Traffic Marshall Interview Questions & Answers

As per a recent survey, more than 80% of the world’s construction sites are dangerous and have a high possibility of sustaining human injuries and casualties.

Yes, this survey represents the gory picture of how unsafe the construction sites across the world are. Despite all the security measures in place, due to lack of coordination and effective implementation of the safety guidelines, several construction workers fall prey to workplace injuries, which are sometimes lethal.

Thus, to ensure appropriate implementation of the safety rules and a coordinated movement of the construction vehicles, traffic marshalls are employed by the construction sites. It is a responsible position and fetches a good salary and incentives. Hence, if you have the requisite skills and interests, prepare hard for your interview session.

Traffic Marshall Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. Tell Me Something About Yourself.

Sample Answer

Sir, I am XYZ and am based in ABC city. I completed my graduation from UYP College of Engineering and did my master’s program from the IOP Institute of Management and Higher Studies. After completing my studies, I got a placement offer and started working at the construction sites run and operated by the New Construction Agency Inc. across the United States.

In addition to this, I am a food lover and always prefer to hang out with my friends on the weekend wherein we try and explore the new street food items. During my college days, I was the captain of my college’s basketball team and had an excellent run as well.

2. All Construction Sites must Follow and Adhere By The Various Rules Devised By The Organization OSHA (Organizational Safety and Health Administration). Can You Share The Guidelines Issued By OSHA In Any Three Sectors?

Sample Answer

Yes sir, all the construction sites have to follow the safety rules of OSHA. Further, a traffic marshall must ensure that all the norms prescribed by OSHA are appropriately implemented. The three guidelines are:

Construction Sectors/ ZonesSafety Guidelines of OSHA
Scaffolding1) Wearing hard hats
2) Wearing non-skid boots
3) Ladders shall not be used over scaffolding
4) The maximum load must never be exceeded
5) The workers must not leave any tool over scaffolding
Hazard Management1) P. P. E Kits must be worn by the workers at all times
2) Chemical spills must be cleaned immediately
3) Workers must be trained so that they can understand Material Safety Data Sheets (M. S. D. S)
Physical Protection1) Wearing a face grill while grinding, drilling, welding, sanding, etc.
2) Wearing soft cotton earbuds to reduce the intensity of noises
3) Installation of guardrails and safety nets for sectors located on a height

3. The Construction Site Safety Signs Do Not Help That Much In Creating and Ensuring A Safe Construction Workplace. Comment On This Statement

Sample Answer

Sir, I completely disagree with this statement. The construction site safety signs are as important as the wearing of the P. P. E kits and following the safety rules and regulations. These signs help all the participants of the construction sites to safely navigate their way and safely reach their destination.

These signs are placed in different colors like green red, yellow, blue, black, etc. with an intent to distinguish them from the rest of the signs. These are affixed at the entrance, hoarding points, and other important locations across the construction site.

4. Describe A Typical P. P. E Kit Wore By Visitors, Workers, and Supervisors To The Construction Sites. Also, Explain Its Relevance.

Sample Answer

Sir, a P. P. E kit is mandatory to be worn at all times by all the persons who are present at the construction site. No matter if you are a daily worker or an occasional supervisor, everyone is required to wear a P. P. E kit, which acts as the first line of defense. A typical P. P. E kit comprises the following gears:

  • A hard hat, which is made up of unbreakable plastic
  • Safety boots, which provide a solid grip on slippery surfaces
  • Hi-viz vest, which protects the chest and upper abdominal region from any possible damage

5. An Incident Happened At A Construction Site Wherein A Group Of Daily Wage Labourers Accidentally Came In Front Of A Forklift Crane. As A Traffic Marshall, How Will You Avoid The Occurrence Of Such Events?

Sample Answer

Sir, such events occur due to the lack of coordination among the workers and the heavy vehicle drivers. The traffic marshall is also at fault here as he failed to provide a safe passage for the heavy vehicles to move unhindered.

If I am employed as a marshall, I will announce over the loudspeaker that, “At this particular point in time a forklift crane will pass through Point X to Point Y in the ABC construction sector. Hence, all the workers employed in this particular sector are requested to halt their construction activity for a few minutes and resume after the successful passing of the vehicle.”

6. A Large Construction Company Operates Several Sites At Different Locations. It Follows A Standard Induction Across All The Sites Operated By It. How Satisfied Are You With This Stance Of The Company?

Sample Answer

Sir, I am not at all satisfied with the company’s stance. This is because all the construction sites are different from each other. They have their own set of challenges, difficulties, geographies, and obstructions. You cannot follow a similar induction for a construction site located in a busy market and another one located on a hilltop.

The induction created by the company must be distinct for each site and must take into consideration the unique challenges created and posed. Thus, I will advise the company in question to revise its stance and prepare unique inductions.

7. Describe A Time When You Made A Blunder At The Construction Site While Working As A Traffic Marshall.

Sample Answer

Sir, in my opinion, a construction site poses new challenges every day. A traffic marshall must be flexible and adept enough to get accustomed to those changes. I remember an instance while working during my previous tenure. I was working at a school’s construction site and a heavy loader full of bricks just entered through the wrong entry gate where the young kids were playing.

Since the loaders have a great height there were high chances that the driver will miss the kids. As soon as I came to know about this, I just rushed to the entry gate and carried my red flag and a loudspeaker. I yelled very loudly at the loudspeaker and directed the loader to stay put besides constantly waving the red flag.

Nothing bad happened, but since then, I made a habit of always communicating continuously with the vehicle drivers.

8. What is Your Understanding Of Material Safety Data Sheet (M. S. D. S)? List Any Of Its Five Sections.

Sample Answer

Sir, an M. S. D. S is a document, which contains all the information regarding the usage of a particular material. This document contains instructions, which guide the construction workers to safely use a chemical product or any associated compound.

An M. S. D. S is divided into sixteen different sections that are further subdivided into various subsections. The top five sections of this document are:

  • Section 1: Identification of the mixture/ compound/ substance
  • Section 2: Identification of hazards
  • Section 3: Composition of the chemical and its ingredients
  • Section 4: The different first-aid measures to be adopted by the workers
  • Section 5: The different fire-fighting measures

9. Share Some Common Categories Of Safety Signs and Signals That Are Affixed/ Placed At The Construction Sites.

Sample Answer

Sure sir, These are:

  • Warning signs
  • Mandatory signs
  • Navigational signs
  • Safety signs
  • Fire fighting signs (depicts the fire fighting equipment)

10. Describe A Situation In Which You Maintained An Unfriendly and Non-cordial Relationship With The Various Drivers Working At The Construction Site?

Sample Answer

Sir, in my humble opinion, managing truck drivers is the biggest challenge. This is primarily because they are famous for their arrogance and disparaged way of talking in which they don’t value the opinions and viewpoints of another person.

I remember one such instance while I was working for TUM Construction Services Inc. at one of their construction sites. The drivers of cranes over there were quite arrogant and always mocked me. However, this attitude of theirs never affected my performance, and I continued to work with great grit and passion.

11. As A Traffic Marshall You Will Be Required To Perform Several Tasks and Duties At Our Construction Site. Almost All These Tasks Have A Time Limit Attached With Them and Need To Be Completed Before The Deadline. How Will You Manage This?

Sample Answer

Sir, I understand that traffic marshalls are busy beings and have to perform several tasks and duties while working at a construction site. I have excellent time management skills and have a technique to arrange my tasks based on their difficulty level.

I always try to execute those tasks first which require a greater application of mind. Doing tough tasks at the beginning of the shift helps you to gain mental satisfaction. Post this, I reach out to the other tasks that are easier and can be completed quickly.

12. What Are The Different Types of Heavy Vehicles You Have Worked With At A Construction Site?

Sample Answer

Sir, I am in this field for the past eight years and have worked at more than ten construction sites on different long-term as well as short-term projects. While working there I have managed and handled several heavy-duty vehicles such as Hydra, Bulldozer, Superloader, Excavator, Soil compactor, and Mobile crane.

13. Assume A Situation In Which You Are Watching Some Construction Workers Stealing Construction Material. How Will You React In This Situation?

Sample Answer

Sir, theft, stealing, and swindling of money are common at construction sites. Most construction workers prefer to steal as soon as their supervisor moves away. If I ever encounter such a situation, I will immediately reach out to the concerned worker and would strictly tell him or her not to ever engage in such an unethical activity. I will even request him to put down whatever he has stolen and immediately go to his senior and accept the mistake.

14. What Is Your Understanding Of The Lowboy Trailer?

Sample Answer

Sir, every carrier or truck is different in its shape, size, and load-bearing capacity. Whenever certain construction items have to e transported that exceed the permissible height limit, a Lowboy trailer is used. It comprises a flatbed and goods can be loaded upon this trailer from the front, back, and sides.

15. Construction Companies Use A Wide Variety Of Trucks For Fulfilling Their Various Purposes. What Types Of Trucks Are You Aware Of?

Sample Answer

Sir, it is true that most construction companies in a bid to achieve efficiency and promote specialization in their operations, use a wide variety of trucks. Some of the common trucks that I am aware of and have even worked with are, Cement trucks, Dump trucks, Extra-duty trucks, Flatbed trucks, Jumbo trailer trucks, Garbage trucks, Livestock trucks, etc.

16. Managing, Coordinating, And Supervising The Vehicular Movement At The Construction Sites Is A Tough Task, and When Performed Daily Can Lead To Stress and Anxiety. How Do You Manage This Aspect Of Your Job?

Sample Answer

Sir, it is true that working at a construction site has its challenges and issues. I manage my stress levels using deep breathing and positive pep talk. I constantly remind myself that I can do it and have the capacity to achieve perfection.

17. The Legacy Of Our Operations Is Carried Out By Our Special and Talented Employees. We Only Hire Employees That Are Unique and Have Something Special In Them. What Do You Think You Can Offer Us That Someone Else Cannot?

Sample Answer

Sir, I am a meticulous person and can serve the organization with great loyalty and passion. Further, I have a unique capability of maintaining my temper as well as holding my nerves in times of distress.

18. There Are Times When Despite Giving Our Best We Fail To Achieve Our Business Goals. Describe A Situation When You Failed At Your Workplace.

Sample Answer

Sir, this happened way back when I was undergoing internship training with XYP Construction Services LLP. I mistakenly allowed the entry of a loader from the gate, which was meant for the entry of only the supervisors and the senior staff members. I was scolded for this, as I had put a few lives in danger.

19. There Are Several Construction Companies Operational In This Region. But, Why You Chose Us?

Sample Answer

Being an organization with vast construction experience and having several live projects in hand, I feel I can grow professionally over here. Further, I am also deeply satisfied with the pay on offer.

20. Are You Open To Working In Rotational Shifts?

Sample Answer

Yes sir, I have certainly no issues in working in different rotational shifts. Further, be assured that I will also never refuse to work the night shift.

21. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Everything comes to an end. This interview question marks the end of your big day and provides you with one last opportunity to impress your interviewer. In an ideal response, you should always ask a few relevant counter-questions that are associated with the company and represents your genuine doubts and apprehensions.

Be specific, and always attempt this question. If you are planning to skip or answer this question negatively then you are in for a grave mistake as this will reduce your selection chances drastically. Read out the model questions mentioned below for a better understanding of the relevant counter-questions:

Sample Questions

  • What are the various incentives and allowances that are offered by the company to its employees?
  • Can you please share a list of all the safety rules and guidelines that are currently implemented by the company at its construction sites?
  • What are the promotional aspects of the company? Does the company promote its employees regularly?


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