Why Did You Choose Your Major? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

An interview session is a set of inter-related questions that have the ability to evaluate your personality, approach as well as mindset. If you feel you took up an educational course by chance or just because all your friends were doing it, you are in for some trouble. This interview question aims to test you on the parameters of seriousness and dedication towards the major that you took up during your academic years. There is no wrong answer to this question, rather the manner in which you express your answer along with mentioning some credible logic would determine the quality and efficacy. This article aims to give a boost to your preparation by mentioning ten sample interview answers which would not only boost your imagination but also improve your overall understanding of this interview question.

Why Did You Choose Your Major

Tips To Effectively Answer This Question

1. What Prompted You To Do Your Major?

An ideal response to this question starts with the main reason which prompted you and motivated you to choose your major. Just share this reason with your interviewer as this is all an interviewer wants to know.

2. You Can Reply In The Form Of A Story

Interviewers simply love to listen to real-life stories in the answers, as these are more engaging and reflect a true state of opinion. Hence, in your answer to this interview question, you are free to share your own story, as to how you got attracted towards this profession, and in a quest to pursue your dreams you even took it up.

3. Negative Responses Are Prohibited

This might be true for almost all the interview questions which are shot upon you and apply to this specific interview question as well. You must not respond in any negative manner at all, such as:

  • Sir, I had no active interest in my major, but I took up as my friends were doing it. But, now, I simply love to work in the same field.
  • I took my major accidentally, but as commonly said, slowly and gradually you get used to it, I am also used to mt major and feel really comfortable in it.
  • There are no specific personal reasons, but I took my major as one of my teachers/friends/relatives recommended me taking this up.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Study

Sample Answer One

Sir, numbers were something that was always my favorite as a school kid. I always remember how quickly, I used to calculate a variety of mathematic calculations and even draw out meaningful conclusions. This interest of mine slowly and gradually took me towards the world of finance and I chose to become a Certified Public Accountant, with my majors in public finance.

Sample Answer Two

Being a person always inclined towards public health and sanitation, I always remember how I used to carry a syringe in one of my hands and used to roam my entire house, vaccinating all my family members. Since childhood, I have had an active interest in the medical profession and always aspired to contribute to human health and surroundings. This prompted me to take medicine as my major and I feel really content and satisfied with my selection.

Sample Answer Three

My mother always told me, that I have the capacity to explain things in an almost perfect manner with an ability to generate fluent speeches without any considerable fumbles and stammers. This comment worked well for me, and slowly and gradually, I developed an active interest in public speaking. I used to take part in my school debate competitions, and several other competitions which required speaking abilities and communication skills. I quickly realized that I made to speak, and hence, did my majors in mass communication, with an aspiration to become a reporter with a prominent media house like yours.

Sample Answer Four

Sir, My mother is a successful high-school teacher and I believe I have all the skills which she possesses. From my ability to make things lucid and refined to a solid grip on my core subjects, I qualify from every angle to become a teacher. Thus, I chose elementary education as my major and as expected I also performed exceptionally well in it.

Sample Answer Five

Sir, construction is something that comes naturally to me. Since my childhood, I have always been fascinated and amazed by all those tall structures, like dams, bridges, and skyscrapers, which always motivated me to be a part of them. As I grew, I came to know, Civil engineers supervise and enable the construction of these mammoth structures. So it was an instant decision, and in no time, I took up civil engineering as my major.

Sample Answer Six

Sir, It was in high school that I applied casually and got selected for an internship related to content writing, wherein we had to write content on the public policies and general administration. It was then, that I found my passion for the legal system of the country and desperately wanted to become a lawyer to pinpoint and spot all the major loopholes and issues prevailing in the economy. Thus, immediately after high school, I chose law as my major and to date, I am very happy with my selection.

Sample Answer Seven

I remember going on a school trip during my high school days, to a museum, wherein several historical artifacts, models, and pieces were displayed. I don’t know why, but I simply gazed at those artifacts all day long and wanted to study more and more about them. This developed my interest in history, especially related to my country, and almost all the following years, I spent my time reading about Alexander’s conquests or Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo. Thus, when my time came, it was a pretty simple and easy choice for me. I took up History as my major and even topped my university in the annual examinations for three years consistently.

Sample Answer Eight

Being a kid of the early 2000s, almost all the kids of my age were instantly involved in the growing and revolutionizing field of information technology. I was not an exception, I just used to feel fascinated seeing all the latest developments in the field. Soon after, my father bought me a personal computer, and this increased my interest in computer science to manifolds. Hence, I took up computer science as my major and still feel satisfied with my selection.

Sample Answer Nine

Sir, we all must be grateful to our farmers and mother earth for blessing us with all the veggies and fruits. Our farmers work really hard in the fields and I always aspired to contribute something towards agriculture in particular. This was the reason, I took up agricultural science as my major which proved to be an appropriate selection as I got a long stint working with a reputed business organization at decent pay.

Sample Answer Ten

We all love to travel, but in some traveling is a passion. Since my childhood, I aspired to roam the world and meet people of different ethnicities belonging to different religions and speaking varied lanuguaes. As I grew up, my father motivated me to work towards my passion, and after careful thought, I was counseled to take up Travel and Tourism Management as my major. I personally felt, a career in tourism is the best available option for me and went ahead with the proposal.


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