream. I recently got an opportunity to be a part of the webinar that your company hosted that was based upon how customer satisfaction should be the sole motive of any business organization. By being a part of that event, I got to know how customer satisfaction is an integral part of how the company.

In my former job, I was appointed as the Customer Service Manager and this is why I know that how important is for every company to value their customers as I used to deal with them regularly to help them solve their problem. I always pay close attention to each customer and their problems as I feel like I am accountable for doing that.

I want you to hire me for your company and I want to do the same job of providing customers feedback and handling their problems but on a higher level. I am a hardworking employee and I want to grow with your company.

After reading this letter, I hope you could schedule an interview at whatever time you are free so that you can ask me any questions that you might want to know about me. You can contact me anytime through my E-mail or my Contact number.

I will be waiting to hear back from you. Thank you for giving your time in reading my letter.


John Andrews.

Example of a letter of interest #2

Your name,


Contact number,

E-mail Address,

LinkedIn Profile

September 03,2021

Joseph Murphy,

Human Resource Manager,

Raphael’s International,

234, Business Depo Street,

City Name, Zip Code

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I recently read the blog that was published on your official website about the company’s new approach towards digital marketing and social media marketing. I am writing a letter to inquire whether you have vacant positions or any digital marketer’s position open in your company.

When I read the blog, I was really delighted to see that some company has similar thinking and approach to the marketing industry and how it should be changed. I have 2 years of experience working as a Digital Marketing Intern for Web Infotech. Within that time span, I did Search Engine Optimization for 4-5 websites and help them in engaging the audience for their website, the websites hold a good ranking on the search page now and the number of views per day has increased by a great number. In addition to this, I am also a Social Media Marketer and I have helped so many influencers gain reach on the blogs and the posts that they make and engage more buyers for business accounts.

I would appreciate it if you give me an interview opportunity so that I can tell you about my experience and qualifications in detail. I am a hundred percent sure that my skills would greatly benefit your company.

Thank you so much, for giving your time to read this letter. I look forward to getting a revert back from you. You can contact me through the mail and my phone number or my LinkedIn profile at any time of the day.  



Joseph Murphy.

Example of a letter of interest #3

Kenneth Shri

[email protected]


July 18, 2020

Kailash J. Shah

Hiring Manager

XYZ Company

Dear Mr. Kailash,

My name is Kenneth and I am a qualified finance consultant having 2 years of expertise in this field. I am interested to work as a Junior Financial Consultant for your company. Your company is one of the most reputed companies and your company has 50+ years of experience in this field. I am looking to combine my skills and experience so that together we can build a huge network of clients and help them know the finance world better.

My work at my previous job included helping clients to make better investment decisions and I have dealt with 40+ clients in the time span of one year and this is why I think that I am now ready to work on a higher level and after doing my research, I found no better company having this strong client network and relations. Kindly, please revert back, if the position for the Finance Constant is open or vacant. You can contact me on 98000800878 as well. We can also arrange an interview to talk about the same if it is okay with you.

Thank you for your precious time.



Kenneth Shri

So, these were some examples of letters of interest.


I hope this article gave you a clear picture of how you can write a letter of interest and what a letter of interest is. You may also consider writing this letter on the occasions like when you read about a company in some magazine and article or blogs, when a contact informs you about a vacant position that has not been advertised yet by the company or when you are looking forward to work at a higher position.

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All the best for your future job!


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