Do You Consider Yourself Successful? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

A question that hurts on many levels. What is it to be successful? What is success? Is being professionally successful enough to call yourself successful? There can be many different answers to this and all of them will be different answers as we are all different from one another and have different priorities, so the meaning of success will be different for everyone. Nonetheless, the interviewer sadly is not looking for a soul to soul discussion about success with you. He is looking for specific things in your answer. So here is something to help frame your answer.

Do You Consider Yourself Successful

Do You Consider Yourself Successful ? Sample Answers

Sample Answer 1

” I actually do consider myself successful. The reason for me believing that is, I think a guy’s professional success comes from client satisfaction. Me being in sales, get to deal with a lot of clients directly, and I always try and make it so that they are at their saturation in terms of satisfaction. In my previous job, this attitude of mine proved helpful in winning a lot of clients and because I had a lot of clients my sales records were off the charts. I intend to keep moving forward with the same attitude, mindset and the will to beat my old records.”

Sample Answer 2

“I consider myself successful. Even not having worked anywhere previously, I can say with my back straight that I am successful. My parents, relatives and people around me always told me designing wasn’t a practical thing to study. They would say that I will struggle to get employment. When faced with examples they’d say that not everyone can be them or that luck doesn’t favour everyone. However, look at me, I got my degree with an impeccable score and was called to interview here, at one of the biggest firms in the market. I look forward to doing my best and earning a name for myself so I can keep calling myself successful.”

Sample Answer 3

” Yes, I am successful. Being a manager what I basically have to do is get work done by other, and I’ve always valued relationships and good communication with others because that is success to me. Having that ability I am able to maintain good relations and maintain a healthy level of hierarchy with my co-workers. They appreciate the laid back nature of mine, but they also know when I am serious and people never take me for granted as I have a way to command respect from them. This helps me and my department to achieve the best results.”

Sample Answer 4

“Yes, I am of the opinion that I am successful. Many might think of the position that I am in to be a successful person. I just graduated and am in a lot of debt, due to my student loans. However, I consider myself to be successful because I studied the subject that I had a passion for. I have always wanted to make a positive impact on society but I am aware it’ll take time before that happens. So I am on a journey to being successful and this is just the stage where I am broke and am interviewing for a job.”

Sample Answer 5

“Being truthful I think I am successful. Though there isn’t anything exceptional on my resume, a resume can not tell a man’s entire story. My parents died in a car crash when I was still in high school. It was very difficult for me afterwards, finance wise and emotionally too. I am not trying to gather sympathy by telling you this. I just think I am successful because I completed my education against all odds, and my particular situation also helped me develop extraordinary problem-solving skills. So, in completion, I am successful for being experience more life than anyone else my age.”

Sample Answer 6

” I think this is not the time where I can tell you if or not I am successful, it will be too early to tell. Currently, I am living my success, creating it with every moment, breathing the journey that I can call success when I look back from my retirement. I am still at the start of my career and life too and saying that I am successful right now would be being egoistic. How am I to say for sure that I even know what success is? Who is to guarantee that what I think success is today I’ll think the same tomorrow? So I steer clear of labelling myself or anyone as successful.”

Sample Answer 7

” I believe most of our life is deterministic. I mean a boy born in new york in a rich family who got to attend a good school and a top their college and got to work in an MNC is successful and a person who was born into a poor family and didn’t have anything to eat let alone educate himself isn’t? The only difference is the situations they were dropped into without consent. I am a privileged person who was born in a well to do family who got to study, that too with the best resources possible, and now am sitting here with you interviewing for a great job opportunity. So I do want to indulge in such ignorant statements as ‘I am successful’. “

Sample Answer 8

” yes, I think I’ve succeeded in finding my place in the world. I have been a good son and a good father at least in my view. I am very content with my personal life. However, in my career, I still have a long way to go. Not that I haven’t achieved something big enough to call myself successful, I have done decently in my career hitherto but I am not satisfied. I want to do more achieve more, I haven’t lost my passion for my work to call myself successful yet. That’s why I wanted to join your company more opportunities.”

Sample Answer 9

” I am not trying to reach the general consensus of success, the typical celebrity billion-dollar lifestyle. It is not something that I want to or am striving for. I aspire to simple and happy living, low-key, away from the spotlight. Being grateful for what I have and living in the present moment, cherishing what time I have here. Living each day to the fullest enjoying time with my family, doing the work that I love. That probably doesn’t fit the definition of success for many people but it does for me. I may be successful in my eye but not yours.”

Sample Answer 10

” I may consider myself successful if I get this job. As I have just finished college and haven’t had a job. I have been aspiring to work in this company ever since I stumbled upon your company. You people get hundreds of applications for a single vacancy and out of those you select one person. so, if I am that one person means that I am better than the rest hundred and isn’t professional success standing at the top of the hierarchical ladder? Even if you don’t select me I will be successful in due time as I have faith in my abilities.”

Success is a tricky and close to heart question for every person living in the modern-day world. However, I tried covering as many perspectives as I could and wrote it as such that it’ll be acceptable in an interview environment. Piece of advice do not copy the answers, only take inspiration or ideas from them and construct your own. I hope you enjoyed reading the article, if you did do not forget to share it with your friends and also do comment with your thoughts.



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