Personal Banker Interview Questions & Answers

If you are sitting for a personal banker interview, then you should master your personal and professional skills. All the people preparing for personal banker interviews must know in the finance field.

Personal bankers help clients and customers in many aspects. Starting from credit issues to assisting the client in bank-related issues, the work responsibilities of a personal banker are huge. 

If a customer is facing any issues related to the loan, then the personal banker can refer the customer to the loan officer. The finance field is filled with chaos and issues. Personal banker is one of the most important positions in the finance field for resolving minor and major disputes.

All the interviews related to the banking field are going to test your personal and professional skills. You need to prepare yourself mentally before any interview. A person with the good fundamental knowledge and practical thoughts can qualify for the position of personal banker interview. 

There are many things that everyone should learn before preparing for a personal banker interview. It’s not only about how much you know about the finance field but how would you deal with the crisis happening in the finance field. 

Therefore, preparing oneself mentally and psychologically is important for getting the position of a personal banker interview.

Personal Banker Interview Questions

Top 21 Personal Banking Interview Questions To Get Good Marks                         

1. How would you tackle the situation where a customer has been overcharged for some reason?

Sample Answer

If the situation takes place during office hours, then I will help the customer to resolve the issue. I would explain to the customer about the bank’s rules and regulations. I would make sure the money is returned to the customer according to the bank’s policy. I would apologize to the customer on behalf of the bank for the inconvenience caused.

2. Tell us something about inflation and its repercussion.

Sample Answer

Sometimes, the prices of some specific goods increase and this is known as inflation. In simple terms, inflation happens when the money flow is increased. Inflation helps in increasing the overall profit for the retailers. Inflation would support production and a good return to the investors.

3. What are your thoughts about affluent clients?

Sample Answer                                                                                        

Affluent clients are good people to deal with. I think! I need to treat all the clients equally, but affluent clients are good people for communication.

4. How should you provide customer service?

Sample Answer                                                             

The best thing to maintain good customer service is to keep everything transparent. The clients or customers should know the bank’s policies. There should not be any fraudulent statements given by the bank or customers.

5. It is important to meet sales targets. Why?

Sample Answer

Setting and reaching sales targets is important to perform well. All the staff should make sales target for achieving their goals, and perform in a better manner.

6. What are the ways to deal with an aggressive customer? 

Sample Answer

Dealing with an aggressive customer requires good patience and communication skills. You need to explain to the customer about all the rules and regulations of the bank for better clarity. The staff should respond well to the customer about everything. 

7. Why do you think banking is the best career option for you?

 Sample Answer

For me, banking or finance is the best career option. I have expertise in the finance field. I enjoy and love exploring the field of finance. I believe! Banking is a good choice for people to learn and deal with new things every day. 

8. How would you decide the best bank product for a confused customer?

Sample Answer

I always try to understand the goals of my customers. I will explain to them all the products that the bank can offer. After listening to their requirements, I would suggest to them the best product the bank would have. 

Confused customers need proper education about the bank. I would explain multiple times (if required) to the confused customer about the products. 

9. How did your experience help you to grow?

Sample Answer                                                                                                     

I always learn from my experience. I learn from both my victories and failures. In my past experiences, I learned how to deal with different types of customers. My past experiences helped me to develop my patience and understanding skills. I worked on my communication skills to avoid communication gaps with my customer. 

10. Imagine yourself in a situation where you are not able to convince the customer about the bank. What would you do?

Sample Answer

I would try my best to convince the customers about the bank. I would tell the customer about the values and ethics that the bank follows. I would try to explain the policies of the bank to support the condition of the customer. If the customer would not get convinced, then I would try to tell some more supportive policies of the bank to the customer. 

11.  What makes you different from other candidates? 

Sample Answer

I have good understanding and listening skills. I have patience which is very important for handling customers every day. I am a solution orientation. I think! I am the best for this position as I can take care of customers’ needs. 

12.  Would you be able to suggest to the customers the perfect size mortgage for them?

Sample Answer

Yes, I would be able to explain to them all the types of the size mortgage the bank has, then would tell the most suitable one for the customers. 

13.  Imagine yourself in a situation where other team members are not happy with your work standards or ethics. How would you deal with it?

Sample Answer

I think! In every team, normal disagreements and arguments are common. It’s not always important that everyone would match each other’s work standards. I would make sure I am following the rules and regulations of the bank. 

For me, satisfying the customer’s needs and requirements is very important. I would try to communicate with my teammates to solve the issues. 

14.  Rate yourself based on work standards, behavior, and knowledge in the banking field.

Sample Answer

8 out of 10. This is because I am still on the path to attaining perfection. My alertness and vigilance have helped me understand these concepts in a better way.

15.  Following the instructions of your seniors or paving your way without listening to them. Whiat is your take?

Sample Answer

Experience is the real knowledge in every field. My seniors would be more knowledgeable and experienced than me. Therefore, I would always respect the thoughts and instructions of my seniors. If I feel that the instructions are not right, then I would communicate with my senior.

16.  Would you be able to do all the responsibilities of a personal banker properly?

 Sample Answer

I have good experience in this field. With the help of my experience and knowledge, I would perform well as a personal banker. 

17.  If you find someone doing illegal activities that would be derogatory for the bank, how would you handle this situation?

Sample Answer

I believe all the employees or staff should be careful about their actions. A single mistake can bring repercussions for the whole team and bank. I would never appreciate any employee including me, doing illegal acts. 

If I found anyone doing such things, then I would make sure the branch manager is informed about the person. 

18.  How would you help yourself if you are not able to explain some policies or processes to the customer?

Sample Answer

I would make sure that I know everything about the bank. I would educate myself about all the policies and processes of the bank. I will take the task if I am an expert in the field. 

If I am not able to understand something myself, then I would ask my senior to clear my doubts and help me with them.

19.  You gave some wrong information to the customers. How would you deal with it?

Sample Answer

I think I would never give any wrong information to the customer. If I give any wrong details or information to the customer, then I would make sure the customer is informed about it. I think! I would never misrepresent any facts to the customer by any chance. 

20.  What are the qualities a person should have for becoming a personal banker?

 Sample Answer

Every human needs to be mentally and physically healthy for becoming a personal banker. A personal banker should have good analytical skills to find instant solutions to any problem. A person banker should have good finance knowledge to understand the aspects related to banking. 

The most important skill of a personal banker is to understand the concern of the customer before providing the solution. The personal banker should have an understanding of the products to decide the correct product for the customers.

21.  How do motive and intention play vital roles in the life of a personal banker?

Sample Answer

I think a personal banker should have a clear motive and good intentions. All the employees of a bank should have good intentions for helping the customers to get benefited. The person banker should not hold any illegal intention or motive as it would affect the reputation of the bank. 

The person should join as a personal banker not for money, but to help many people, who are struggling with loan issues and cash-related problems. The personal banker should become a help and perfect guide for the customers to give them a better life. 


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