Top 15 High Paying Jobs Without A Degree In 2024

There are people who are lucky to go to college and obtain a degree in their preferred field or subject. It is true that they are bound to succeed in most likely scenarios, but what about the students who due to financial constraints, extended family responsibilities, or simply because of any other adverse situation can not move to college and obtain a major in their stream of preference. Unlike the college-goers, are they bound to fail in their life? The answer to this question is a very big ‘NO’.

If you are hard-working, committed, and ready to persevere in life, there are high chances that you will succeed in life and with a stroke of luck, even more than these so-called college-goers. All you need is a direction in life, which is the primary aim of this article. Prepmycareer holds pride in guiding you and sharing with you the list of fifteen best jobs designed especially for those students who just do not have a college degree.

High Paying Jobs Without A Degree

Fifteen Best Jobs That Do Not Require A Degree

1. Animator

You are a high school pass out and looking for a stable and high-earning job, learning animation could be a very good option for you. You must have seen some famous cartoon shows, animation movies, and even the usage of motion graphics in advertisements and media marketing. All these agencies require the services of an animator. Animation is nothing but a replication of similar images with few tweaks and changes made every time, which are then aligned together and played hastily, so as to give the feel of a giving object. Learning animation is a bit difficult, but with hard work and commitment, you can ace this course. The scope is huge and successful animators earn a lot, even more than what college-goers can even imagine.

Minimum Requirements

In order to become an animator, you are expected to have knowledge, understanding, and expertise of the following items:

Skills RequiredExplanation
Drawing SkillsAnimation is all about creativity and being an animator you are required to draw characters related to people, animals, cartoons, etc. Thus, you need to have excellent drawing skills, and an ability to draw on both digital tablets as well as papers.
Animation SoftwareYou just can not animate without the knowledge of animation software. There are various software available in the market, such as Pencil 2D, Animate CC, Blender, etc. which are powerful and widely used as well. Just learn these software, after brushing up your drawing skills, and you are good to go.
CreativityAnimation requires unmatched and extraordinary thinking as well as imagination. Without creativity, you would just lack the spark required and would not be able to prepare characters that are both impressive and beautiful. Originality and novelty are two of the most important requirements to become an animator, both of which can not come to you without being creative.

2. Office Assistant

There are various business organizations running operations across the world which maintain and operate through an office. Almost all such organizations, require an office assistant who is responsible to handle the clerical tasks, manage and sort the business files, schedule appointments, plan business trips and also act as a secretary to the senior management. Thus, it can be safely said that the role of an office assistant is of a generalist and it is, for this reason, it is one of the highly paid professions.

Minimum Requirements

In order to become an office assistant, you are required to have at least a high school degree and the following skills:

  • Knowledge of at least the entire MS Office
  • Drafting skills, enabling you to draft and write business communications
  • Communication skills, making you an efficient speaker and conversator.

3. Commercial Pilot

Undoubtedly, commercial pilots are one of the highest-paid professions in the world. In order to succeed in this profession, you just do not require any college degree. As long as you have a valid commercial pilot license, you are good to go. There are several flying schools spread across the world, which would train you and teach you the basics of an airplane as well as the techniques using which you could fly them. In addition to this, it is really a short-term course and your entire training would be completed in less than a year. However, the only drawback is that it is hugely expensive and will require a good chunk of your savings.

Minimum Requirements

In order to become a commercial pilot, you are required to have a valid flying license from a recognized and legal flying school. Further, impeccable eye sight, physical fitness, and good communication skills are some other basic requirements of this wonderful course.

4. Computer Repairman

With the advent of technology, computers are now in every house, office, school, and college. We just can not imagine any person, not using or not knowing how to use a computer nowadays. Compters being machines are bound to break down, wear and tear with time and usage. This gives rise to the need for computer repairmen, who are specialized professionals, having expertise in repairing as well as maintaining computer resources, both hardware, and software. A computer repairman can earn either on the basis of job work or simply on an hourly basis. With better and affordable services, a computer repairman can increase his or her customer base, further increasing the scope of earning.

Minimum Requirements

In order to become a computer repairman, a person is not required to have any educational qualification as it is a skill-based job. However, you must be an expert in computers and have complete knowledge about the various parts of the CPU, such as the motherboard, RAM, BIOS, etc. To gain expert knowledge you can undertake a short-term computer program of about six months duration after your high school to gain sufficient knowledge in the field.

5. Hair Dresser

Who just does not want to look good? I reckon everybody does. Hairstyling and dressing are two of the most effective ways to look good. With a rising modern population and sharp migration to urban areas, the demand for hairdressers has increased considerably in the decade. Thus, if you have the requisite interests and skills, becoming a hairdresser is not a bad option.

Minimum Requirements

In order to become a hairdresser, you need to have no educational background at all, as this is a skill-based job. Just learn the skill from any good institution and you are ready to earn money.

6. Drycleaner

There are items of clothing that are required to be dry cleaned instead of machine wash. Being a dry cleaner you will be charging on the basis of per clothing and will be drycleaning several items of clothing in a month. The charges are decent and you can earn a good and hefty margin out of it.

Minimum Requirements

In order to become a dry cleaner, you need to have no educational background at all, as this is again a skill-based job At most, you are only required to learn the trade.

7. Data Entry Assistant

In this modern world, the need for data and its analysis has grown multi-folds. Effective data analytics not only helps a business organization in making appropriate marketing campaigns but also helps in effective decision making, helping them to grow and in some cases survive. A data entry assistant is the beginner or initiator of the data journey, as he or she is the one responsible to input meaningful yet raw data, into the computer systems for further mining and analysis.

Minimum Requirements

In order to become a data entry assistant, a high school degree is highly appreciated along with excellent knowledge of utility software such as MS Excel and similar spreadsheet software.

8. Electrician

Households, offices, and every other establishment need the services of an electrician once in a while. There is a consistent demand and need for electricians due to frequent instances of short-circuiting, smelly wires, earthing, and other electric issues. An electrician who provides an excellent and affordable service can increase his or her client base considerably and can earn hefty money by working on an hourly basis.

Minimum Requirements

In order to become an electrician, you will be required to have a high school degree and a diploma in electronics from a reputed institution.

9. Logistics Manager

Manufacturing as well as trading organizations, require physical items or goods to be transported and moved from one place to another on a consistent basis. This movement of goods is known as logistics and management of the trucks, transport vehicles, along with maintaining and defining their route, are the primary responsibilities of a logistics manager. This is a good and in-demand profession, following which you can earn a good fixed salary, only to be increased with an increase in experience.

Minimum Requirements

In order to become a logistics manager, you must possess a high school degree and have effective communication skills as well as a knack for management of truck drivers and defining their routes.

10. Sales Executive

Sales are the essence for any business organization, without which the goods either purchased or manufactured would remain intact on the shelves of the warehouse, eating dust and dirt. A sales representative is a qualified and impressive key personnel of the company, having the unique ability to sell the goods of the company to prospective customers. In addition to the fixed salary, a sales executive can also earn lucrative bonuses, commissions, and gift vouchers.

Minimum Requirements

In order to become a sales executive, you in addition to a high school degree are required to have excellent communication as well as persuasion skills.

11. Plumber

We all need a plumber to open our choked pipelines, leakages, and other water-related issues for our households, offices, and other institutions. A plumber is another good option for a degreeless candidate, as it not only gives you an opportunity to earn decent money on an hourly basis but also allows you to expand your clientele, which means additional income.

Minimum Requirements

In order to become a plumber, you are not required to have any educational qualification, as it is a skill-based job. However, learn the primary trade from any reputed industrial training institute and you are good to go.

12. Laundry Man

This world consists of several busy people, such as a full-time employee, a devoted businessman, or a person too lethargic to move but crazily rich. All such people need someone to do the laundry job for them. If you are interested and have relevant skills and attitudes, then becoming a laundryman is not a bad option at all. You can work either on a part-time or a full-time basis and earn a good salary either fixed or remuneration on an hourly basis.

Minimum Requirements

In order to become a laundryman there is no educational requirement at all, and even no technical skill is required, Just try washing clothes a few times, and you are ready to earn.

13. Delivery Executive

With a giant rise in the e-commerce business over the past decade or so, the demand for delivery executives has risen considerably. Being a delivery boy, you are expected to deliver food, parcels, or orders to the requisite locations and addresses. It is an excellent way of learning money by making short-errands.

Minimum Requirements

In order to become a delivery boy, you do not need any educational qualification, however, some e-commerce organizations have now mandated to have a high school degree at least along with the knowledge of riding a two-wheeler.

14. Cashier

A cashier finds employment opportunities at grocery stores, local hardware shops, and other similar showrooms and establishments. It is a simple job, which involves just collection and disbursement of money frequently.

Minimum Requirements

To become a cashier, just have a high school degree and impress your employer with excellent mathematical skills and calculations.

15. Cabby

People take cabs to make errands and reach their destinations. If you know how to drive a car, just apply at any aggregator agency, such as Uber, Ola, etc. and you would certainly find a job opportunity.

Minimum Requirements

A high school degree and a valid driver’s license for four-wheeler vehicles.


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