Top 21 Family Advocate Interview Questions in 2024 [With Answers]

According to a report, it has been speculated that most of the candidates become anxious when called for an interview. 

Most of the candidates assume that the selection of their cover letter/ resume has got them secure their job. However, ‘the interview round’, is what decides whether you are capable of the job or not. As a consequence of a lack of awareness about the interview process, the tendency to fail an interview increases substantially. 

When you are applying for a job as a Family Advocate you would be interrogated with several questions. Moreover, you need to be prepared to answer those questions rapidly so there are fewer chances of you losing the job.

Top 21 Family Advocate Interview Questions To Get Selected

1. What made you gain interest in this job?

The above question asked is quite a basic question and most of the interviewers love asking this question. This question helps the interviewer to understand your perspective on being a family advocate, your goals, and your motivation towards the job. Hence, it could be a great start if you pitch it in the right way. 

Sample Answer

I am highly interested in your services because this job meets all my requirements. To begin with, I have researched a bit about your company and I love the working structure here. About me, as being a family advocate my job is helping out children and families throughout circumstances. Thus, I would love to be a part of your company, as your company focuses more on protecting children’s rights or helping divorced families. Furthermore, I see this as an opportunity to improve myself as well as also a chance to work with such amazing people like you. 

 2. What strategy you would recommend for this role?

It’s a pretty simple question to answer. Just be sure that you are confident enough. Also, be clear and complete while you try to explain your strategy, and don’t forget to justify your strategy on point, just like mentioned below. 

Sample Answer

According to me, I think the best strategy for this role is to be dedicated to our responsibilities. Our key responsibilities should be helping out divorced families and take appropriate decisions such that they could benefit the minor in the family. The most important thing that we should consider is staying positive. It not only helps us be motivated but also inspires families with hope. 

3. If we hire you how long would you like to work with us? 

Don’t react to this being particular instead answer like this…

Sample Answer

I would like to work with you for a longer period as this job meets all my requirements. However, it also depends on how satisfied you are with my performance in this role. 

4. According to you what are the qualities a Family Advocate should be an expert in? 

Sample Answer

A family advocate career completely depends on advising families, legal disputes, parental rights, and protecting minors’ interests. A family advocate should be excellent in their respective skills. When approaching and understanding family disputes a family advocate should be well prepared to assist them with proper guidance depending on the specific situation. 

5. What’s your experience in this field? 

This question is frequently asked by many interviewers. However, it depends on you how to answer this question, as it’s about you and your past experiences. Here’s a short sample you can take help of. 

Sample Answer

 I am working as a family advocate for the past 5 years. In these 5 years, I have worked with several agencies, institutions, and corporate companies. I have even consulted a few of my mutual connections in resolving their family disputes. Thus, I assure you to provide sterling results in this firm as well. 

6. How do you think you can win the trust of your clients? 

Sample Answer 

Winning someone’s trust is simple if you do it the right way. According to me, I would like to be clear with both the parents and explain the process clearly. Secondly, being familiar with an individual increases the percentage of trust. Being familiar with them, involving them, showing them the benefit of my plans by being transparent to them would eventually create a great bonding and thus we can hope for a positive call from them.

7. What qualities do you look for in a boss? 

Sample Answer 

A boss should also be a mentor is what I consider. A boss should be systematic in plans and be an inspiration to their employees. With honesty, morality, and ethics a boss should always be ready to solve a problem instead of losing hope. 

8. Why should I appoint you for this role? 

Sample Answer

 As I have been in this field for the past 5 years. I have developed immense knowledge, created the best parenting strategies, practiced in courts. Such experiences have made me capable of handling different situations in different ways without bothering my mental and emotional stability. 

9. What will you do if you can’t find a solution for a family? 

Sample Answer 

In my previous years, such situations have happened several times where I have been in serious difficulties. Although, it’s never been a huge problem for me. In my case, I find such difficulties challenging thus, I ensure to work more efficiently and try interacting more, observing minute details about the family. Once I am done, I provide the best solution for a family’s being. 

10. How much can you sacrifice for this role as a Family Advocate? 

Sample Answer

I am willing to sacrifice my time at times when you need me at work. Working as a family advocate was always a dream. I am always ready to help whenever it’s necessary. 

11. Which aspect do you find the toughest in this job? 

Sample Answer 

 So far, I have never found something tough. But sometimes there are uncertain situations like handling the pressure of both the parents. As there have been cases where parents don’t easily agree to understand. That’s when the situation gets tough at times. However, I manage a way out of it. 

12. Do you have the emotional stability to handle this job?

Sample Answer

Yes, being in this field for the past five years. I have experienced several phases where I had to take some impulsive decisions too. I make my decisions according to the situation in control of my emotions. 

13. What are your thoughts on taking risks?

Sample Answer

 Taking risks is a part of our life. However, what I think is, taking risks depends on company to company. Assuming it’s a startup then, yes you need to be more open to taking risks. If, it’s an established company I would simply calculate the risk needed or take the minimal risk that can be manageable. 

14. Have you ever dealt with disappointments?

Sample Answer

Yes, I have faced several disappointments during the beginning of my career as a family advocate. Even though in such rough times, I had my focus clear on overcoming such challenges and creating a way out of them. 

15. Tell us about your greatest achievement

Sample Answer 

A few years ago, I had a case where I had to guide my brother’s family with a parental plan. They were on an urge to get a divorce. They both knew they were somewhat struggling. With my guidance, both of them cooperated and accomplished in bringing back order. Now, they both are grateful. Helping out people is my greatest achievement. 

16. What are your thoughts on working with people from different walks of life? 

Sample Answer

I am a person who likes to explore a lot. Also, I am quite familiar with the people around me. Working with people distinguishing from me would never sound like a problem for me. 

17. Do you like building a personal relationship with employees?

Sample Answer 

Definitely yes, building personal relationships with our employees would keep the workspace more friendly. Moreover, creates positivity in employees, so that they enjoy working for longer hours. 

18. What motivates you for this role?

Sample Answer

The passion and love I got for this job, is what always motivates me. Despite disappointments, I still stay motivated for my next call 

19. What are your strengths as a family advocate?

Sample Answer

 I don’t give up easily until I solve a specific problem. I believe that as a family advocate, I must solve the issues in depth by being mentally prepared than being driven by emotions. And that’s my biggest strength.

20. Do you ever take work home with you?

Sample Answer

No, I don’t like keeping work pending. I am quite organized in the things I do. I would like to complete all my work during the working hours itself and then plan to go home in peace.

21. Any reason why should we select you not others? 

Sample Answer

 This job meets all my requirements. The type of dedication I have got for this job is incomparable. In this role, I can provide the best strategies, knowing I am a quick learner I can easily cope with you/ your team in the future as well. 


A Family Advocate interview might sound challenging however, it’s rewarding in the end. Always remember to be prepared and confident. Your personality is what shows up in the interview. The way you answer is more important than ‘What you are answering’, remember that. 


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