Why do You Want to Be a Bank Teller? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Going to take an interview in the near future? Oh! The interview is for being a bank teller? What a coincidence I am writing this article about how to answer the question “Why do you want to be a bank teller?” with a few tips and 10 sample answers to take inspiration from and make up your own outstanding answer. So, without any further ado let’s get started.

Why do You Want to Be a Bank Teller

Sample Answers for “Why do you want to be a bank teller?”

Sample Answer 1

I used to work in my uncle’s shop in the early days of my adulthood. I really love conversing with the customers, negotiating, and closing deals. A couple of years ago my uncle closed his shop due to personal reasons, then, still looking to work in customer service, I worked at a call centre for the time being. However, I couldn’t be satiated with a job in the call centre forever, hence I aspire to be a bank teller to do the job I like with better reputation, growth, environment and pay.

Sample answer 2

Working with the bank has been a dream of mine for quite a few years now. The bank, as an institution is so important for our daily lives in today’s day and age. Credit cards, debit cards, mortgages, loans, savings account current account, equities, securities. Most of the things related to finance are done through the bank, if not all of them. I personally would feel the pride to be part of such an important institution. However, I can only be a teller for a newbie with no previous experience.

Sample Answer 3

I think my mindset and skillset best match the requirements for the job in the discussion. I am a good and keen listener, and I have always been good at selling my point-of-view, idea, products. It’s not a gift without interest though, I love doing it, I love talking and making the best of the exchange. In addition to that, I have an ambitious eye for financial instruments and the stock market. So, what’s better than doing your two favourite things and getting paid for them. To be honest, I do not see myself applying for a job out of the banking institutions.

Sample Answer 4

This job was a recommendation to me. A friend of mine, who works with your bank only in another branch, told me that this would be a good fit for the kind of person I am and the kind of skills I have. She is resilient to recommendations until and unless she is sure that it would be a good match. She however did mention that the expectations of the job were high, and what is there not to love in a challenge. Hence I checked out the job description, I liked what it said and here I am giving an interview for being a bank teller.

Sample Answer 5

There is only one reason for me to apply for this job and the reason is it being my first step on the stairs of hierarchy in the financial institution system. Banks are one of the key requirements of every country at this point, it handles the thing the is the most powerful in the world as of today, and that being finances. Being a part of something so important and bigger than me will be fulfilling and fascinating. I want to climb up high and reach a very respectable position in this institution, but I am well aware that an amateur will not be allowed to sit on big chairs. So, this is where I start my journey.

Sample Answer 6

My main motive to aim for this specific position is due to the stability the job brings me. I used to work for a small restaurant, it used to be quite a busy place and I enjoyed working there. However, they closed and I was unemployed just like that. I was to be working in a shop that the same owner was going to open, but that project was cancelled. Hence, I chose to go with the bank, the job stability is great, room for growth is greater, the work environment is better, opportunities are more in numbers. That’s my reason to apply for the position of the teller.

Sample Answer 7

It’s because of what I was doing for the last 2 years. I had been working a part-time job with XYZ bank and I enjoyed my time working with them. So, I thought why not continue pursuing a job in the same institution. However still, my bank wasn’t very high in reputation in the market, so I decided why not apply for the big players in the market. Hence, here I am applying for the job of a teller in one of the biggest banks in the country. I chose to apply here for being a teller as I’ve heard you have one of the if not the best working environments and employee treatment.

Sample Answer 8

Many people are confused about finances, as it is not really an easy thing to understand. I simply want to help people trying to get a loan, buy securities, taking up insurance, by assisting them with the best policy for them. It’s not about customer satisfaction, it’s just about helping out the ignorant, the ones in haste, the ones in need or the less fortunate ones. A bank teller deals with customers directly, that’s why I applied for this specific position. However, I’ll be lying if I were to say that this is the only reason that I am applying to work in the bank, of course, things like money, work environment, stability, opportunities, growth options also factor in. But specifically applying for this position the reason was helping our customers.

Sample Answer 9

From my first job to my last one, over the years I’ve worked in customer services. Some were where I handled cash, somewhere it was just interacting with the customers. I’ve worked as a cashier, as a receptionist, in call centres too. I have a pretty good grasp of the concept of dealing with customers, I am able to understand and resolve their problems well, I have picked up very many tricks on negotiation, I have never had a hard time convincing someone to buy something, whether a product or an idea. However, all those jobs weren’t very respectable in society. Whoever I told about what I did for a living looked down on me. I nonetheless was convinced that they were wrong and there was the importance to what I did. Along with that, working in a call centre, or as a cashier never paid much. Hence, I chose to be a teller.

Sample Answer 10

A teller is not my ultimate goal. I want to work in the bank, at a higher post than a teller. I have a keen eye for finances, and I love digging deeper into the subject. I think my level of enthusiasm for finances will not be fulfilled and wasted as a mere teller. Do not get me wrong it’s not that I disrespect the position it’s important for someone to directly converse with the customers, and help them. I may want to be something more than a teller but I am someone with no past experience and have to apply for the position of a teller. I think It’ll help me understand better the environment of the bank, its workings, the actual dealings with customers. In conclusion, my reason for applying to this post is for learning purposes and as a stepping stone.

There were a few examples of how I think you should answer if asked “Why do you want to be a bank teller?”. Remember there were dummy examples and you shouldn’t copy them. You should pick and choose the best suitable points for you and create your own answers. Hope you enjoyed reading the article, if you did try some of our other articles too and share this one with your friends.


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