Mystery Shopper Interview Questions & Answers

Running businesses is tough. Especially, given the challenging circumstances, dynamic business environment, and prevailing cut-throat competition. An organization can ride the tough business tide only if it can deliver exceptional services to the customers and satisfy their real needs and wants.

Thus, in a bid to achieve maximum consumer satisfaction most business organizations hire mystery shoppers who not only assess the quality of the customer services provided but also check for the quality of products and services offered.

Despite all its challenges, the job profile of a mystery shopper is kind of fascinating wherein you will be required to visit the brand outlets, franchisees, showrooms, and other retail centers operated and run by the company with the sole intention to check the quality of services offered.

Mystery Shopper Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. As A Mystery Shopper You Will Be Required To Conduct “Brand Audits”. What Do You Mean By This Term?

Sample Answer

Sir, a mystery shopper is required to visit the different retail outlets and evaluate the customer service. However, his or her role is not only limited to this, rather, he is also required to conduct a brand audit. In this, a mystery shopper is required to evaluate:

  • The existing position of the brand in the market in comparison to its direct competitors
  • The various strengths and weaknesses exhibited by the brand
  • Devising the different measures and strategies using which the weaknesses can be eliminated and the overall brand value can be enhanced

2. Your Work Profile Is Majorly Surrounded Through Analysis, Audits, and Noting Perceptions. Are You Aware Of The Technique Of S. W. O. T Analysis? If Yes, Please Explain It In Brief.

Sample Answer

Yes, sir, I am completely aware of the technique of S. W. O. T analysis and have even applied it multiple times while working. This technique is divided into four different parts, which are:

The various elements of S. W. O. TExplanation
SStrengthsIt refers to all the activities and processes that are unique to the company and separates them from the rest of the business organizations/ competitors.
WWeaknessesIt represents the various organizational shortcomings that are acting as a bottleneck and hindering the progress as well as ascend of the company.
OOpportunitiesIt refers to all those events, opportunities, and favorable activities that could augment the company’s profitability and enhance brand awareness.
TThreatsIt refers to all the issues, problems, and challenges that could derail the company and lay a severe impact upon its ability to continue as a going concern besides affecting profitability

3. What Is The Concept Of Establishing Franchises? Why Does An Organization Do It?

Sample Answer

Sir, business organizations always strive to expand their business operations by entering into new markets and new businesses via different business models. “Franchise” is a common technique in which an organization gives the license as well as a right to another company to conduct business using its name and brand.

The company distributing franchise receives an upfront payment and a periodic royalty, which depends upon the sales made and revenue earned by the franchisee. Organizations primarily do it for expansion and enhancing brand awareness.

4. Walk Me Through A Typical Working Day In The Life Of A Mystery Shopper.

Sample Answer

Sir, the roles and responsibilities of a mystery shopper vary from organization to organization. However, if I talk about my role with my previous employer, I was required to perform the following tasks in a typical working day:

  • Prepare a list and road map of all the retail centers to be covered on the day
  • Prepare questionnaire, quality assessment form, and reports that were to be filled using my observation
  • Physically visit the locations earmarked for the day and analyze the quality of products offered as well as the services rendered
  • Fill out the form and prepare a report, which is to be submitted with the management

5. What Is The Importance Of Customer Satisfaction? How Does It Help A Business Organization?

Sample Answer

Sir, in my opinion, customers are the reason why business organizations manufacture goods and services. It is a fact that an organization, which satisfies its customers possesses a large customer base and is also more successful. There are several benefits of customer satisfaction, such as:

  • Increased market share, which represents the robust nature of business performed by the company
  • Better profit margins and the ability to control the market prices
  • Reduces advertising expenditure, as the satisfied customers bring traffic through word of mouth advertising
  • Increased capacity of the company to diversify and run separate businesses in tandem

6. Share The Three Best Qualities That Every Mystery Shopper Must Possess.

Sample Answer

Sure, Sir, an ideal mystery shopper should have the following qualities:

  • Excellent analytical skills, with an unmatched ability to understand all the issues and quickly identify all the shortcomings
  • Out of the box thinking and a unique approach to handling assessments
  • Excellent drafting skills using which structured and formatted analysis reports can be prepared

7. Customer Satisfaction Is Primarily Achieved Through Superior Products and Services. Don’t You Think The Role Of A Mystery Shopper Is Redundant and Leads To A Financial Loss For The Company?

Sample Answer

Sir, it is true that the customers gain ultimate satisfaction from the superior products and services, which are available at an affordable price. But, if the company is not able to get analytical feedback as to how its products and services are fairing in the market, then how will it improve the quality?

This much-needed feedback, suggestions, and guidance are provided by a mystery shopper who personally visits the retail centers and judges the quality of services and products offered. In my opinion, it is not at all a redundant job, rather it is a necessity for every business organization.

8. What Are The Various Presentation Tools That You Usually Use To Present Your Analysis?

Sample Answer

Sir, there are several tools in the market, however, I prefer to prepare presentations using a mixture of:

  • Pie chart
  • Histogram and
  • Regression analysis

9. Forecasting Is An Important Element Using Which Business Organizations Can Plan Their Future. How Can A Mystery Shopper Help A Company In Forecasting Its Sales, Revenues, and Selling Price?

Sample Answer

Sir, it is true that when an organization forecasts and tries to contemplate its business future, it leads to the development of some flexible and appropriate strategies that help in sustainable and consistent growth.

As a mystery shopper, I always try to establish communications with a few prospective customers of the company and ask them the following questions:

  • Are you satisfied with the selling price and discounts offered by the company?
  • What is the worth of the product in your eyes?
  • Where do you see the brand you have recently purchased in the next 5 years?
  • Will you engage in word-of-mouth advertising and bring customers to the company?
  • Rate your satisfaction level and overall buying experience on a scale of 1 to 5.

10. A Mystery Shopper Must Stick To His Tried and Developed Analysis. He or She Must Not Pay Any Heed To Any New Types Of Assessment Processes and Novel Approaches. Comment On This Statement.

Sample Answer

Sir, I completely disagree with this statement. Consistent upskilling in the light of new developments and adopting the new approaches to do an analysis not only enhances the quality of the assessments but also leads to the development of an accurate report.

In my opinion, a mystery shopper must continuously lookout for new assessment processes and the various new approaches for carrying out an analysis.

11. Our Organization Strives To Use The Latest Technologies and Software Available In The Market. Can You Share The Names Of Some Of The Best Presentation Software Widely Used In The Industry?

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, These are:

  • Media Shout
  • Keynote
  • MS Powerpoint

12. Describe A Time When You Did Not Want To Work In Your Current Job Profile.

Sample Answer

Sir, owing to my superior analytical ability and critical approach, I feel that I am a perfect match for the job profile of Mystery shopper. However, I am not different from most employees and monotony strikes me as hard as them. I remember a phase of life, 2 years back when I wanted to spend more time with my family and used to quit office by giving false excuses.

This was primarily on account of boredom, and I quickly realized it. I ended this phase through motivational career counseling sessions for professionals that are organized online by a renowned career coach.

13. Constant Analysis and Development Of Reports, Day In and Day Out Is Not An Easy Task. It Can Lead To Stress and Develop A Feeling Of Ignorance. How Do You Cope With This?

Sample Answer

Sir, I understand that when you perform a task daily you fall prey to boredom and eventually become ignorant of the various minute details. This reduces your efficiency as well as precision. To handle this phase, I always use the technique of positive pep talk, using which I constantly motivate myself and try to boost my confidence.

14. Your Role Is To Analyze and Prepare Reports That Are Critical and Informs An Organization About All Its Strengths and Weaknesses. We Always Check The Quality Of Reports Prepared By You and Even Extend Criticisms and Negative Feedback. How Do You Handle Them?

Sample Answer

Sir, several employees feel offended and bad after receiving negative criticism. However, I do not maintain this kind of ideology, and see the criticisms as tools of improvement. I feel they are ready-made templates that help you to identify your weak areas, which you can improve by working on them. Hence, be assured, I never feel bad after receiving any negative criticism and am very much open to it.

15. We Are An Established Business Organization and Have Several Retail Centres. Some Of These Are Operational 24 x 7. This Will Require You To Work In Rotational Shifts. Are You Up For This Kind Of Working?

Sample Answer

Sir, being a committed and energetic individual, I adhere to all the rules, working processes, and guidelines issued by the company. I am in this industry for the past 3 years and have worked with several organizations on a rotational basis. Thus, I am pretty sure that I will be able to adapt to this style of working and even give my best.

16. What Are Your Salary Expectations? Please Share An Optimal Salary In A Bracket Comprising Upper Limits and Lower Limits.

Sample Answer

Sir, I have performed a deep analysis of the industry to which I belong. I have even identified the salaries offered to the various mystery shoppers and have even calculated an average of them.

Hence, a salary in the range of $25,000 to $35,000 would be at par with the industry standards and would even satisfy my appetite.

17. The Primary Role of A Mystery Shopper Is To Make Frequent Visits To The Various Retail Centres Run and Operated By The Company. This Will Require You To Travel Frequently. Are You Comfortable In Travelling?

Sample Answer

Sir, this is the basic requirement of the job. A mystery shopper cannot avoid traveling to the different retail centers run directly or indirectly by the company. Further, I am pretty much comfortable with frequent traveling as I feel desk jobs are not my cup of tea.

18. Describe A Time When You Were Required To Work Upon A Task, Which Was New To You and You Had Never Worked Upon It Earlier.

Sample Answer

Sir, corporate life is full of challenges and you just never know what will come next. I remember an instance when I was working with ABC Shoes Manufacturing LLP as a mystery shopper. I was employed in the shoe segment and was required to visit the retail outlets of the company.

One fine day, I received a communication from my reporting manager that this week I was supposed to visit the vendors and suppliers of the company. I had to manage them and strike out a few lucrative deals. This was new to me, but still, owing to my excellent communication and analytical ability, I was able to close some good deals.

19. What Is Your Preferred Mode Of Working – In A Team or Individually?

Sample Answer

Sir, as a mystery shopper, I always prefer to work individually. This helps me to stay concentrated and conduct a deep, meaningful, and thorough audit of the retail outlet. However, I am a good team player as well, and if a company wants me to work in a team, I have absolutely no issues in it as well.

20. How Comfortable Are You In Adapting To The New Management Styles and Operating Procedures?

Sample Answer

Sir, “change” is a need for every business organization. To improve their existing business processes and achieve overall customer satisfaction, it is necessary to move in line with the recent developments and changes.

I am very much open to the different changes implemented by the management and always strive to adopt them. Be assured that I will never protest or show any resistance to the changes.

21. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Be it the job profile of an accountant, an engineer, or maybe a mystery shopper, every interview session is concluded through this interview question, which marks the end of your big day. Since this question is the last on the list, Prepmycareer always recommends attempting this question and asking a few relevant counter questions from the interviewer.

To prepare an ideal response you can always ask a few relevant counter questions from your interviewer that represent your genuine doubts and apprehensions in regards to the company. For a better understanding read out the sample questions mentioned below:

Sample Questions

  • Is it the policy of the company to reimburse the medical expenses of the regular employees, especially in situations of maternity/ paternity?
  • What is the monthly transport allowance extended by the company to its mystery shoppers?
  • Can you please share a few disadvantages of working in this company as a mystery shopper?


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