Orthodontist Interview Questions & Answers

An orthodontist is a specialized medical professional who expertly diagnoses the imperfections and irregularities that occur in our jaws and teeth.

Being a respectable profession, an orthodontist obtains employment opportunities in hospitals, medical research centers, dental clinics, and other associated establishments. The pay is quite bright and there are ample promotional opportunities available to orthodontists. Hence, if you have relevant skills and a valid educational degree, prepare hard for your upcoming interview session.

Orthodontist Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. What Are The Basic Functions of The Human Nervous System? How Does An Orthodontist Manipulates Them While Treating His or Her Patients?

Sample Answer

Sir, primarily, there are three basic functions of the human nervous system, which are:

  • Sensory Input: The human mind gathers information through the five human senses. For example, visuals, voices, feelings, pain, etc.
    Integration: The information collected through the sensory organs is processed by the human brain to generate optimal responses
  • Motor Output: Appropriate responses are generated following the information processed

Treating jaw disorders or irregularities in the teeth is a painful process and requires several painful treatments. Thus, to save the patient from unbearable pain, orthodontists use anesthesia, which restricts the ability of the brain to process information, especially which is related to pain.

2. What Is Your Understanding Of The Dislocated Jaw? Tell Some Its Common Symptoms.

Sample Answer

Sir, a dislocated jaw is an irregularity in which the jaw is unsettled and is not at its original position. This is caused due to injuries, assaults, accidents, etc. Several signs tell if a patient has a dislocated jaw, which are:

  • Facial swelling
  • The jaw appears to be jutted outwards
  • Difficulty in speaking and breathing
  • The feeling of numbness in the entire face or some specific portion
  • Loosening of teeth, frequent gum bleeding, and pain in the jaw

3. As An Orthodontist You Will Be Required To Operate Upon The Teeth, Jaws, and The Overall Skull Region Of Humans. Can You Tell Something About The Different Bones Existing In Human Skull?

Sample Answer

Sure, sir. The human skull is made up of 29 different bones that are aligned and positioned differently to form an oval-like structure. Some other facts are:

  • The cranium and facial bones are joined by Sutures
  • The bone of the upper jaw is known as Maxilla
  • The bone of the lower jaw is known as Mandible
  • The mandible is the only bone in the entire human skull that can make movements and is not static

4. Jaw Wiring Is Also Used As A Part Of The Cosmetic Treatment and Surgery. Comment On This Statement.

Sample Answer

Sir, this statement is true. The medical technique of jaw wiring was initially developed to heal a fractured bone or re-align a dislocated jaw and put it back in order. However, given the popularity of this technique, it is now also used to attain weight loss targets. By wiring the jaw voluntarily, patients nowadays can restrict their diets as the wiring discourages frequent ingestion of food.

5. Anesthesia Is Commonly Used By The Orthodontists To Treat The Patients. Can You Tell In Brief About The Four Stages Of Anesthesia?

Sample Answer

Sure sir, The four stages are:

StageFour stages of General AnesthesiaExplanation
IInductiona) This is the initial phase when a patient is injected with anesthesia.
b) He or she is still conscious and can talk.
c) Slowly the breathing rate gets lowered and the patient loses his or her ability to feel the pain (temporarily)
IIDelirium a) This is a critical stage in which a patient shows uncontrolled signs of excitement
b) The breathing becomes fast and there are frequent uncontrolled hand movements
c) The patients sometimes vomit in this stage which further affects the breathing process
IIISurgical a) This is the phase where a patient is ready for undergoing medical surgery and treatment
b) The patient is largely unconscious and is relaxed
c) The eyes are still, muscles are de-stressed and the patient completely loses his or her ability to feel pain
IVOverdosea) It is a rare stage given the availability of the latest technology and modern equipment
b) Yet when materialized, the primary functions of the nervous system are completely hindered
c) Even the involuntary responses, such as the beating of the heart, contraction, expansion of lungs, etc. gets affected.
d) This stage is fatal

6. What Is The Scientific Name Of Vitamin D? Also, Explain The Various Negative Effects Due To Its Deficiency.

Sample Answer

Sir, the scientific name of Vitamin D is Calciferol. Humans obtain it through sunlight, dairy products, margarine, fish liver oil, etc. It is a necessary vitamin and we are all required to take intake its optimal quantity every day. Some of the common deficiencies caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin D are:

  • Rickets
  • Osteomalacia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Dental problems

7. Prepare A Diet Plan For The Patient Who Has Just Got The Treatment For A Teeth Irregularity. He Is Having Braces As Well. (You Might Be Given A Pen and A Paper)

Sample Answer

Sir, in situations where a patient is holding up braces and is experiencing teeth irregularity, Orthodontists recommend a soft diet for the patients. The food items in a soft diet are easily chewable and do not lay stress upon the gums and the teeth. I will recommend the following diets:

  • Boiled vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, peas, potatoes, etc.
  • Soft fruits such as kiwi, tangerines, grapefruits, etc.
  • All the types of fluids that are neither too cold nor too hot
  • Soft bread, like pancakes, tortillas, muffins, etc.

8. Bone Development Is A Consistent Process and There Are Always Some Re-modelling Processes Going On In Our Human Body. Explain This Statement Using Valid Arguments.

Sample Answer

Sir, I completely agree with this statement. In the human body, the various processes of modeling and re-modeling go on at different junctures and points in time. These processes are carried out by the different bone cells, which are:

  • Osteocytes: These are the mature bone cells and help in the maintenance of strength, resilience, and resistance capacity of the bones
  • Osteoblasts: These bone cells help in the formation of new bones
  • Osteoclasts: These bone cells help in the destruction of unwanted bones as a part of the re-modeling strategy

9. As An Orthodontist You Will Be Required To Work Upon Affixing and Tightening The Braces. What Are The Different Types Of Invisible Braces?

Sample Answer

Yes sir, The primary role of an orthodontist revolves around affixing, tightening, and even suggesting the different types of available braces. Some of the common invisible braces are:

  • Lingual bracket braces system: The braces are placed towards the inner side of the teeth. These are not visible from the outside. However, these cannot be removed without medical attention once affixed.
  • Clear aligners braces system: These are also invisible braces and are not visible from the outside. However, unlike the lingual systems, these can be removed by the patient while brushing, eating, flossing, etc. These also help in the fast treatment and are normally affixed for 15 days.

10. Medicine Is A Developing Field and There Are Always New Developments and Findings. How Do You Keep Yourself Updated?

Sample Answer

Sir, I completely agree with this statement. Not only medicine, but the entire Science is a work in progress, and there are always new developments, theories, thesis, discoveries, and findings that challenge the already established principles and conventions. Hence, a medical professional must always keep oneself abreast of all the latest developments and happenings.

I do so by reading out the medical journals and magazines that cover all the latest domestic as well as international inventions and discoveries in the field of medicine, especially in my field of dentistry.

11. What Do You Know About Diastema? How Do You Correct This Defect?

Sample Answer

Sir, a diastema is a common tooth defect in which there are large/ small gaps between the teeth. This does not let the patients properly chew food and leads to an inappropriate biting pattern. This defect is largely corrected by tightening braces in the teeth. The sustained pressure created by braces helps the teeth to come closer to each other and fill the gaps between them. It is a gradual process and the patients are required to use the braces for at least 3 weeks.

12. Assume A Situation In Which You Are Witnessing Some Unclean and Unhygienic Braces On The Teeth Of A Child. How Will You Handle The Situation and What Will You Recommend The Child?

Sample Answer

Sir, such issues are common and I have dealt with them before as well. In such a case, I will, first of all, make the child as well as his or her parents aware of the various dental problems that might develop if the child fails to clean the braces.

Post this, I will recommend the child to clean the braces and teeth using the following methods:

  • Using electric brushes
  • Using interdental brushes
  • Using floss threaders to clean the teeth and braces
  • Using revealing tablets to eliminate all the unchewed/ uningested food particles stuck in the jaw teeth
  • Usage of mouthwashes that are rich in fluoride

13. Describe A Time When You Lost Your Cool and Maltreated Your Patient Out Of Frustration.

Sample Answer

Sir, medicine is a tough profession. When you have to deal with so many patients in a single day, attend to emergencies and listen to all the patient grievances, it starts taking a toll after some time.

I remember an instance when a middle-aged man was quite skeptical about my treatment and was constantly questioning me at my every step. This irritated me then, and I yelled at him. However, I quickly realized my mistake and almost instantaneously apologized to him.

14. Share The Three Best Qualities That Every Orthodontist Must Possess.

Sample Answer

Sir, an orthodontist must be:

  • Skillful, and have a strong grip upon the various fundamentals, basics, and advanced treatments in the field of orthodontists
  • Empathetic, where he or she must be able to emphasize with the patients and understand their issues properly
  • Hardworking, where he or she is always working for the welfare of the employer and the patients

15. How Can You See The High Definition Images Of The Inner Structure Of The Mouth Of The patients For Observation Purposes?

Sample Answer

Sir, orthodontists use an intra-oral camera, which is the latest technique and innovation in the field. It helps the medical professionals as well as the patients to see high-defined images of the various sections of the mouth. The images are highly accurate and quite precise which helps the orthodontists to conduct a thorough investigation.

16. We Are An Established Medical Centre and Often Witness Several Patients In A Single Day. Will You Be Able To Treat/ Diagnose More Than Sixty Patients In A Single Day?

Sample Answer

Yes sir, I have the capacity as well as the will to treat and attend to several patients in a single day. I remember my tenure with XYZ Ortho Clinics and Diagnosis when I treated more than 100 patients every single day. Hence, be assured that I will neither refuse nor give any excuse for not attending to the patients.

17. What Is Teeth Straightening? Is It Different From The Process of Alignment?

Sample Answer

Sir, the process of straightening is different from the process of aligning the teeth. In straightening, the tooth is rotated at a slight angle so that it gets straightened and can work to the best of its potential.

18. What Is The Use Of Ozone (O3) In The Field Of Orthodontists?

Sample Answer

Sir, ozone is a natural gas that helps to prevent tooth decay from reaching any more advanced stage. It helps to eliminate all the bacterias and fungus at the very initial phase. HealOzone is the technique that is largely used by orthodontists to treat the early signs and symptoms of tooth decay.

19. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

Sample Answer

Sir, I have researched the industry and have even calculated an average of the salaries offered to all the orthodontists. I am expecting a salary within a range of $50,000 to $70,000 per annum for my services to the hospital.

20. Describe Your Best and Worst Reporting Manager/ Senior/ Boss.

Sample Answer

Sir, during my college days I undertook a six-month internship with a medical center. My senior over there was quite arrogant and always discouraged me from doing new things or learning new processes. The effect of this was so grave that I even started doubting myself, whether I will be able to complete the dentistry course.

On the other hand, just after completing college, I got a full-time job with ABC Medical Services Inc. and met some supportive, encouraging, and responsive bosses over there.

21. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

This is the end. This question concludes your big day and gives you one last opportunity to impress your interviewer. To prepare an ideal response always ask a few relevant counter questions that represent your genuine doubts and apprehensions in regards to the business organization.

Prepmycareer always recommends attempting this question as by not doing so you will reduce your selection chances no matter how rich your work experience is or how valuable your academic qualifications are. For a better understanding, please read out the sample questions mentioned below:

Sample Questions

  • Will I be given a cab facility for my daily commute at no additional expense?
  • Can you share the various ethical guideline that is in place for orthodontists at the workplace?
  • What are the different categories of paid leaves that are allowed by the company to its orthodontists?


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