Millennial Job Interview Questions & Answers

As soon as you are graduated a huge problem that candidates face is, finding a job. Whether you are an experienced candidate or a fresher, the youth struggle a lot in finding their first job. 

Over lakhs of young candidates apply for jobs. Out of which only a few of them get the desired job they want. No doubt, you are graduated with good grades, have an excellent skill set, or are quick in adopting new skills. The most important question that comes to light is, “How good are you in your communication skills”. 

Whichever company you go to for an interview, your body language, your communication, and the way you present yourself matter a lot. 

Most of the millennial generation are not even aware of the questions asked during an interview. That is because academics do not teach millennials how to land their first job. 

You require valuable skills and practice for an interview. The more you prepare yourself for an interview, the more confident you will be while presenting yourself. You need to be prepared in such a way, that you create the best impression. 

Top 21 Millennial Job Interview Questions in 2022 [with Answers]

1. Give us a brief introduction about yourself.

Interviews begin with this question. The purpose of this question justifies your confidence level. Be sure you are confident enough in presenting yourself from the beginning itself. Interviewers are pretty curious in understanding about your background, your education, your achievements, etc. Speak about things that are particularly in your CV and sync with the job description.  

Sample Answer 

I am a civil engineer. I completed my graduation from MIT University. I was always passionate about learning and pursuing a career in the construction field. After graduation, I did my 6 monthly internships at Specific Designs, and my role was to build, design, and modify the structure of huge buildings.

Later on, after completing my internship I accomplished my 2 years certification by completing my master’s degree at Stanford University. Being a civil engineer is my passion. Apart from that, I have been practicing and designing my structures on my own, which has helped me gain knowledge about the modern ways of civil technology as well. 

2. Through whose reference did you find this job?

Sample Answer

I found this job through my LinkedIn. Hence, I checked it out. I began reading the job description. The job description met all the requirements I was searching for. As I have the desired skills for this role, it invoked a strong interest in me. Thus, I decided to apply for this job. 

3. Mention one word that would describe yourself?

Sample Answer

“Balanced”, I am a pretty balanced person. According to me, I prefer to keep a balance between my work and my personal life. I never indulge in two things together. I would rather focus on a particular thing first and then move on to another. 

4. What do you look in for this job?

Sample Answer

I look forward to seeing this job as an opportunity for me. I have always wished to seek a job according to my interest. I eagerly wish to make the best out of this job and strive for a better experience. This job will help me a lot in understanding the industry as well as the market. Hence, it will help me build a better future.

5. Tell us about your hobbies.

You can simply tell them their hobbies. Just ensure that you keep it short and simple. 

Sample Answer 

Painting, reading, and learning new languages are a few of my favorite hobbies. Apart from that, I enjoy playing football as physical activity. 

6. What are your strengths in this particular field?

Sample Answer

I have excellent leadership skills. During my internship, I have managed a team of 5 members. Witnessed each member’s strengths, weaknesses and accordingly bifurcated the work for each one of them. I know how to run a team and manage multiple tasks at a time. This is my biggest strength in this field as well as in my life. 

7. Tell us something you know about our firm/company.

Be sure you at least gain minimal knowledge about the company/organisation/firm before you go for an interview. Providing them with sufficient knowledge about their firm shows that you are serious and interested in the job. Thus, increases your chance of landing your desired job. 

Sample Answer

Sure! As soon as I decided to apply for this job. I was curious to know more about the company. So, I researched a bit about your company and came across a few things. I know your journey was quite tough. In the beginning, you just started with 5 employees. Slowly and gradually you expanded your business and started making profits.

For the first time, you and your team signed the biggest contract. From then, your business got a kick-start and now it is reaching new heights. I will be glad! to be a part of your company that not only provides total commitment but also understands customer gratification so firmly. 

8. Share with us any life lessons you learned in this field.

Sample Answer

During my college days, I was a nerd. I was so studious and shy that I hardly made any friends. In total, I had 3 friends and those had the same introvert behavior as me. I was not enjoying my life as I was an introvert and never interacted in fest and events.

After, completing my graduation I learned a lesson that if you need to achieve a sustainable future, interacting and networking with people and groups is quite necessary. From that moment, I decided to acquire skills that would boost my confidence. Now, I am so confident that I do not hesitate even for a second. 

9. Do you know about our biggest competitors?

Sample Answer

Yes, I am aware of your competitors. While researching about your company I came across your competitors too. As I was a former leader during my internship. I have a list of strategies, designed project plans, layouts, etc., that can help you market better than your competitors. 

10. How good are you at handling problems?

Sample Answer

I am a quite practical person. I believe that one should not criticize over problems instead focus on solving the problem. So far, I have faced several problems however I have always managed my way through it by staying calm and taking positive steps on it. I am good at solving problems because I tend to take constructive decisions even during serious circumstances. I assure to be a problem solver in the company whenever necessary. 

11. Can you tell us the difference between a team and a group?

Sample Answer

Definitely! The difference between a team and a group is pretty simple. A team consists of a few members. While a group involves a few or large members. A team means having a common goal together and working hard towards it. On the other hand, a group divides their responsibilities to complete a specific task/ goal. However, a group does not coordinate well as compared to a team. 

12. What motivates you for this role every day?

Sample Answer

Being an engineer was always my dream. Whether it is designing or creating a new model from scratch. I enjoy working in this field. I am ambitious and I wish to fulfill my desired dreams in the coming years. Am just a few miles away from achieving my dream life, that is what motivates me every day. 

13. What are your thoughts on managing stress?

Sample Answer

My key to managing stress is clear. I believe that stress directly affects our ability to work. To ensure, we do not compromise our working ability. We should not let our thoughts ruin our lives instead have faith and let things happen as it is meant to be. 

14. Are you flexible enough for working overtime? 

This question depends on you. If you are willing to work overtime then say, Yes. However, if you wish to say no, it is pretty fine. Just ensure you say it honestly and politely. 

Sample Answer

Yes, I am flexible about working overtime. I am curious and according to me, it would be the best way to know more about the working style, the company, and the market. I see this as an opportunity for me to learn and adapt to new things so I can simply grow to make the most out of it. 

15. Do you interact with people easily?

Sample Answer

Yes, I interact with people easily. I am quite familiar with the people I work with. Also, I love meeting new people, creating bonds, and building new relationships.

16. What are your salary expectations?

The salary question is a tricky one. Remember, do not give them an actual number. If you are fresher, avoid asking for a certain amount of salary instead reiterate how grateful you are about the job. If you are an experienced candidate, give them a rough estimate and show them your keen interest/ passion for the job. 

Sample Answer

I do not have much experience in the workspace.  So, it prevents me from determining my salary. However, my determination towards work can be beneficial for your company. I have heard a lot of constructive feedback from your company and this opportunity could be a great start to my career. Hence, I am open to working on the package you offer to me. 

17. Tell us why should we hire you.

Sample Answer

With adopting new skills, speaking multiple languages, excellent leadership skills, and cooperation I am sufficient enough in helping your company grow. Apart from that, I have also been rewarded as a creative designer. I am confident enough that with my creativity we can bid on bigger projects. Thus, I feel I am well suited for this position. 

18. If we appoint you, when can you start?

Sample Answer

I am open to this job. I can join immediately as you say. I am already excited about this role. If your decision is yes, I am just one call away. 

19. What kind of environment do you prefer working in?

Sample Answer

I prefer working in an open space environment. It would be great if the office crowd are more familiar and interactive, as it would create more enthusiasm amongst me as well as the employees. However, I am very flexible to adapt myself to any work situation. 

20. Would you be ready to relocate for work?

This question entirely depends on you. If you are comfortable relocating for work, you can stay yes. Regardless, if you are not ready to do say you can give your honest opinion!

Sample Answer

Due to some circumstances, currently, I cannot relocate at this time. However, if there are any possibilities in the future I would consider them. 

21. Do you have any questions about us or the company?

Never say, No! Always counter some sort of questions about the organization or they will assume you are disinterested. Asking them a question shows that you are professional and passionate about the workspace you are about to work in. 

Sample Answer 

What are your company’s priorities over the next few years? What is your business plan to knock down your biggest competitors?


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