Are You A Detail-Oriented Person? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Detail-oriented may be defined as a character in persons that means people who have the habit of paying very close attention and take very minor details of what the second person is speaking. Even when speaking informally most people tend to talk with no much information and they do not listen to the other person very well. A detail-oriented person is a very good listeners they listen very well and take down minor details to where something might have gone wrong. These type of people are mostly used to solve a murder mystery or in the crime scene.

Are You A Detail Oriented Person

Here Are Some Sample Interview Answers To The Question Above

Sample No. 1

I have always been very consistent with my work ever since I have been working in the corporate world. Now, judging by my past job experiences I could say that I am a detailed-oriented person. I worked as a financial manager for the past four years and interestingly I never made any mistake with my calculations. There were some rare mistakes found in my work in the past four years still they were very minor ones. Every time I work on financial projects I always make sure that the final answer is double-checked before I send it to the higher authorities and that is the reason why I see promotion early from the department.

Sample No. 2

To become a recruiter in your company there is a need of a character of a detail-oriented person. I will surely not boast about myself saying I am a detail-oriented person because in some cases I do miss out on minor and important details related to the work. Though I listen very well when the third person speaks and grab what should be important for me to listen for future reference. I know that will not be enough still practicing in that area will make me near perfect while I am recruiting different kinds of people.

Sample No. 3

I understand the importance of inheriting important details while a person is speaking. If there is a slight change in the information then the end result could be different from how we have expected it to be. I must say that I am a very good listener and pretty good when it comes to formal conversations like interviews, group talk, group discussion or anything else. Previously, it was a part of my job to listen to different types of people having a problem and then to solve them immediately. Yes, you heard it right, a job in the telecommunication department needs a good listener so that he can carefully understand what the customer is facing, listen to their problems and had to give a solution immediately. It was kind of a detailed-oriented job listening to thousands of customer per day was not an easy time for me. The job made me a detailed-oriented person ever since and I don’t think it will ever go away from me.

Sample No. 4

Humans in this current generation do not listen very well and that is why they face problem in future. It is quite the same with me as I am not very detailed-oriented person as there was no such practice in my previous job experiences. I might be a very active person but not an active listener or finding out minor and important details related to any work. I understand mostly the theory of what one says but I have to pay more attention when someone is asking me for a task to do as it does not go into my brain. Many a time this only come out to be the reason for the second person having an anger problem with me as I don’t pay much of their attention to what they are speaking or what they had asked me to do.

Sample No. 5

Yes, I am a detailed-oriented person as I am trained as a business analyst. It is my job to listen and find out important details. Looking for a smaller yet important fact makes me excited and makes me feel interesting about it. This exceptional habit of mine helps me gather all the important details, minor data and make a good report of how a business could run well and what are the mistakes that they are making daily. Yes, additionally, for such good performance of mine I try to keep my mind very calm any outer noise would disturb me terribly and I could miss something important. I do make mistakes but they are very rarely found as I get myself whatever it is necessary for not getting disturbed from anything.

Sample No. 6

Yes, I am a detailed-oriented person. I developed such a habit because previously because I was a bookkeeper in the previous company. As you know that, bookkeepers are the ones responsible for a company’s general ledger or accountancy. This is the department where we need to record all the latest transactions, deposits and the income and expenditure included. So, it was obvious for me to develop such a character within myself so that one mistake could not ruin the company. Of course, there were a few mistakes in my working but while double-checking I used to get rid of them and it used to take a lot of time searching and correcting the mistake I made.

Sample No. 7

Yes, I am a detailed-oriented person as you know that I have been currently working as a content writer for the past three years I have to proofread all my written articles at the end. It was always our job to make sure that the content has been written by me and it is free from any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, format and minor punctual marks. This is how I gained a healthy habit of such a characteristic inside me and initially, it was not easy for me to develop such a habit but slowly things changed. A job as a proofreader needs a high level of attention to the details that someone has written and it is not an easy job to do we find many unnatural and uneven mistakes in the article.

Sample No. 8

I could say that I am not the example of a detailed-oriented person but my previous job was one of them. The job of a journalist is to go through all minor details about the news that they receive from different sources. Many of us know that a job of a journalist involves interviewing people, attending various events, researching some topics and open up with the important news. While interviewing a person in a public area we are required to pay close attention to what he or she is speaking and ask them the next question based on that. In some cases, we have to maintain notes to note down the important point from any source. Yes, this in some way made me a detailed-oriented person I guess that could work well while I am working in your organisation.

Sample No. 9

As I was a fitness trainer for the past five years I did not gain any such characteristics. Yes, we help in motivating people to improve their level of physical fitness. It is sure that we do not need an extra amount of attention in such working places. Fitness provide details about being healthy, plan out diet charts and some other factors that have do with physical fitness for the people we simply do not have to put minor attention in such type of work. I guess this is one of the reasons why I am not a detailed-oriented person.

Sample No. 10

Yes, I am a detailed-oriented person and I give all credit to my previous company where I used to work as a compliance specialist. The work of a compliance specialist is not very easy we need to go through to the shortest and smaller of the details. I have developed such a habit because it was in our daily routine to review all the medical records and also to make sure that they are accurate and meets the data as given on the computer. There were small expenditures and products given that needs to be checked properly in this job and if something goes wrong then had to do it from the beginning. This is what helped me become a detailed-oriented person and I hope it will continue to be the same in future.


If you one to be a detailed-oriented person then the magic trick behind is to be patient with everything. Practice to be patient will slowly help you to become a detailed-oriented person or will lead you to such character within yourself. To become a successful worker, employee, manager, analyst, journalist, bookkeeper, accountant and many more you need to develop such a character to a have better result. If you find this article any help then please do share, comment and do not forget to leave your prestigious feedback.


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