Top 21 Welding Interview Questions in 2024 [With Answers]

In this constantly growing world, infrastructure is the mainstream industry that is growing rapidly hand in hand. Many other professions which are essential to building the next generation infra are also growing in speed.

Welding is one the profession which is also in good demand welding is a collective word of various types of welding jobs, some of them are as follows:

  1. Construction Welders
  2. Manufacturing Welders
  3. Structural Steel Welders
  4. Sheet Metal Welders
  5. Industrial Maintenance Welders
  6. Industrial Shutdown Welders
  7. Boilermakers
  8. Rig Welders
  9. Pipefitters
  10. Motorsport Welders
  11. Shipyard Welders
  12. Military Welders
  13. Underwater Welders

As these were the welder’s job which they perform, but there are also 5 types of welding job titles, they are as follows:

  1. Welders
  2. Solderers and Brazers
  3. Cutters
  4. Welding machine operators
  5. Welding inspectors

Wait! The list doesn’t end here, as we call most of the welding work welding itself, but that doesn’t mean that’s all that it is, there are 6 major types of welding, so in this last list let’s see what are those.

  1. Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
  2. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
  3. Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
  4. Flux- Core Arc Welding (FCAW)
  5. Electron Beam Welding
  6. Atomic Hydrogen Welding (AHW)
  7. Plasma Arc Welding

So now, we have understood the basic and important aspects of welding, moving further let me ask you a question.

Are you a welder? Are you thinking of getting a job as a welder? Or you are preparing for an interview for a job as a welder?

If the answer to the above questions is ‘Yes’ then here we are coming up with 21 sample interview questions and answers for the following.

Welding Interview Questions and Answers

Welding Interview Questions

Q1) Which type of training and ratification do you have as a welder?

Without a doubt, here the interviewer wants to know your proper qualifications and validations you hold as a welder, you are expected to answer this question with all the exams and training you have gone through so you can assure your recruiter that you are a potential candidate.

Q2) Kindly tell us about your experience you hold as a welder?

Similarly, like the previous question, what recruiter wants to know above your qualifications and training is how much experience you have. If you are a fresher it’s okay to admit it and tell them how well and good you were in your training sessions, and if you have any sort of experience then let them know.

Q3) Which type of welding techniques are you familiar with? Have you experienced that?

As I said previously there are many types of welding techniques, let the interviewer know how many of them you are known to and also tell them how much experience you have in it.

Q4) Which safety kits are essential and you use for welding?

Interviewers know that welders don’t take precautions seriously and use safety kits as per their comfort, which is not at all fancy, so here you have to answer all the requirements that are ought to be used while welding.

For eg- “I always make sure that irrespective of whatever the situations are I always carry and use all the safety kits which are required. Welding helmet or shield, my respirator, boots and gloves are those essentials which I never forget to carry and use.”

Q5) Have you ever experienced a situation where your co-worker is breaking the safety rules? How do you handle the situation?

As the previous question said, even here the interviewer wants to know how proactive and serious you are about not only yours but also the co-worker’s safety. As asked, even answer the question proactively, tell them how you care, and warn your colleagues for using an entire kit and stopping them from breaking safety rules.

Q6) Welding is a task, a task with some specific deadlines, how do you manage your schedule to complete the task?

Little tricky question, here you are expected to touch various aspects at the same time, such as task scheduling, work efficiency, time management, and on. It will be appropriate if you tell about everything above in short.

For eg- “My job is my priority, I always give much importance to completing my assigned task accurately, I go through all the tasks I’ve been assigned then I look upon possibilities and odds for the particular task and as per this criteria I schedule my day and deadline.”

Q7) Which are your preferred welding processes?

This is an expected question that is asked in almost every interview to know your style of work. Make sure you answer this question truthfully without any false or lies, that may affect your job later on.

Q8) What if you got an order of welding but the requirements are to do it in progress which you are not known, what will be your response?

It is completely human not known to any process or style of working, but it’s all about whether you accept this fact and work further or not. Here the interviewer wants to know how much curiosity you have to learn further, so answer this question as acceptance and looking forward.

For eg- “It may be possible that I may not be aware of some specific process or style of welding as per the requirement but I am always a learner hence even here I’ll learn the new process and will try to deliver the required service”

Q9) Maintaining focus and also having proper health is important for welding jobs, so how do you take care of these?

For eg- “Welding is not at all an easy task it does need lots of concentration and focus, earlier I’ve struggled to maintain it as per the level it needed but thankfully I got good mentors and practice made my focus proper. After completing the task it tends to make the welder tired, I always keep some energetic fruits with my lunch so they can add more energy to my work”

Q10) For a welding job, one has to know how to handle pressure, how you handle the same?

Welding is a very difficult task to perform, eventually, it tends to get pressure, sometimes a lot of it. The interviewer wants to know how well you are in it.

For eg “Sir without a doubt welding is very difficult so the welder has to bear some mental pressure, I always try to understand the situation and also try to keep myself calm and not let any outside situation disturb me.”

Q11) Kindly tell us when you used your leadership skills?

Every employee must have some leadership qualities, which is what the interviewers seek. Let them know at least one incident or situation where you lead a team or you got a chance to show up your leadership skills.

Q12) Welding and soldering are the same? If not then what’s the difference?

Welding and soldering are of course two different things. As a welder you may know the difference, so explain the difference in a properly-defined way.

Q13) Tell us the difference between GTAW and GMAW?

As we discussed earlier you should have basic knowledge about all the types of welding, it’s okay if you are not aware of the process of how it is done but at least having some basic information about all the types can make a good impression on you in front of interviewers.

Q14) If in case you are made in charge of welding metal beams, then what methods will you use?

Keeping the situation in mind that you are made in charge, you have to answer this question from a leader’s point of view, tell the perfect expected methods you will suggest with some more confidence.

Q15) Have you ever made a mistake while welding? What did you learn?

We are humans and humans make mistakes, so never neglect that you committed a mistake rather explain what mistake you made and how and what you learned from that. It will adduce the interviewer that you are a constant learner.

16) If you ever face any conflict at work how will you deal with it?

The interviewer wants to know how you look up to things, what is your approach in every situation a positive one is what is expected.

For eg- “I am a bit of a practical person hence I look at every situation practically, so I’ll just try to understand what the matter of concern is and I’ll try to resolve it as calmly as I can.”

17) Why are you looking for this job?

The interviewer wants to know what’s the motive behind your search for a job, make sure you don’t answer anything that depicts the urgency or any kind of need. Let him know how curious you are to explore this field which you have learned.

For eg- “I am passionate about metals, welding and soldering and so on, that’s why I learned and qualified for this field, now it’s time to implement my skills in this field and show my best, that’s the reason I want to grab this opportunity.”

18) Why do you want to work with us?

Every interviewer knows that the candidate would have applied for some other companies as well, so he wants to know specifically why you want to work with them.

For eg- “Before applying anywhere I researched about all the companies who are competent and also looks upon the growth of their employees, and I got a suggestion of your organization and then when I went through your Website, I liked your work ethics and lot more things, so I thought that this would be a great organization to start with.”

19) What are your hobbies other than welding?

Here you can add your hobbies which you perform in your daily life and enjoy doing in your spare time. Answer this question very smoothly and a friendly approach could be considerable.

20) How much salary do you expect?

You are not supposed to answer this question directly, it can be an unethical way of approaching it, rather ask your interviewer to suggest a perfect payout as per your qualifications and experiences, and then if the payment isn’t as per your expectations you can remind about the qualities and commitment you have.

21) Do you want to ask us anything?

I’ll suggest not to answer this question directly as ‘No’, you must have some set of questions ready with yourself as they show how serious you are.

Welding Interview Questions


So here were the top 21 interview questions and their solutions for welders. Welder as a profession is still not fully explored, so if you are into this profession then explore and make big in your career. Good Luck.

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