Top 21 Maintenance Technicians Interview Questions in 2024 [with Answers]

An interview is never a test of your knowledge, but the test of the ability of the candidate to apply that knowledge efficiently. 

The same goes for the interview for the job position of maintenance technician where technicality is judged, knowledge is tested but at the same time, the confidence and passion of the candidate are judged. 


Top 21 Maintenance Technicians Interview Questions For Scoring High

1. What is a maintenance technician’s role?

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With the rise in asset acquisition and maintenance expenses, the function of maintenance in preserving asset long-term value is becoming increasingly obvious at the company level. Maintenance responsibilities also include:

  • Creating dividers
  • Repair roofs
  • Replace any worn or damaged components.
  • Maintaining and repairing specialized equipment is an important part of the job.
  • Inspect mechanical components such as motors and fluid levels, as well as execute other maintenance tasks.

2. What do you mean by Maintenance Philosophy and how does it work?

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Maintenance philosophy is just the process of selecting a general maintenance idea from recognized best practices to serve as the organization’s maintenance philosophy. Two extensively used maintenance approaches are total quality management maintenance and reliability-based maintenance. 

The chosen idea is backed up by the correct mix of maintenance solutions, such as routine maintenance, condition-based maintenance, and predictive maintenance.

3. What is the role of Maintenance Load Estimation in a maintenance technician’s job?

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Maintenance Load Estimation is a crucial aspect of planning that involves projecting the volume and kind of routine maintenance that will be required in the present and future. 

Maintenance estimating is a difficult operation that is impacted by a variety of variables such as the age of the equipment, the frequency of use, the utilization climate, and worker capabilities.

4. Explain the utilization and working of Maintenance Capacity.

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The transformation of the maintenance strain into the resources required to satisfy the predicted demand is known as capacity management. 

The quantity and skills of artisans, site activities, labor, equipment, replacement parts, and so forth are all resources.

5. Explain the practice of Maintenance Scheduling which is employed in the job of maintenance technician.

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Maintenance scheduling is the practice of allocating resources to jobs that must be completed at a specific time and regularly. Task scheduling should take into consideration production schedules, resource efficiency, and cost reduction.

6. What is the system of total productive maintenance and how does it work?

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TPM is described as a system for maintaining and enhancing the authenticity of quality and production procedures through the machinery, equipment, operations, and workers that contribute to the organization’s commercial value. 

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a preemptive and cost-effective strategy to try to maximize the performance of the equipment based on cooperation, accountability, “zero downtime,” and “quality improvement.”

7. As per technical standard SAE JA1011 define Reliability Centered Maintenance?

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According to the SAE JA1011, Reliability Centered Maintenance is an engineering framework that allows the creation of a full maintenance regime. 

Maintenance is described as the mechanism by which a user may maintain the functionality that machinery may require in a defined organizational setting.

8. As a maintenance technician, how will you deal with a gingerly customer? 

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When a customer refuses to let you finish a project, it may be irritating. I’ve discovered that describing what you’re doing as you go discourages people from interrupting or stopping you. It’s inconvenient, but not being permitted to touch the broken part is far more so.

9. This industry is highly dynamic, how do you keep yourself updated?

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I’m constantly attempting to improve my abilities. I occasionally attend seminars to learn new skills, such as construction wiring or woodworking, to remain on top of the competition. 

I also recently obtained a certificate to attain my certification in building maintenance.

10. How do you ensure safety while working?

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I place a high value on personal safety. I attempt to follow the instructions with me as strictly as possible, and I go over them again if there’s anything that makes me doubt the chores I need to do. 

Furthermore, I always ensure that I handle myself in such a secure environment when performing checks.

11. During a maintenance check, how do you like to diagnose problems?

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I try to avoid being overly enamored with any one method. Even if a servicing request has been made, I like to communicate with the individual in difficulty to get a sense of their circumstance. If something that wasn’t stated on the report has come up even though it was submitted, this is extremely significant.

12. What would you be doing if you couldn’t figure out how to fix a maintenance problem?

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When I come into a challenge that I can’t handle or can’t address quickly enough, I have to tell the customer right away. Depending on how complex the matter is, I’ll seek assistance or seek a second opinion.

13. How do you preserve accurate records regarding your consumers and their logbook?

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When I walk into a job knowing all there is to know about the facility, equipment, and client, it’s much simpler to deliver outstanding customer service

At the end of each maintenance visit, I jot down the company’s account, making sure to timestamp each entry so that I or other professionals can keep track of the history of various services. 

I also keep track of how and when we get paid so that everybody on the team is aware of the account’s current state.

14. What are the most common risks associated with repair and maintenance work?

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The perils that service and maintenance workers may encounter are as follows:

  • Electrical problems- Repair and maintenance employees are constantly at risk of electrocution if they are not outfitted with electronically controlled tools and clothing. They are susceptible to burns, tremors, and other injuries.
  • Lifting apparatus- Workers who work with large metal items are in danger of a deadly accident if their plant or machinery is not examined or maintained.

Surfaces for working and walking must be kept clean. Unstable operating grounds, sharp instruments, and nails dispersed on the work area, slide and fall, uneven and poorly maintained surfaces are all possible accident hazards.

Debris is a possible health hazard for employees, particularly those in the woodworking and iron sectors.

15. What would have been your main impediment if you were employed by this company?

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Every assignment is a tough opportunity for me as a new employee. In this field, there are no prerequisites. My schooling has provided me with some knowledge, but I have yet to implement it in a professional setting. 

These obstacles, I believe, will aid in my development as a productive employee.

16. What would be your Maintenance Management regime for a maintenance technician’s job?

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Maintenance management, the element of the organization responsible for the planning, executing, regulating, and improving maintenance operations, is the most important aspect in optimizing industrial asset value in terms of productivity, dependability, cost, and so on. 

Maintenance management is frequently seen as a consolidated function of an organization inside the larger organizational structure, alongside other components of the system such as production and human resources. 

Large enterprises with many manufacturing units frequently use decentralized maintenance units as well. The choice to use a centralized or decentralized management structure is made at the highest level of management, keeping in mind the organization’s magnitude, the complexity of procedures, and ethos.

17. What are technological and operations support plans made up of?

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Maintenance mindset along with Forecasting maintenance load, Scheduling maintenance, and having the capability for upkeep things is what Technological And Operations Support Plans are Made Up Of.

18. What all constitutes maintenance management’s responsibilities?

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Maintenance management has the following organizing responsibilities:

  • Creating a job
  • Norms of timekeeping
  • Managing projects.

19. What do maintenance management’s checks and balances entail?

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Maintenance management checks and balances include 4 types of maintenance control:

  • Control of work and division of labor
  • Control of stock 
  • Control over cost
  • Control of quality.

20. Can you give me some examples of maintenance approaches and techniques?

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Several maintenance ideas have emerged in various regions of the world, most of which are founded on social and ethical considerations. Other maintenance procedures and technologies are included in these trends. A few of these ideas are briefly discussed below:

  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) 
  • Maintenance with a focus on reliability
  • Maintenance Methodologies

21. Explain the safety precautions followed by the service and maintenance personnel on the job site.

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The safety precautions implemented on the job site are as follows:

  • The lift truck’s above and lateral clearances are sufficient for safe operation.
  • Aisles, floors, and passages should all be maintained clear and safely.
  • The workplace should be appropriately aired to prevent the buildup of fumes from the replenishment and functioning of its lifting vehicles.


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