Yogurtland Interview Questions & Answers

For people who wish to appear for Yogurtland interviews, timely preparation is a key facet. This is the time when your potential and your charisma are tested.  Moreover, it is one of the crucial parts of life where your skills, effectiveness, your practicality all is at the stake of your progress.

It is also important from the point of company prospects as they hunt the best from the population to bring their goodwill to the top of the chart in any competition. All the candidates won’t be having some skills which the company is aiming at. 

So with the help of an interview, they can find the best candidate whose skills and attitude are well defined for the company’s requirements. 

Yogurtland Interview Questions

Top 21 Yogurtland Interview Questions For Acing The Interview

1. Would you like to share something about yourself and your interest?

Sample Answer

For sure sir. Good morning I am ……… hailing from ………. I have completed my schooling at ……. and Graduation from my home town itself in the field of B.Com (or any other similar business degree) and as my internship, I have worked as an office clerk in my college itself.

I am a self-motivated, enthusiastic, well-focused, and driven Management Professional with Graduate Degrees in Business commerce, seeking a challenging position with growing responsibilities in an organization where I can apply my knowledge and skills to its success as well as promote my competencies. 

I have also received several awards at the previous job for best employee of the work, awards for target completion before the task in from of bonus and incentives. 

My strength at the workplace is staying focused, committed approach, being an effective communicator, good team player, and having a  pleasant personality. 

2. Why should Yogurtland take a moment and have a glance at your portfolio?

Sample Answer

Because I believe that I possess the skills and knowledge which your company is looking for, have the quality of being a  hardworking employee to achieve the target. 

3. Where do you aim for your as well as the growth of the company in the upcoming period?

Sample Answer

I assure you that as much as I can contribute to the betterment of the Yogurtland, that is, I would be giving 100% dedication at the workplace so that the objectives given by the company are fulfilled. I shall aim to achieve the work on the time given by the company for setting up standards and it would help to uplift the company profile. 

4. Would multitasking for you be easy to handle?

Sample Answer

Yes, it would no more be a complicated situation because based on the previous work I had interned for, I take pride that I excel at working on multiple tasks, and henceforth, I was able to achieve the target which was set by the company. 

5. Share your experience of your previous job. 

Sample Answer

My experience with the job has helped me to become knowledgeable. I have mastered the art of learning a set of new things and love to apply them. But I strongly believe that there is no age limit to expand the knowledge and as I was just waiting for the right opportunity and the right platform – if things go well your company will provide me that golden opportunity. 

6. What were your duties in your previous role?

Sample Answer

I was working in the company for the same job which I am looking for now. The duties include managerial tasks and proper communication.

7. How will you manage your work if you receive multiple requests from staff members of Yogurtland? 

Sample Answer

It is all about proper management. I will be dividing jobs according to the time requirement as well as the availability of time for the job. 

8. Describe a challenging task you had to deal with. 

Sample Answer

Challenging tasks are the ones that I enjoy working on but the ones which I felt challenging at the previous workplace included the technology and techniques amendments. But as mentioned before, learning new things is a task that I enjoy. So, this hurdle can be easily solved in my way.

9. How will you handle if any challenge occurs due to a sudden cause? 

Sample Answer

The workplace may have sudden changes. I  would try to cope with the root of the problem and have a proper format of managing the problem and I shall also ensure that my co-workers do not experience the same problem. 

10. How do you maintain and update a filing system?

Sample Answer

Technology is the best part that can play the main role in this type of situation. I would like to have a properly formatted data collection and all this collection shall be stored in the system. Hence, reporting to the superior will be easy.

11. What kind of language would you be comfortable in? 

Sample Answer

 Languages known to me are Gujarati, Hindi, and English. 

12. Why should you work in Yogurtland?

Sample Answer

I prefer to start with the basics, and want to learn the ins and outs of daily life in the office, which I can perform with the ease of my comfort. I assure you that I will give my best.

13. How do you imagine your typical day in this office?

Sample Answer

I would aim on completing the assigned tasks given to me every day. Also, I would try to maintain a good relationship with other subordinates and try to bring a healthy environment to the company. 

14. What are your expectations from the other workers in the workplace? 

Sample Answer

I believe that you should always keep on advancing and learning about the things unknown to you. So, I expect the same from the workers as they would help me out if I find any difficulty understanding my job. 

15. Can you work with MS Office or another software tool? 

Sample Answer

Yes, I can work on the MS Office or any tailor-made office software used in the company. 

16. Why only clerk? Why not any other post in the organization?

Sample Answer

As I have mentioned about the position of this job, it gives me a  sense of satisfaction which is the most important thing for any of the employees. 

17. What motivates you the most in your job?

Sample Answer

Coming up with creative ideas to improve something, or make something new and well defined is the essence of this job which I am well aware of.

Also, analyzing the complex data to draw clear and simple conclusions motivates me.

18. Why did you leave your last job?

Sample Answer

Though I excelled at my previous job, all the motivational factors were also fulfilled by them and I was satisfied with the job, circumstances went against me. The major reason I left the job was to expand my horizon by working outside my comfort zone and am trying to learn more things working with your company. 

19. Why should Yogurtland hire you, and not one of the other job applicants?

Sample Answer

I am adept at delivering exceptional results with consistency with your company targets. Also, I can promise you that you won’t make your decision in risk factor in future for choosing me in your company as I possess a combination of skills and experience that makes me stand out.  

20. What are your salary expectations?

Sample Answer

My salary expectations are in line with my experience and qualifications. If this is the right job for me, I’m sure we can agree on salary. The pay scale can be decided easily based on the rates stated on your official website.

21. What if we cannot provide your expected salary graph? 

Sample Answer 

Thank you! It is great to know that the employees’ views are considered here. In any case, I would like to get a salary higher than my previous job, even if it is slightly high. If you promise me to increase later, I can still consider. In case a lower salary is provided and that is also fixed, I would like to opt-out of this job because I do not trade for my skills at a loss.

So I would negotiate at a midpoint where it is suitable for you as well as for me.


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