Top 21 School Crossing Guard Interview Questions In 2024 (With Answers)

Everyone in the world looking for a job needs to go through a selection and interview process and so does the hard-working individuals who want to become a school crossing guard. School crossing guards also have to go through criteria before even applying for the position in the school. Their job is to oversee the traffic flow in and around the school in the morning, at noon and the end of the day. In simple, crossing guards are the ones responsible for the safety of the children going to school and returning. The work not only involves traffic control but he or she has to check on the person crossing the streets or highways with all the safety measures.

School Crossing Guard Interview Questions

Important Interview Questions For School Crossing Guard

Question 1- Why do you want to fill yourself in this position at our school?

Answer- I want to be a school crossing guard because previously I worked as a traffic police officer so I have good experience on how to handle people going on streets and small children as well. Also, the schedule and distance from the school to my home fit as per my lifestyle.

Question 2- What skills do you think is required for becoming a School Crossing Guard?

Answer- I think all the responsible skills from our daily life are significantly required for this position. Some very important skills are social perceptiveness, strong eyesight, focus, and a keen understanding of traffic laws and regulations. We should able to handle traffic control to keep road accidents at their minimum.

Question 3- Do you have any emergency certifications such as First Aid or CPR Certifications?

Answer- Yes, applying for such a life-saving position we need to have all the training required for the position to keep the environment healthy. I know it is not necessary for this position to have such certifications but to be an asset I have gained all the certifications which I thought was necessary.

Question 4- Do you have any questions about the working schedule as per the school timings?

Answer- No, I do not have any problem regarding the school timings as per the job schedule. The job schedule fits perfectly with my daily routine as my home is very near to the school so I think I don’t have to worry much about it.

Question 5- Do you think communication is important in school crossing guards?

Answer- Yes, communication is very important for all job positions around the world including a school crossing guard. Listening and coming out with potential solutions are very important when there is an emergency situation on road.

Question 6- What will you do if any unknown driver is not willing to listen to your command?

Answer- If it is a controllable situation then I will most probably try to solve it as soon as possible but if otherwise then I have to take other options. I will surely report that particular driver and the nameplate to the nearby police station if their behaviour put someone’s health in danger. The other simple answer would be to ignore them and ask them to move.

Question 7- How long are you willing to stay in this job position?

Answer- As with my growing age, I don’t want to be in a very formal job position which I had earlier. So, I am pretty sure that I have no plans of leaving the job of the school crossing guard. I have no plans on quitting the job anytime soon as long as the school is happy with my service I am always there to give my contribution.

Question 8- What would you do if one unknown driver charges you and states a conflict against you?

Answer- Firstly, I will always ensure that the environment is kept friendly and healthy to avoid any misbehaviour or unnatural events. I will surely not indulge myself in some pointless conflicts with an unknown driver. I will not pay any attention to the individual and focus on my work and nothing else.

Question 9- Do you have any experience related to this type of work?

Answer- Yes, not particularly in the same category but in a different one where I used to work as a traffic police officer. The job of a traffic police officer is quite the same as the crossing guard where we have to maintain traffic control, Traffic police play an important role to prevent the occurrence of road traffic by controlling them.

Question 10- What is your salary expectations from our school?

Answer- I would like to suggest that I will accept whatever typical wage that the school is ready to pay me. But, on per hourly basis, I am expecting the salary to be $12 an hour.

Question 11- Where do you see yourself in six years down and what are your career goals?

Answer- I would like to see myself as an honest worker in this school itself or wherever department I am in. I would like to set an example of myself to other colleagues or other workers in the school or the department. Also, additionally, I am hoping to gain more experience and skills to handle the different situation or unnatural situations.

Question 12- Would you like a formal dress or informal dress code?

Answer- There is no particular answer from my side for such a question. As for the previous work experiences I have always been on the formal dress code of the position where I found myself very comfortable in the working environment. Yes, I would like to wear a formal dress while I am in a working place.

Question 13- Why do you want to leave the present job?

Answer- It is surely not because of the low paycheck that I get but, I feel like I should learn more and should try for new job positions to learn more and gain job experience. I want to have a desire to take more responsibility and want to learn more.

Question 14- Why do you want to be hired in this school?

Answer- I have been in this place for more than fifteen years now and have seen your school grow immensely ever since. From a small national school to a reputed and well known international school is what change I have seen in your school and that is a great achievement. This is why I want to be hired to this school itself.

Question 15- How do you handle personal pressure and stress?

Answer- Sometimes stress is very important to me it helps me work better and efficiently. I keep everything simple when I am facing stress and pressure I just react to the situation and do not focus on the stress and pressure. Also, I find myself working better in a challenging situation it helps me solve solutions immediately and at a good pace.

Question 16- What are you expecting from the school?

Answer- As it is a highly reputed school so my expectations are very high. I am hoping that the working environment will be very unique with all the facilities, friendly co-workers all motivated and stress-free environment.

Question 17- What hours do you prefer to work?

Answer- As per your schedule, there will be no problem for me to work eight to nine hours a day. But, as for the weekends, I am hoping that the working hours will be reduced from eight to nine hours to five hours.

Question 18- What experience or knowledge you have with computers?

Answer- I do know the basics of using computers I have not done any programming courses related to it. But, I can easily control surveillance systems, have my own email ID, edit videos and manage files accordingly. I hope these are enough in the position of your school.

Question 19- What keeps you motivated in such a type of working environment?

Answer- There is no particular answer for this as ever since I was a child I developed a sense of helping children to be alert when they are on the road so that they do not face any unnatural events in their life. That thought in my mind has always kept me motivated and it motivates me when I feel lost or alone in such type of working environment.

Question 20- Do you enjoy having conversations with children?

Answer- Yes, I find it very interesting having a conversation with little school-going children as they come up with so tacky ideas and topics which make the conversation more interesting. Surely, babysitting is not in my category I just cannot do that but a little adult will do just fine.

Question 21- Do you think is it a fun job working around kids or tedious?

Answer- To be honest it is one of the best jobs to work in and around small kids also I do have to keep in mind that I am there for their safety not to entertain them. While I am around an unknown group of children I try talking to them and most of the time I find out that some talk and some do not talk at all.

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School Crossing Guard Interview Questions


There is always hard work and passion needed for whatever work we opt to do in this world. The job of a school crossing guard might sound easy but it needs a lot of focus, effective communication and other additional skills. If you are looking for the position of one of them then I hope some of the interviewed questions and answers mentioned above will help you for your future reference. If you think the article was of any help then do share, comment and don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment section itself.


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