Security Guard Interview Questions & Answers

If you have a good sense of problem-solving, high memory, and have a sense of predicting crimes, you have a great opportunity to become a security guard. It’s the best job for building your future career as you will be meeting lots of people and this can be pursued as a part-time job.

If you are about to appear for any jobs related to people and national security such as police, military, etc. You will get an opportunity to build a proper base, on which you can efficiently build crime-solving skills. In the United States, salary perks are higher even per hour of work.

Security Guard Interview Questions

Top 21 Security Guard Interview Questions To Clear The Interview In One Go

1. Why do you want to become a security guard?

Here you should enumerate the positive attributes you find in yourself such as a gut feeling that never goes wrong, love to solve the crime, good physique along with your interest in meeting new people, protecting your customers, ensuring the welfare of people, etc.

Sample Answer

I have been working in this field for several years now and would like to become a security guard for making good use of my vigilance skills and strong built. I wanted to join the army but could not. So, I use this job to safeguard the nation at a small scale.

2. Why do you prefer our company to work?

Here the interviewer may wish to hear about the good reputation of their company, the services they provide, and any recent news about their firm. You can also add that you feel pride in working in a company of good reputation in the society. You can also add about their good philanthropic activities.

Sample Answer

I am elated about getting a chance to attend the interview and join your prestigious firm.

3. Why do you feel perfect for this job?

State the positive attributes you have and feel required. The idea about job needs should be stated.

Sample Answer

As I have a good physique and good problem-solving skills, I feel that I am the most appropriate candidate for this position. I do care for people in and around my surrounding, I will be friendly with the customers by lending them a hand to help at times needed.

4. Do you prefer to work a night shift, in case how will you manage?

You should explain the positive attribute you can show. You can also state your prior experience in any firm.

Sample Answer

As a part of my job, I would like to work night shifts also. I can manage by getting a day off the next day from my supervisor. I am a quick adaptive person, so I can adapt to the time variation of sleep I will face.

5. Do you have any prior experience as a security guard?

If you have any experience, you can state it. In the case of a beginner, you can state that you can assure good security services, by enumeration of your skills, language skills can help you, as this position involves meeting lots of people. Management skills can also save you.

Sample Answer

Yes, I have worked in the field for two years. 

6. What about your educational qualifications?

This requires a minimum requirement of completing your higher secondary schooling and you can also state your grades if you have higher grades. You can state any courses or diplomas you acquired.

Sample Answer

I have passed higher secondary exams with 60 percent. 

7. Do you have any extracurricular activities?

Here you can state your experience in scouts and guide or your experience in NCC. You can also state your experience of looking after your neighborhood, your house. You can also state that you love learning new languages and reading crime thrillers.

Sample Answer

I have experience heading my team in scouts and guides. I was an NCC Cadre. 

8. Do you use your gun at any chance?

They expect a ‘no’, as this might scare their customers and may cause damage to any of their properties, but you should also say that in case of burglary, terrorist attack, or any sort of emergency, you may terrify them using a gun. In case I find usage of the gun, can save a life or any other property of the firm, I will use it.

Sample Answer

No, I don’t use it till there is an emergency to the lives of people and property. I may use guns to terrify terrorists. 

9. How will you find a good rapport with customers and your colleague?

You can state that you are an extrovert person, who pursues happiness in doing good deeds and helping dependent cadre customers, who need much more help than others. You can state that you will have good communication with colleagues and in case of any problems or misunderstanding, you may sort it through better direct person-to-person communication. If there persists a constant tension, you can maintain an optimum distance from that person.

Sample Answer

I am a person who wishes to help people around me be vibrant. So I love to help people around me and my colleagues.

10. How will you improve your skills if you get this job?

You should state the qualities most required to get perks in your future. This should bring out the confidence in your superior towards you.

Sample Answer

I will maintain my physique through proper exercise and jogging. I will make complete efforts to maintain a good rapport with colleagues, I will also try to understand more about the services and the product this firm provides. So that in case of hectic hours of business, I can help customers by giving them a certain idea about services or any other help related to assuring customer satisfaction.

11. How will you manage parking problems that you may face?

This tests your navigation skills, so you better answer with logic and navigation. You might also state the traffic rules and regulations.

Sample Answer

I will allow the person who came early to acquire early clearance, I will instruct all vehicle owners to park their vehicle in the proper parking lot with adequate distance in between two vehicles. I will also lend a hand if they find difficulty parking their vehicle. I have the good navigation skills required to clear traffic.

 12. What types of help will you provide to customers?

You should consider the variety of people and their mood swings. So your answer should assure about your patience and problem-solving skills

Sample Answer

In case, the customer is new to the locality, I will guide them with proper navigation. I will also understand the location and nearby popular areas for this task. I will provide a proper security facility. I have a good memory and analyzing skills so that I can extinguish anything smoking before it causes any problem. In case of a calamity, I assure the exit of all our customers to a maximum level. I help old age people in carrying heavy objects.

13. What is your favorite part of being a security guard?

Your answer should be in a way where the interviewer should be convinced about your dedication to the security job.

Sample Answer

I get a chance to meet varied people and get a chance to help them. I am personally an extrovert, by this job I get a chance to get good acquaintance under wonderful working circumstances.

14. What is your least liked part of being a security guard?

This is a tricky question, here you should justify your character. This will make you look good.

Sample Answer

I like every part of being a security guard. I least like the part about getting disrespect as being a security guard is viewed as a low-grade job by employees.

15. What will you do when you face a theft problem?

This is a problem-solving question that tests your presence of mind.

Sample Answer

I will try to catch the thief by chasing, if not possible I will check through CCTV footage. I will always keep an eye on CCTV cameras. I will inform the Police, I will also note the vehicle number, type, and color of the vehicle through which he departs. Note about facial features, Color, identifying points, and height of the thief will be given to police.

16. What will you do when a customer suffers a cardiac arrest?

This tests your life-saving skill and methodology. So answer technically with terms. This might fetch you a score.

Sample Answer

I will call the emergency number for a medical emergency. I will enquire whether there is any doctor in the crowd, I will control crowding around the patient. I will check for a pulse and respiratory rate. I will then proceed with CPR.

17. What is the proper procedure to perform CPR?

Sample answer

CPR is a resuscitation procedure provided in case of a cardiac emergency, it involves 90 events per minute, with 60 compressions and 30 ventilation through a bag and mask. After a minute, I should check for a pulse. Aspirin should be given sublingually as it gives instant relief.

18. What will you do when you encounter an uncompromising customer?

This should enumerate your skill to handle tension with patience.

Sample Answer

Even if it involves getting harsh words I will bear with a smile as this job requires a great amount of patience, I will try to calm her, if she requires more explanation, I will let her talk with my supervisor. I will be a patient listener to her problems rather than a person who answers without knowing her problem.

19. How do you handle the slacking of long working hours?

Handling the night shift is the most needed quality. So convincing answer will impress the examiner.

Sample Answer

I love drinking coffee as it energizes me. I can use that as my recharge for long hours, I will get a five-minute brisk talk with my colleague about the kind of customers they get to see that day this might allow me to engage in knowing about people who choose our products.

20. What are your salary expectations?

You should state that their perks will equate to your presence of mind in monitoring.

Sample Answer

I love to work in a most reputed firm like you, in terms of salary, as stated in the advertisement for an interview, I will start my work at minimum pay and will assure you that my proper functioning willingly make you give perks in days to come

21. Make note of your positives and negatives.

If you give a note about positives related to a security job, it may fetch you high scores. You can say that your care and compassion to help customers is positive. You can also have negatives that should also gain your interviewer’s attention in giving you higher scores. 

Sample Answer

I never lie even for people’s happiness and I have a strict protocol to follow at every phase, this may be negative as each phase might require certain adjustments.


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