Top 15 Best Paying Jobs in Energy Sector in 2024

After graduating, students want to go in evergreen and ever in demand Energy sector which not only offers fat paychecks but also a rich experience in terms of exposure and understanding of the industry. “Energy” is a huge sector having a wide variety of options to choose from. Even this line can be considered as a huge misstatement given the diversification, this industry offers.

Fossil fuels such as Coal, Oil, Gas and Renewable energy resources have attracted a talented pool of individuals working in Energy giants and fetching huge salaries plus incentives.

Best Paying Jobs in Energy Sector

Best Energy Sector Jobs in 2024

1Renewable Energy ExpertHigh Paying
Normal Work Load
2Site ManagersHectic Schedule
High Work Load
3Solar Energy Coder (Software Development)High Number of Vacancies
Huge Scope
4Sales ExecutiveHuge Incentives
High Work Load
5Solar Panel InstallerIn Demand
High Work Load
6Civil EngineerHigh paying
Hectic Work Schedule
7Site Selector/AsessorTechnical
High Work Load
8Industrial EngineersHigh Paying
Huge Respect
9Financial AnalystHigh Paying
Social Recognition
High No. of vacancies
10Environmental ScientistTechnical
Wide Exposure
11Geo ScientistHuge Work Load
12HydrologistHighly Technical
13Wind Turbine TechniciansOn The Ground Job
Huge Competition
14Petroleum Mining EngineerRisky
High Paying
15Marine Energy TechnologistNew
Less Opportunities

1) Renewable Energy Expert

This role demands a specialization in Renewable Energy Management. The primary work of a person involved in this role is to provide consultations/advice to its Existing/New/ Prospective clients about:

  • The most productive and fruitful energy solution after conducting an energy audit of client’s business.
  • The enhanced upgrades available.
  • People involved in this role conduct a deep, detailed and thorough analysis of:
    • Nature of client’s business
    • Circumstances in which the organisation operates
    • Financials of the organisation
    • Vision and Mission statements of the management
    • Management’s inclination towards prevention of environment degradation.
  • After conducting an Energy audit, the expert/consultant formulates and advises about an appropriate energy solution which is tailor made for the organisation.

2) Site Managers – Wind Energy

This role demands at least a Bachelor’s degree in Management and/or Business along with a Diploma in Science. The primary work of a Site Manager employed at a site having several machines is to oversee and manage Equipment as well as the Operating staff. Leadership and Management skills are inevitable in this type of job as bigger the wind farm, higher would be the number of operating staff. To manage the equipment a Site manager must have a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the five parts of a Wind Machine i.e.

  • Tower
  • Rotor
  • Hub
  • Nacelle and
  • Generator along with its Auxiliary parts.

3) Solar Energy Coder (Software Development)

Almost every business in the present world needs a software to manage it efficiently and effectively. Energy sector is no different. Rather, it heavily depends on a software to manage its affairs. This role demands a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. A Coder employed in the energy sector has to analyse the business of client and understand the requirements. Post this, design, build and test a software application that satisfies those requirements. This leads to the development of a tailor made and personalized software. People working in this profession are an expert in data structures and algorithms.

4) Sales Executive

Businesses dealing in Energy sector need sales executives in order to attract and secure new projects. This role demands a Bachelor’s degree in Sales and/or Management. These sales experts are involved in selling a company’s services to a prospective client which is mostly complex and knotty.

For example, A team of sales executives working at XYZ Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd. will fulfill the energy needs of ABC Foods Ltd using a solar energy model. Convincing big business magnates to make a shift from their existing energy solutions to newer ones is not an easy task, fulfilled by these executives smoothly and effortlessly.

5) Solar Panel Installer

With a boom in alternative energy sector such as Solar power, the demand for this type of role has increased significantly. This role demands at least a Diploma in Electrical Installations and Fittings. An installer would be made part of the team designated to install solar panels.

The primary role of an installer would be to assist/guide the team in the proper installation of the solar panels. An installer after installing the panels has to integrate them with the batteries, considered a hectic task involving expert skills and training.

6) Civil Engineer

The importance of civil engineers in Energy sector is supreme. This role demands an Engineering major in Civil works i.e. Construction of buildings/dams/energy grids etc. The demand of civil engineers is always high and they get huge salaries. A civil engineer involved with the energy sector has to perform the following tasks:

  • Approve the site marked fit for installation of energy grids/wind mills or solar panels after conducting a preliminary investigation.
  • Prepare a layout plan.
  • Supervise the excavation of earth
  • Make sure that a proper base has been made to sustain a strong structure
  • Conduct Annual Repair and Maintenance of the infrastructure installed.

7) Site Selector/Assessor

Every source of energy ranging from Mining to Solar power requires selection of an appropriate site upon which an infrastructure can be erected with the help of a civil engineer. A site selector has to do proper investigation and conduct search activities after properly analyzing the environmental and geographical conditions of the site. For example,

  • A site designated for installation of solar panels must have ample of day light and heat found in places near the equator or poles.
  • Seismic surveys and study of rocks is done to find oil.

8) Industrial Engineers

Companies involved in Energy Sector are huge conglomerates and business magnates. They are organised as a hierarchy involving several sister concerns. This role demands an Engineering major in Industrial Training. An industrial engineer must have a visible ability to solve problems in a time bound manner and a knack for improving processes. He has to perform the following tasks:

  • Using a diversified set of optimization tools such as:
    • 5S
    • Process Mapping
    • Line Balancing
  • Conducting waste analysis to plug the loopholes and than optimize manufacturing equipment and processes.
  • Maintain the standard of operating activities throughout the manufacturing process
  • Improve the processes for maximum output
  • Value Analysis
  • Review of designs for reaching optimum levels of production.

9) Financial Analyst

Every business on this globe exists for generating profits and creation of value for its stakeholders. The role of a financial analyst in the Energy sector is of paramount importance as he/she is the one responsible for taking all the major financial decisions involved in the assigned project. This role demands a Major in Finance or Commerce and is quoted in the category of high paying jobs. If a company wants to switch over from its existing energy source to an alternate one, than a Financial analyst is the one who makes sure that the shift is happening in an orderly and profitable fashion.

For example, ATY Global Manufacturings Pvt Ltd. wants to shift from Oil Energy to Wind energy for its power needs. They have made this decision for one of their projects involving manufacturing of nuts and screws.

Their financial analyst will now use the technique of Capital budgeting where in the future receipts would be foretasted and discounted, after which a comparison would be made with the current costs incurred. This would give a proper result and analysis assisting the decision of makeover and shift.

10) Environmental Scientist

Almost every source of energy pollutes the environment in one way or the other, of course, barring a few. Governments from all over the world have put sanctions and restrictions on the usage of a few selected energy sources without protective gears. Environmental scientists/engineers are employed by the Energy giants to make sure they are in line with the applicable laws and statutes.

This role demands a bachelor’s degree in Life Science and/or Environment. They are tasked with analyzing the samples of Soil, Water and Air, collected by their juniors called as Environmental technicians. They test collected samples in their state of the art laboratories and generate reports which along with his/her comments and recommendations are sent to the management for taking further actions and decisions.

They can also be called as Environment Compliance Officers as their primary task is to keep the emission levels within the statutory limits.

11) Geo Scientist

There is a huge demand for this role in the arena of energy as they can be considered as the First Officer in the field of discovery and excavation. This type of role requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in Geological Science or Geology or Geo-Exploration or Mineral Exploration or Marine Geology. A geoscientist has to perform the following tasks:

  • Collection of Geophysical, Geo chemical and Geological information for various sources.
  • Keep a track on the acquisition of data to maximum level of efficiency and in turn quality.
  • Interpretation of the data
  • Team up with drilling engineers to fetch drilling locations on the basis of the interpretation of the data gathered.
  • Produce geological maps and reports
  • Present the geological maps developed to the management for further actions.
  • Conduct a proper audit of the drilling site along with a thorough geological risk analysis.

12) Hydrologist

They work with Energy companies using Water as their primary source of energy. A hydrologist studies, researches and investigates the earth’s ground water and surface water, noting its movements, precipitation and abundance. Their primary role is constantly look for new sources of water and thereby solve the problem of water scarcity, access and quality. This role demands at least a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering. The duties of a hydrologist involves:

  • Collecting surface water or groundwater and monitor data to support projects and programs.
  • Prepare various maps and figures, including maps of:
    • Groundwater
    • Altitudes and
    • Elevations
  • Geographical structures
  • Cross-sections &
  • Other data related to Hydrology
  • Prepare written reports and make oral presentations useful to management and stakeholders.

13) Wind Turbine Technicians

This is a specialized job that involves dealing with Turbines. Wind turns the blades of the mill attached to a turbine. This turbine than spins a generator that generates electricity. Such a technician must be well aware of the five parts of the windmill as discussed above. A technician can be given the task of manufacturing a new windmill but most of them are involved with the Repair and Maintenance of the existing wind mills. Wind Technicians, mostly called as WindTechs in the industry start their careers by attending Technical Internships offered by various Energy giants. At the end of internship, they are absorbed within the organisation. To be a successful WindTech, it is inevitable to be proficient in:

  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Electrical Repair
  • Computer programming
  • Logical Analysis

14) Petroleum Mining Engineer

Mining of petroleum as a natural resource, is a century old practice. Oil as a medium of energy has served to several thousands of organisations all over the globe. To take up this role, one must have completed at least a three-years Diploma in Petroleum Engineering. There are several petroleum companies, some almost a century old, operating worldwide, which creates a huge demand for Petroleum Engineers. A petroleum engineer is given tasks related to the exploration and extraction of oil and gas. There are several tasks that a Petroleum Engineer performs ranging from:

  • Development of equipment to extract oil and gas.
  • Making plans to drill in oil and gas fields
  • Developing ways to put:
    • Water
    • Chemicals
    • Gases, or Steam into an oil reserve
  • Surveillance of oilfield equipment’s
    • Installation
    • Operation
    • Maintenance &
    • Repair

15) Marine Energy Technologist

Using ocean as a source of energy is still in its nascent stage and at its early levels of commercialization. Although it is still an infant in energy sector but this infant is growing rapidly and steadily. Wave energy is generated by converting the energy within ocean waves into electricity. Marine technological devices are immersed in the earth’s ocean which in turn captures the energy from waves and tides. This energy is than stored and converted into electricity. Since, it is an untapped source, making an early career always has its advantages. The primary role of a Technologist is to oversee:

  • The development of technological device
  • Quality Control
  • Improvement in processes
  • Loss of energy while transforming


This concludes our list of Top 15 Best Paying Jobs in Energy sector in 2021. Whether you are planning to make a career in Finance, HR or may be Accountancy, you just can’t ignore this wonderful career. It offers a paradise of opportunities, which once tapped, leaves no turning back. Almost all the jobs pay handsome salaries and perquisites along with job security as Energy sector is deemed as a stable industry. If you like the article, than don’t forget to share with your friends and family. Do let us know in the comment section, how helpful was the content.


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