Top 21 Border Patrol Officer Interview Questions in 2024 [with Answers]

Border Patrol’s primary mission is to prevent terrorism and terrorist weapons from entering the country, including weapons of mass destruction. Our nation’s border guards are unfazed by scorching desert heat or freezing winters, and they are vigilant in protecting our borders.

While the Border Patrol’s primary mission has changed dramatically since its inception in 1924, it remains unchanged: detecting and preventing illegal entry.

Border Patrol Officer Interview Questions

Top 21 Border Patrol Officer Interview Questions To Ace The Interview

1. Why is a Border Force Officer a good match for your skills and qualities?

Sample Answer

I always strive to work to the highest professional standards and take great pride in my work. Apart from being hardworking and ethical, I am independent and able to handle challenges with confidence.

I maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle in addition to my work. Due to my experience as a Border Force officer, I understand how important it is to be vigilant, resilient, and maintain calm during difficult situations. As a Border Force Officer, I would use the skills, attributes, and experiences I have acquired.

2. Is there a role for Border Force Officers within the country, as well as their priorities?

Sample Answer

An officer’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the border is safe and secure. Aside from this, they also ensure that legitimate trade and individuals are allowed to cross the border as part of a team.

To prevent and deter the movement of goods and people adversely affecting national interests, the coordination of a visible presence is also necessary. The Border Force Team must ensure that customers receive excellent service while also providing value for money.

3. As a border patrol agent, why are you interested in this job?

Sample Answer

The protection of my country is of utmost importance to me. As a citizen of the country, I understand the threat smugglers, dealers, terrorists, or any other undocumented aliens pose.

I feel responsible for protecting your fellow citizens, as I love my country. As well as being in great shape, I am highly oriented and have excellent listening skills. I also can think critically and make quick decisions. 

4. What is a typical day like for you in this job?

Sample Answer

During the entire duration of my shift, I will be a guard. I will not engage in any smartphone games or daydreams. I will patrol the border area on foot, by snowmobile or vehicle (from a car to a snowmobile), keeping an eye out for any intruders. Think about working in a team (which is always the case in a job like this) and taking care of any problems.

5. Imagine the following scenario: A person crosses the border undetected and starts running. Despite your commands, they keep running. When they’re ahead of you, you’re caught behind. What will you do?

Sample Answer

Joining the military is about protecting people, not killing them. These two things are not always separate. If they do not freeze when crossing illegally, I will be ready to shoot them. If they do not freeze, tell them you will hit them. Please do not aim at their leg or something similar in your fantasies.

As for myself, I can’t imagine shooting anyone dead (let alone shooting a gun), so I indeed wouldn’t be hired during an interview for the US border patrol.

6. As a Border Patrol Agent, do you like to work in a team?

Sample Answer

Getting along with people comes naturally to me, and I enjoy working in a team environment. As a team member, I developed a system to streamline the communication between coworkers so we could work more efficiently together. Those engineers who can work together are the best, as far as I’m concerned.

7. Where do you see yourself within border patrol in 3 years?

Sample Answer

It is impossible to predict where you will be three years from now with any certainty. To assure the interviewer that, under all possible circumstances, you could see yourself as an ideal candidate for the position over the long run.

8. What has been your most outstanding achievement in your career as a police officer?

Sample Answer

The interviewer will adequately understand your values if you discuss your most significant accomplishment. Additionally, it will provide the interviewer with a better experience of your personality, how you like to be motivated, and how to coach you. If you are interested, brag about some of your achievements. Law enforcement officers should be proud of their accomplishments.

9. Our candidates are subjected to an early-stage criminal background check, credit check, and drug test. Could you please share anything with us at this point?

Sample Answer

The hiring of police officers has to be highly cautious for obvious reasons. Some of the information you will access may be confidential and dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Some data will be shared with the general public and vulnerable individuals. Ensure the interviewer that you are willing to submit to a background check if necessary

10. What kind of relationships do you have with other border patrol officers?

Sample Answer

The interviewer’s job is to determine if you can maintain healthy relationships at work. Interviewers are interested in how you interact with your coworkers. Imagine some of the relationships you had with past colleagues that you enjoyed. Coworker relationships are healthy and harmonious when excellent communication, a sense of humor, and support.

11. When was the last time you lost your temper? Would you consider yourself to be easily angered?

Sample Answer

The interviewer uses this question to understand your personality and whether or not you will fit well with the team. Discuss your ability to remain calm when under pressure. Include references at this time as well.

12. What is the most stressful part of your career as a border patrol agent?

Sample Answer

Working as a border patrol officer can be stressful regularly. Ask the interviewer about the most stressful aspects of your career. Your answer should not include any factor that would disqualify you from the position.

13. Do you demonstrate leadership qualities even when you aren’t in a leadership position?

Sample Answer

You are challenged to reflect upon how you behave as a leader daily. You can still demonstrate leadership qualities even if you aren’t leading a team! Describe how you helped a coworker struggling to prepare for a big presentation.

14. Would you describe yourself as a patient? In challenging situations, what would make you more patient?

Sample Answer

The interviewer will ask you if you consider yourself patient. Coworkers can become stressed and anxious due to impatience, so you must demonstrate your ability to remain patient and professional at the workplace.

15. What post-secondary education did you complete, and how did it relate to your career as a border patrol officer?

Sample Answer

It is probably on your resume; however, this is an invitation to provide more details. The interviewer would like to know more about your law enforcement training and any education related to border patrol. Make sure to mention any accolades, awards, or scholarships you have received.

16. What made you decide to become a border patrol officer?

Sample Answer

What made you decide to become part of border patrol? It is what the interviewer wants to know. If you wish, you can provide some insight into your background. You must display a passion for this career path during your interview. It is what will keep you motivated to advance your career. Demonstrate your commitment to the interviewer.

17. Are you prepared to respond to a civilian’s racial slur or another derogatory term?

Sample Answer

During the interview, the interviewer is looking for signs that you are easily offended or prone to overreacting. The excellent idea is to walk the interviewer through your reaction to a real-life example. You should demonstrate that you can remain calm and professional in the face of discomfort.

18. Have you ever committed a crime, whether you were caught or not?

Sample Answer

The interviewer needs to emphasize the fine line between being a good person and not getting caught. Be as straightforward as possible. “I don’t commit crimes. I am raised to be an honest person who respects others, their property, and myself.” If you’ve never committed any crimes: “I have never committed a crime. I was raised to be honest.”

19. This job has stiff competition. What makes you the best candidate?

Sample Answer

Display your uniqueness to the interviewer and demonstrate that you are different from the rest! If you cannot think of ways that make you unique, ask friends and family what makes you stand out. You might be surprised by how they see you.

20.  Has a sudden change of priorities caused you to change your preferences?

Sample Answer

Border patrol agents are required to change their priorities at any moment. When this happens, what is your reaction? Ensure the interviewer that you will respond professionally to sudden changes.

21.  How will you gain your coworkers’ trust?

Sample Answer

Maintaining relationships at the workplace is critical. During the interview, you’ll be asked how you’ll win over your coworkers. Should you be offered the position, explain to the interviewer how you plan to gain the trust of your new colleagues.


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