What Would You Do If You Won A Lottery, $10 Million? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

If I ask you, what if you won a lottery ticket of 10 million dollars? Will, you even give it a second thought to respond to something like buying exotic cars, staying in a lavish villa, having a glass of lemonade on the beach of Miami, and what and whatnot. Everyone at least somewhere deep down our heart has that thirst of having all luxury if anyhow they won the lottery ticket of 10 million dollars!!

And, understandably, each of us is made up of desires, desires of having more but here’s a thing. An economy says that desire is nothing but the willingness of having something which may not be backed up with the capability of purchasing power of the particular commodity. How true is that, most of us have that willingness but we have to thrive to get backed up by purchasing power.

No! no! no! We are not here trying to convince you to buy a lottery ticket and check your luck and spend more than your savings on just non-analyzable fortune-based investments. Just for the matter of fact, I would like to put a flash that according to reports the lower-income class households of USA spends lottery tickets worth of $412 per year, which is even more than their emergency fund.

People do this just to try out their fortune and the mentality of getting rich quicker, sometimes they probably forget that self-made people take years and years for their overnight success.

Now you may think why are we talking about it? What if I say the question I asked you in general at the start, can also be the question that can face you for your interview. Interesting! Isn’t it? Yes, that’s true in most of the interviews, interviewers ask such questions. The reason for asking such questions is to know how mature you are with your money and how is your thought process and how is your attitude. So, without any further adieu let’s have a look at some sample questions that may cherish the ears and satisfy your interviewer.

What Would You Do If You Won A Lottery

Top 10 Sample Answers

Answer 1)

To be very honest I am too accountable with my money. I am a person who spends every penny too wisely. Yes of course my excitement would touch the sky if I received a huge amount of money but I will divide my money into various parts as per my priorities. I have to do that as one big part of it will be going to the government in the form of tax.

After the allocation of funds, I’ll pay my education loan and dues, and most importantly I’ll invest a huge part of it in various sectors and investments for eg: Long term investment, mutual funds, and also in the share market with a slight risk and remaining part in bank savings. Now I’ll still have some more allocations. I’ll use them accordingly, also I’ll not forget to contribute some part to charity and to help the needy and later I’ll throw a party for my family, relatives and also for my friends. I’ll buy a new ride for myself and also upgrade my wardrobe.

Answer 2)

It’s too direct for me to be honest, I haven’t thought about it yet, I’ll have to think about it, so at the very first place if this scenario manifests I would like to keep the entire money with me just to take a time and think what I have to do with it. Once I am cleared about it, which may take months to decide then I’ll start using my money as per my priorities. At most I guess I’ll buy a new house and a lovely ride for myself and also a new smartphone. I’ll use it to meet my favorite celebrities if it is anyway possible. I’ll buy some good stuff for my family members and for my friends too. I’ll go out for lunch and dinner to try all the dishes I’ve never tried. Neither heard that too from most rated restaurants.

Answer 3)

I’ll throw a bashing party for all my friends and relatives. I always dreamt of discovering the world so I’ll explore and travel more as I can and try to understand the different cultures of people from various parts of this globe. I’ll buy a new high-resolution and high configuration camera which will store all my traveling memories in it. I’ll try to give exposure to my photography skills as well. I also like to eat the food of various continents so it will help me to taste most of them. I’ll also buy a touring motorcycle from which I’ll explore our own country. I’ll contact different types of NGOs who consistently work for the betterment of needy people and donate something from my pocket, so they can work more efficiently without worrying about more donations.

Answer 4)

I’ll buy as many properties as I can so they will start generating revenue from my invested capital and also I’ll get my new property. I think that this is the right time to purchase assets as the demand for properties is low and the investment made today may give more soothing returns in the future so my 10 million may grow more.

Answer 5)

I’ll fulfill all my wishes that I had till now. First, I’ll buy a lovely house as I always dreamt to buy one. I’ll put some or more part into savings and investments, so I can have something even after spending. I always wished to roam in my car, hence I’ll buy myself a lovely car and travel along with my family and friends. As of today’s date the educational fees and expenses are getting pretty expensive so I’ll try to provide better education to my children, every member of the family has their requirements and every working person also loves to fulfill but not every wish get fulfilled so because of such a high amount fulfilling the requirements of the family.

I’ll also join women’s club where I’ll spend my time in some value-adding activities like yoga, meditation, and some sports like badminton, swimming, etc. I also like to help people, such as charity work, so it will be on my priority list to donate to NGOs for orphans and old age houses and also donate to someone who needs health medications. I am fond of jewelry so I’ll buy myself a necklace and a golden bracelet possibly. I do have my own house here in this city but I don’t have it in my native so I’ll buy property at my native place.

Answer 6)

I will keep 30 % of it in real estate and earn a stable rental income from it, 20% in bonds or fixed deposit, the rest of the 50% in equity of which 40 % will be in midcap 30% percent in small-cap, and 30% in large-cap. the number of large-cap companies will not exceed 4 in the case of mid-cap it won’t go past 8 in the case of small-cap I will focus on 2 or 3 companies will exceptionally good fundamentals and prospects along with thorough research of their product business model etc same applies to mid-caps in case of large-cap companies I will focus on bluechip companies which have a reasonable p/e ratio and is low on debt and other good fundamentals.

Answer 7)

I would start a roadside unmanned library which would mostly consist of business books and self-help books. So that any person can be an autodidact which would indirectly result in his prosperity. My main focus would be making people understand business and leadership through the library which provides only and only business books so that the results would be a learned man who sees capitalism and entrepreneurship as an answer to his problems.

Answer 8)

Winning the lottery would mean a lot for me, firstly it would be like getting an opportunity to clear all my debts and dues which are pending, and eradicate all those financial disquietness that I and my family experience from time to time long back. It would also help me to start and continue what I am passionate about with no exertion involved. Winning a lottery only happens to ones who have a scintillating fortune. I hope the same happens with me in my real life too, so it would open a lot of doors of opportunities for me to focus on my career and work and further also to buy some requirements like a house or a car and to pursue my hobbies.

Answer 9)

Without a doubt, I would start my business venture. Probably a big restaurant or a motel with the top quality of national and international dishes, veg and non-veg both, with great inspiration and enthusiasm and lovely staff with best cooking skills. I’d love to help people and to make them aware of their health, the food that they consume, and diet actions to improve their health by improving their dieting plan. I’ve always been fascinated by dieting and cooking etc. That’s one of the reasons why I completed a course on dieting and two on cooking as well. Previously I have also worked with the venture who used to deal in dieting and exercising plans. I worked as a dietitian over there for almost a year.

If I ever get ten million, Moreover, I would have an opportunity to start up my venture and add something to people’s lives and also to improve in my own business. As of now, I do not have such a huge amount of money, I am still happy to apply for a job as a dietitian in your organization, and also helping people as much as I can also by working with your organization.

Answer 10)

To be honest I never spend even a single penny out of my pocket to buy lottery tickets as this entire business seems more like a fugitive to me. So eventually there is no chance for me to win any lottery tickets. I prefer to have faith in my karma and to rely upon my responsibilities and allow them to carry with motivation and hard work while trying to achieve something great for myself and my family members. I don’t think that it’s my cup of coffee to bet on luck and to expect to get millions in return because I never checked how good my fortune is.

As I said before, honestly I do not even support lotteries and similar businesses. It’s just not good for people. People must concentrate on their jobs and what they enjoy doing. They should see meaning in their everyday life. If you succeed to find such a meaning, and your role in your day-to-day life then probably you won’t participate or spend even a single penny on lotteries or dream about winning millions of dollars.


Being rich and staying rich are completely two different things and similarly being rich and being wealthy are also two different things. So dreaming of getting success overnight by winning lotteries may not at all be a good idea, though by god’s grace you win, still, you may not be wealthy. So such questions are just asked to understand your mindset and your thought process so don’t start buying lottery tickets.

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