Top 15 Best 6 Figure Jobs for 2024

Wealth and prosperity are everyone’s dream these days and fair pay acts as a great source of motivation to opt for a career. Each one of us wants a job and a career that pays us a steady income. Landing on to a 6-figure job is something that appeals to an individual to pursue his/her career in a particular field. In order to live a lavish life as you have always wanted, it is important that we go after our dreams and choose wise career options to sustain our lives and the lives of those who depend on us.

There are so many sources from which one can generate income but choosing the right career option that best suits your talents and skills is the key to land on 6-figure jobs. In this article, we will explore 15 of those 6-figure paying jobs that can lead you to live a life as you have always wanted to and to help you find a position or a role that works best for you depending upon your interests and skill-set.

Before we start to explore those job titles, let us first discuss what actually a 6-figure job means.

Best 6 Figure Jobs

What is a 6-Figure Job?

Well, as the term itself says, it is a job that pays you a 6-digit number ranging anywhere from 100,000 to 999,999 in a year, that is annual. As simple as that. But to reach that figure requires talent, skills, experience, education, or sometimes all of these. Nobody is going to pay you that much in absence of any of these.

So, to land to a 6-figure job, you have put your time and effort and dedicate yourself to that career.

List of Top 15 Best 6 Figure Jobs

1. Ethical Hacker

The technical industry is taking a huge boost in the current year. The growth and development of this industry have paced. So, one of the best 6-figure jobs one could land into is Ethical Hacking. An ethical hacker is a white hat hacker who uses their cybersecurity, coding, and hacking skills to check the vulnerability that a black hat hacker can identify and exploit. To prevent websites and applications from exploitation they make the website vulnerability proof so that the hacker cannot get into the system and get unauthorized access to private information.

They make websites and systems of different companies and organizations safer to use. Hence, it takes a lot of technical and coding skills to get into this field. These skills can be built over time by learning them online or having some certifications from specific colleges. You can pursue a career in this field with or without having a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, this is a good career option that offers steady pay according to one’s level of expertise in this field of ethical hacking.

2. Human Resource Manager

A Human Resource Manager manages the manpower in the organization in a structured manner. It bridges the gap between employees’ performance in an organization and the organization’s objective. Their duty is to help their team in recruiting and hiring their employee workforce. They also solve and try to avoid different types of conflicts that arise in the workplace. In, short a Human Resource Manager does a lot for a company and they are paid a good 6-figure for their role as they manage all the personnel-related things for a company.

A bachelor’s degree is needed to build a career in the field of Human Resource Management. A significant amount of experience can help you get better pay for this job position.

3. Web Developer

A web developer is a specialized programmer who is engaged in the development of world wide web applications using the client-server model. Basically, web developers create and design websites and work on the website’s front-end development and the website’s back-end, depending upon the job requirement. A web developer has advanced knowledge of programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These web developers can work as a freelancer independently or with the company as an employee.

As earlier mentioned, the technology industry is growing, and building a career as a web developer can help you get that 6-figure job you are looking for. You build a career in this field a bachelor’s degree will do well, to have a great level of experience you can also pursue a master’s and other certifications in this field.

4. Finance Manager

Being a financial manager or a finance consultant requires great expertise in the field of finance. It is one of the highest-paying jobs. People make great 6-figure pays from the career in this field. A finance manager takes care of analyzing, reporting, monitoring, and examining various options to get the best outcomes from the pool of financial options. They help organizations, companies, and individual managers to stay financially healthy without facing any or less financial risk. They examine financial data and reports and use their findings to help companies make better business decisions.

To become one, you need huge experience in the field of finance and a bachelor’s and master’s degree in finance or accounting as a specialization. Some employers also give preference to candidates with a degree of an MBA.

5. Actuary

The role of an actuary is to use mathematics and calculations combined with statistics to assess risk and minimize cost, especially for companies working in the insurance field. Although this term may sound extremely boring and dry, according to research, the actuaries are the most satisfied with their 6-figure paying jobs.

Requirements to become an actuary:

  • Bachelor’s degree in mathematics or
  • Bachelor’s degree in actuary science, or statistics
  • Additional coursework like database management, programming languages, etc.

It is a great field to work on if it matches your interests.

6. Post Graduate Teaching Professors

Teachers and professors who specialize in teaching higher education in management, computers, accounting, economics, human resources, industrial relations, marketing, management science, tourism, advertising, and other fields for post-graduate students are paid a steady 6-figure amount for their jobs.

Requirement to excel in this field:

  • A Ph.D., that is, a doctorate degree
  • A bachelor’s degree in the respective fields
  • A master’s degree in the respective fields

Making career in the field of teaching will also be a great option as the education industry is in a need of experiences and skillful professors to create employment for the youth.

7. Data Analyst

Data Analysts are also popularly known as Data scientists and they have a very crucial role that involves the manipulation of data by identifying primary and secondary sources of information that can be used to create meaningful and actionable insights. Data Analysts play a very important role as processing and analyzing data is useful across almost all industries, from medical to finance, from finance to e-commerce.


  • Specialization in statistics, probability, and computer science.
  • Communication Skills
  • Data Analyst or Science Certification.

It is a great role to choose for earning a 6-figure number. You can also do online courses offered by various educational websites that can provide you with the knowledge which will be divided into different stages of learning from beginner to advanced.

8. Realtor

Real Estate Agents, also known as Realtors are paid a handsome amount on the basis of commission rates that depend upon the market conditions and environment. Typically, this job can help you land on a nice six-figure amount as it is a continuous profession because people always look for new homes to live pr just for investment purposes. This gives an opportunity to make great pay by bridging the gap between owners and buyers and selling a property that holds some value. If you live in large city areas, this job can pay you even better amounts than just a 6-figure.

For becoming one, you may need to pass an exam of being a real estate broker, there are different local requirements for different states, so you can research for yours.

9. Digital Marketing

While the pay in this field completely depends upon the skill level, one who takes the opportunity to make the best use of their marketing skills can make 6-figures as digital marketing consultants. As more and more businesses are shifting online, marketing professionals are in great demand. Being an independent digital marketer can help you make a lot. It is one such field that would help you to have fun and earn a tremendous amount of money at the same time. Businessmen hire digital marketers to grow their networks and business.

Many top b-schools and universities offer this course with certifications and projects. Becoming one requires excellent networking and communication skills.

10. Orthodontists

These specialized dentists take care of the proper alignment of teeth and the jaw. It happens to be one of the highest-paying 6-figure jobs. They examine patients, diagnose problems originating in the face and mouth and recommend corrective treatment for the patients. Becoming an orthodontist is more challenging than being a physician. To become an orthodontist, you require some additional skills and courses beyond dental school and medical college certification.


  • 2 to 4 years of experience in an internship or residency
  • Dentist License Exam Certification
  • Bachelor’s Degree

11. Lawyer

A lawyer is a good profession when the interests align that can help you make 6-figures. They are legal advisors who provide solutions to legal issues that can range from disputes of property, marriages, divorce, criminal offenses, consumer rights, etc.

Becoming a lawyer requires one to obtain extensive training in legal procedure and he must have an LLB degree to be a lawyer. Students of LLM degree are also eligible to become a lawyer. It requires more than just a diploma course.

12. Architect and Engineering Manager

Being an architect requires a bachelor’s degree and a significant amount of experience in order to earn a steady 6-figure pay. The roles require overseeing operations of architectural and engineering offices, managing sights and products, assisting in research, etc.

13. Flight Steward

Being a part of the cabin crew, you can earn fair 6-figure pay. Working in the private sector you can earn attractive salary packages of lakhs. After completion of advanced training in this field, the pay can even increase. Responsibilities of a flight steward include understanding your duties assigned to your position and acting your best. They are also responsible for ensuring the satisfaction of passengers by answering questions and offering them the assistance they need and checking the cabin before take-off to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

14. Storage and Distribution Manager

Education is really important in the retail sector to make a 6-figure salary. Storage and Distribution managers oversee operations concerned with the transportation, storage, and distribution of merchandise. They take care of warehouse situations. They use computer systems to control stock levels, orders, delivery arrangements, and much more. They also manage a team of staff according to the requirements and evaluate the quality and quantity of merchandise. They engage in storing, receiving, testing, and shipping products.

15. Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants are health care professionals who instruct patients about special diets and medications. Physicians hire a medical assistant for the smooth functioning of the clinics as they cannot handle patients and tackle administrative work at the same time. A medical assistant who specializes in managing operations and multitasking. They keep juggling multiple responsibilities and are paid steady 6-figures of it. They play a vital role in the medical industry. They ensure proper interaction between staff and patients and takes care of all the paperwork with the administrative work. Keeping records of all the patients is not an easy task, but medical assistants master it.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • High School Diploma
  • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Certification
  • RMS
  • NCCT
  • They Should be Familiar with Medical Terminology


So, that was all about this article. All these fields are excellent fields to build one’s career in. They are worth investing in your skills if they match your interests. You just have to follow the one you are the most passionate about. So, check and research more about the above fields to see if they align with your passion, talents, and qualifications. Comment below what you liked about this article and share.

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