Teller And Banker Interview – Why Should We Hire You? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Finance! What an important aspect of life. Doesn’t matter in whatever field you are in or what you do, eventually everything comes up to finances. As it is perfectly said that being rich and staying rich needs two different traits, two different skills. Once anyone can become rich but not everyone can sustain to that level.

So just to solve this issue the traditional way out for this is ‘Bank’. The bank is someone who accepts your deposits and returns your capital with some interest. It’s the safest side of the investment for the common people who prefer to avoid taking risks.

Working in a bank is also considered to be appreciated everywhere in India. As banks deal with too much amount of money and also with a safer side so the person who works in a bank tends to be rich with sustainability, this is what yeh mentally has been through till now across the globe, more in India.

Especially jobs like a banker and bank teller are highly respected. As they deal with actual cash and transactions of the bank. The gravity of their responsibility touches the sky.

Banking is a sector which is almost high and demanded most in all the financial year. The entire world revolves around debt, even if you want to buy a car or a house or to even start up a business you need a loan, and here’s where the bank comes into action and provides monetary support to all the needful people. Hence this industry has the entire future of finance.

So, how would it be if you were a part of this most essential industry of banking? Great! Isn’t it? Many of you might also have planned to work in the banking sector. We know it’s not that too easy but not even impossible.

We are here to achieve your goal of serving in the banking sector by cracking the interview with some captivating answers and comeback for the most asked question of all time ‘Why should we hire you?

Teller And Banker Interview

Top 10 Sample Interview Answers

Sample Interview Answer 1)

Every organization seeks someone who must be loyal, skilled, and also have better communication skills. I look upon myself for all these traits, I think I possess all these quoted qualities and because of that, I can be an esteemed employee. As it will be my whole new journey, I’ll enjoy my work and be able to learn more.

Sample Interview Answer 2)

I possess better communication skills, it’s inherent in me I guess. People listen to me and also consider me a good listener. And also to be a good bank teller you need some extra communication skills as people invest their money, and where money is involved emotions are attached and I am also good at building relations with customers which will eventually result in increasing trust of our clients.

Sample Interview Answer 3)

I’ve been fond, curious, and interested in the finance and banking sector a lot since my college days. As economics has been my favorite subject of all time, I studied a lot about it and acquired as much as I can hence now I can understand how finance and banking works and seeking to get some more opportunities to prove myself right. I believe that your organization will be the perfect place for me, I can serve at my best and can also get good treatment.

Sample Interview Answer 4)

I have already gained some experience of handling the customers from my previous job, though I wasn’t totally into the banking sector I think the skills required to handle the customers are almost similar. I. Good in communication and dealing with people even with different moods. I understand where the money involves the things get very fragile so good communication is what keeps the trust of our clients stubborn in us. So you can consider me as a person who can carry out this crucial task with ease and effectively.

Sample Interview Answer 5)

Yes! I am a fresher directly from college after receiving my degree successfully. Experience might be that aspect where I may lack but every coin has two sides. If you flip my coin on the other side, then there’s something full of strength. I am a youngster and thriving to make a successful career in this banking field hence I keep upgrading my knowledge. I am a motivated young blood entering to prove my knowledge and skills. Hence if your organization gives me that opportunity, I would be grateful.

Sample Interview Answer 6)

I have been in this banking industry for the past many years. I’ve experienced this industry deeply and have much experience of any baking-related work that takes place in any bank. I always try to upgrade the knowledge and also the experience at the same time, I like to be up to date, hence if any banks reject to shift their working process from traditional to modern I either request and propose a plan or else I leave but here in your organization, the work process is pretty well and up to date. That’s the reason why I’d like to work with you, and you may not resist an updated person to serve your organization.

Sample Interview Answer 7)

The benefit for hiring me is I tend to learn, face challenges and possess a good grasping power. I may not work 9-5 with my full potential but I can assure you that if I work only for 4-5 hours I can achieve better results. My experience may or may not help me with this job description but my tendency to learn will always be my side. I can achieve better results for your company as I believe in discipline and time boundness which is somewhere lacking in most of the candidates contributing to this generation. Eventually, the final decision will be up to you and the authority who may be in charge of hiring candidates but this is most and all that I can tell you about myself and my working efficiency. I hope for a positive comeback from your side.

Sample Interview Answer 8)

I believe in myself that I am eligible to carry on the responsibility which I am expected to lift. In addition, people like to talk to me and deal with me because of my better communication skills and according to me, this is the cherry on the cake if clients get some executive who may listen to them and also build relationships. It was my dream to work in an organization like this, though I’ve worked before that wasn’t a well-established bank hence I didn’t get opportunities to unleash my potential, hence I look up to your organization to help me to unleash my potential.

Sample Interview Answer 9)

Well, I think that banks are the motor of the financial industry and for the time being, I possess all the knowledge and skills required to function in this sector. I honestly believe that I can develop and produce successful products and services for clients which can not only yield a good sales volume for the bank but also will be fit for the client. My ambition to serve in this sector can bring great value to the company too. In addition, I also have experience in customer service which can help the customers to connect with us and feel belonging.

Sample Interview Answer 10)

As you have already gone through my resume, the majority of my previous job history has been in the banking sector only, this is an industry which I’ve explored as much as I can and also thriving to explore more. It taught me and gave me practical knowledge and insight about how businesses, finances roll and work in this industry. When I went through your requirements list I noticed you are seeking someone special who can manage bank accounts appropriately. As my past experiences and workplaces are more attached with the banking industry, especially I always contributed to the accounts department.

I was responsible for not only maintaining the accounts of employees but also looking upon entire accounts module and to track projects and suggesting new modules or upgrades needed to manage finance more efficiently and on addition, apart from that I was also responsible for managing corporate accounts, employee’s an investment and company portfolio. I developed a good understanding of the financial and economical condition of our country and how it may affect banks in the future. I am pretty sure and also confident that my past valuable experience will translate well into the responsibility and level of position you are offering and I am of course excited to begin this new chapter in my career.


The banking sector and all financial startups are the backbones of every country’s economy. If you are planning to make a career in this industry then this can be the better option and best decision for your secured career. We would recommend that if you are truly interested in understanding the economy and finances then you must start exploring banking.

If you have already decided and made up your mind to make a long career in this sector then why worry? Just apply and get ready for an interview, for sharing your answers we are always for your help.

So here we have shared the top 10 sample answers of ‘Why Should We Hire You?’ for bankers and tellers.

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