When You Worked On Multiple Projects, How Did You Prioritize? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Organizations know the art of getting maximum efforts from an employee. They tend to allot several tasks at the same time to its employees which must be completed in a time-bound manner and that too with high efficiency. This is possible only if you are aware of the prioritization technique and possess a unique ability to manage your time effectively. This is the primary reason, why interviewers ask such a question during an interview session. A well-structured and logical answer can increase your selection chances by leaps and bounds.

How Did You Prioritize

Three Ways To Effectively Answer This Question

1) Share Your Method

Imagine yourself in a similar situation. What ever methods you would adopt to execute multiple tasks at the same time, just share them with your interviewer. This way you would be able to crop up and devise some unique answers, which no body else have delivered yet. You can gain competitive advantage and make your candidature strong by doing this.

2) Explain The Reason

Whatever method you pick, be it a prioritization on the basis of difficulty level or time consumption, just explain how it works in your favor. Every individual is different and perceives things in a different manner. For proper evaluation and judgment, interviewers expect you to share this perception with them, in order to form an informed and diligent opinion about your personality and behavioral aspects.

3) Never Repond Negatively

You are advised to never respond in a negative manner. Even though you don’t like to prioritize things, you are expected to respect other people’s choices instead of criticizing or mocking them. Also, be ready to deliver an exceptional answer, in case you don’t want to prioritize. This is a double-edged sword, and if you are able to deliver a unique answer, then your selection chances might improve considerably, otherwise, you might lose your competitive edge.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Study

Sample Answer One

I completely understand the requirement of working on several projects at the same time. I am ready for such challenges at my workplace. In order to efficiently execute all the tasks, I always prioritize the tasks on the basis of the time each task would take to finish completely. Post that, I start with the most time-consuming tasks. This gives me the satisfaction that I have started with lengthy tasks and once I am over with them, I will be left with smaller tasks, which I can complete pretty quickly.

Sample Answer Two

Organizations operate in a dynamic business world and employees are poised to work on different tasks. In order to handle them efficiently, I prepare a list of them in a particular order. The tasks that are most difficult for me to execute would always be finished at first and then tasks with a lower difficulty level would be completed. Successful completion of the tough tasks at the starting of the day gives immense pleasure and satisfaction along with boosting confidence levels.

Sample Answer Three

In order to complete all the tasks in a time-bound manner, I believe maintaining a high level of focus and concentration is the key to success. This would not only enable you to complete tasks effectively but would also save you from all the back door gossips and blarney. Some people prioritize tasks, but I believe this structured list of tasks, will not be effective if you don’t have a high concentration and focus.

Sample Answer Four (For Freshers)

Since I am a fresh college graduate and this is the first time, that I have applied for a job, I express my inability to deliver any answer based on practical working procedures. But, I have encountered similar situations in my academic career. There was a point in time when I was supposed to prepare for both my regular college examinations as well as an Olympiad exam. I prioritized the preparation for my college exams as those were more important for my career. Olympiads are additional and counted as your extra achievement instead of core.

Sample Answer Five

Everyone has a different strategy for prioritizing tasks and so do I. For me, it is all about dividing the total number of tasks as well as the total working hours into three parts. Post this, I allocate a batch of tasks to be done in the morning session. second batch in the evening session and third and last batch in the evening session. The batches too are carefully designed considering the difficulty level of tasks. This is a proven technique and has worked wonders for me in the recent past.

Sample Answer Six

I believe, the best technique to complete tasks in a time-bound manner is the existence of superior concentration and focus. These can help you to efficiently complete tasks and save your valuable working time, which in my opinion is wasted in preparing priority lists. The time consumed in preparing such lists if consumed productively can enhance an individual’s performance levels to the zenith.

Sample Answer Seven

If you ask about my style and modus operandi, I prefer to divide the tasks into three lists on the basis of urgency. The tasks that are to be completed most urgently, I put them into the Most Urgent List. For tasks that have some leniency, I put them into Moderately Urgent List and tasks with minimal urgency are shifted into Low Urgency List. I try to execute the tasks mentioned in Most Urgent List first, then move on to the Moderately Urgent List, and then finish tasks mentioned in the Low Urgency List.

Sample Answer Eight

I believe, in order to be successful, one must prioritize the tasks on the basis of time, each project would take to complete. Usually, two categories of projects are enough, and the list of tasks to be completed must be divided into parts, most time-consuming and least time-consuming. In the morning, we are fresh, energetic, and have the capacity to complete time-consuming tasks more efficiently. Once we are done with them, we tend to get a sense of relief and a psychological advantage. This increases our confidence level and focus, which can be utilized while executing the least time-consuming tasks.

Sample Answer Nine

Everyone starts with tough tasks. But, this does not work well for me and I prefer to start executing tasks that are easy and least time-consuming. By doing this, I am able to feed in my mind, that all the easy tasks are done quickly and now I am only left with tough tasks, for the execution of which, I have ample time. This way, I am able to distress myself and able to improve and enhance my performance levels.

Sample Answer Ten

I always try to arrange the tasks on the basis of difficulty level. When we go to the office in the early morning after a good night’s sleep, we are fresh and our brain is not tired. With a fresh mind, we can execute tough tasks in a quick and efficient manner. As the day progresses, the rest of the tasks, which are easy and not that calculative, can be completed. This way, I am able to complete all my tasks in a time-bound manner and mostly with a distinction.


Managing several tasks simultaneously might seem daunting and intimidating at the first glance. But, if one is able to prioritize them effectively, in order of their difficulty levels, then one can achieve the targets in a time-bound manner and get a pay hike or maybe recognition. This a common interview question that requires serious preparation. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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