How To Write A Personal Reference Letter (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

As we know that there are many types of letters that we use for different purpose and they all have a different meaning. We use a different template for different types of letters and it is obvious that you need to use a different format for each of them. In the same way one such type of letter is a reference letter which is also known as a character letter. This letter contains everything that a letter of recommendation contains such type of letters is written by someone who can speak to the candidate’s personality and other good traits.

How To Write A Personal Reference Letter

How To Write A Good Personal Reference Letter To Someone

Reference letters are not always easy to write. It may be easy if you have achieved great achievements in your life where it becomes easier for the other person to write easily. But, before you write a personal reference letter there are many things that one should know like for example the format, tips and tricks, steps needed to write, words that are appropriate for such type of letters and a few more.

Before writing a personal reference letter make sure that you are thinking positively and that you can write positively on the same for the person that you are writing to. If you do not have much information about the person from whom you are writing the letter then you might do some research on your own so that you do not go wrong. Also, you need to keep your mind fresh while writing such types of letters as something is written wrong might make a bad impression on yourself. Also, while writing you must choose the words carefully and make sure it is short and simple so that the reader understands well.

What Should You Include In A Personal Reference Letter?

Once you know that you are the right person to write the letter then you should have some good recommendations ready before you even start writing. You should make sure that all the information that has been gathered are valid and they are up-to-date. You should be ready while writing such letters. Still, there are some components that you should use while writing a personal letter of reference and it is given below:

  1. Give a small explanation of your relationship with the applicant- Before you write anything about the applicant it will look nice and better if you just mentioned how well and since well do you know the person. There is no problem going into detail about how you know him and what are his behaviours or favourites. It needs to be clear that you know the applicant very well and also your opinion carries some value.
  2. Give positive qualities of the applicant- As you know the applicant very well you should know what quality he has in himself. Just in the next paragraph of the personal reference letter you give about his achievements or how is his mentality during hard situations you may include like:
  3. Highly-communicable
  4. Positive mindset
  5. Attracting people
  6. Start with the official recommendation- This should be the main part of the personal reference letter where you mention why are you writing this letter and why the applicant is the best person for the job in your company. Summarize all of the points and try to reach an attractive conclusion. You should make the reader know that whom so ever you are recommending they are the right person for the said job and the reader should also know that they have your full support throughout the process.

Format Of A Personal Reference Letter

Below are some of the general guidelines or rules to write a good and well-scripted personal reference letter. If you want your letter to look great then below are the points that you should follow very strictly.

Salutation- This is obviously in all the letters in the world until and unless it is an informal letter you should start with salutations. Begin the letter with ‘Dear Mr, Ms’ with the last name after that to make it look respectable. Yes, most of the time salutation depends on which and what type is your applicant is applying for the job.

First Para- As mentioned above the first lines of the personal reference letter should be the relationship between the applicant and you. It will be much better if you explain everything in details starting from how do you know the person and why are you writing this for him or her. Also, do not forget to mention to which company, organisation or firm the applicant is looking to apply so that the details and information become very clear for the reader.

The Body- After you have completed the first paragraph of your personal reference letter comes the main body which may extend to two to three paragraphs or long. In this part the writer needs to be very specific and to the point about why he is writing the letter and what it would be the benefits. It will look great if you share an example of why your candidate or applicant is best suitable for the position that you are talking about. You also may include that the applicant has all the qualifications that are required for the position that will increase the chance. It will be better if you describe the qualities or the experiences in detail that are required for the job.

Ending- In the ending part of the personal reference letter, it is necessary for the writer to provide his or her contact details such as email ID, contact number, fax number, or any other relevant details. You should also mention that you recommend this person wholeheartedly that he or she is the right person for the position.

Additionally, you need to make sure that the letter is not very lengthy and keep the font in the medium so that there is no problem for the reader. It will be better if you kept the letter straight to the point with no unreasonable expansion which might make the reader feel boring.

Example of A Personal Reference Letter

A simple example of a personal reference letter has been given below.

Christopher Nolan

540 Baker Street

Adam City, New York 21045

September 09, 2021

Jim Banner

Marketing Manager

441 Mark Street Avenue

Los Angeles-55541

Dear Mr Jim Banner,

I am very excited and amazed to recommend my friend, colleague James Hopkins for the human resource manager at Mimiso Marketing Limited. As the Chief Executive Officer of Munich Corporation, I had a very fun and good time working with James Hopkins when he was employed in the company as a marketing manager. We have a good relationship ever since his joining date which was three years back and he have some real qualities in him.

I was very much impressed by his additional knowledge, skills and problem-solving qualities also his dedication to his work. He has very sharp communication skills and he is the only member in our company to have reached a pro-level in communication. It is him who goes to different parts around the world to represent us to give presentations on our products and believe me he was a total asset to our company.

He is not only better in his field or managing he is also a great team player he gets along very well when he is put in an anonymous team. He is very engaging and keeps the work going until and unless he finds a solution or profit related to the situation. He has also gained a lot of attention in our company as being the best manager in the department. James also has a good relationship in the company and everyone likes him for his behaviour.

With all of that, I highly recommend James Hopkins for the position of Human Resource Manager in your reputed company. It is no doubt that he will great fit for the position as he has all the skills that you require for the position. For further details and contacts working with James Hopkins or me please feel free to email me or call me at [email protected] or 6565656565.


Christopher Nolan

CEO, Mimiso Marketing Limited

Tips For Writing A Personal Reference Letter

By now you must know how to write a personal reference letter with all the format and what should be written but here are few tips which will make the letter more attractive.

  1. You need to be sure if you are the right person to write the letter for someone to achieve something very important
  2. Figure out when the deadline of the letter would be
  3. Be loyal and honest about what achievements have the applicant or the candidate has received so far in his or her life
  4. Be positive while writing such a letter as a lot depends on what you write
  5. Do not get too personal while writing the letter as it would spoil the strategy


Writing a reference letter and a personal reference letter has no difference among themselves you could write the same format and structure in both the letters. I hope you have found the article very helpful and if so please do share, comment and do not forget to leave your precious feedback.


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