Phone Interview Tips For Beginners- All You Want To Know In 2024

In the 21st Century who does not have a smartphone instead everything is done from the digital world now. Starting from working online to ordering food to your doorstep is now made easy for you through smartphone and of course the internet. Phones have made life so easy for the daily working people and also for the corporate world. It helps do almost everything in a very short period and finishes the job whenever its needs to be done.

A phone interview is something very interesting in today’s era. Here, the interviews are conducted for the candidates through telecommunication the interviewer asks the same question as in the interview and you need to answer them in a proper way. Yes, there are some formalities for such type of interviews that you need to go through it is not the same as other or informal calls. To impress the interviewer there are many things that should be kept in mind before saying any word.

Phone Interview Tips For Beginners

Phone Interview Tips For Beginners

Among various types of interviews, phone interview is one of them. Phone interview might sound easy but they are not easy as it sounds. Most of the beginners who have their first phone interview tend to make a lot of mistakes which further results in a decline in their position for the job that they were looking for. There are always tips and tricks that one can follow especially if they are beginners to make the interview go very attractive. Here are some of the tips for beginners for doing so:

1. Do not forget your scheduled time

This is the first tip do not forget your interview time. As it is a phone interview we tend to make such a mistake believing that it is just a call. But, do not make such a mistake get ready before the scheduled time that has been assigned to you which will not only make it easy for the interviewer but you will get some time to relax your brain getting up early.

2. Research the company thoroughly

This is a very simple trick to impress the interviewer. Review everything that is related to the company such as their website, mission, vision, planning, social media handles and blogs. Knowing the company well will provide you with good insight during the phone interview. You make notes of the important details or achievements that the company has achieved recently.

3. Listen more, talk less

A phone call interview does not mean you will keep on speaking and not let the interviewer speak that will not put a good impression on you. The first step is that you should listen carefully you should be an active listener and listen to what answer the interviewer is expecting from you. Also, when you are asked a question talk to the point do not make it a long conversation where only you are speaking.

4. Smile to put a positive tone

Our facial gesture talks about a lot of ourselves. This might sound crazy but as it is a phone interview no one will see what you doing on the other side. But, to have a good vocal tone you should put a smile on your face while talking during a phone interview. You can practise this with your family or friends before the actual interview. There is another better way if you smile and talk in front of the mirror where you will come to know how you look while talking and how does your voice sound.

5. Be ready at least 10-15 minutes early

As it is a digital era we all use phones almost all the time in a day. So, on the interview day do not make it go as a normal routine or normal day. Make sure your phone is fully charged and is ready to use or pick up calls. It will be better if you do not use your phone just ten-fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled interview call.

6. Have your documents ready

Do not forget to be ready with the documents that will require during the interview call. You should be ready with your CV, Resume, certifications if necessary for the interview call. It is quite normal that the interviewer asks questions related to your resume or your qualifications. So, the interviewer will surely not like it if you are looking for your documents after the question has been asked related to your qualifications.

7. Prepare yourself to answer common questions

Answering the most common questions is not always easy. Greetings are how you should start the conversation during the call the interviewer will surely ask about our daily doings or describe yourself, tell me about your hobby and a few more. These are some most common and frequent questions asked by the interviewer you should be able to describe all of those in a proper way do not hesitate to answer any of them as they are related to your life only.

8. Speak loud and clear

It will be much better during the interview to make sure you are alone in a room do not be surrounded by other people near you. When you are surrounded by other people near you it is obvious you tend to get distracted and that might make you sound low or unclear do not make such a mistake. Lock yourself alone in a quiet room just before the interview call with all the documents. Also, being alone does not mean you will talk in a low voice you need to make sure that the other person should understand what you are trying to say.

9. Make sure you end the phone call on a high and positive note

Ending a call should be done in a proper way just after an interview is done. Do not just say thank you and keep the call make sure that you end on a good and positive way. Keep it simple as it has already ended say the interviewer thank you and ask for what are the next steps required for you to do. There is no harm in saying that you are the right choice for the position and that you are very excited to look forward to being welcomed in the company.


Beginners do not worry if you ever have a phone interview with a company. Follow all the steps above and there is no way that anyone is stopping you to nail the interview. If you found the article helpful then please share it with your friends and family, comment below and do not forget to leave your precious feedback.


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