How to Tell An Employer That You Have Another Offer? (Tips and Tricks for 2024)

We live in a competitive world consisting of a plethora of business houses and thousands of employees working for those business houses. Employees tend to change from one employer to another in search of:

  1. Salary Hike
  2. Wide Exposure
  3. Nature of Work
  4. Work-Life Balance or
  5. Simply for a change.

This leads to a situation where while working you end up having 2 or 3 more job offers, thanks to the ever-growing digitization. Thus, employees tend to face a situation in which they are struck with a general question ‘How to tell an employer that you have another offer?’ There could be several answers to this, but here we will discuss the options/alternatives available to you.

Tell An Employer That You Have Another Offer

Common Mistakes With Multiple Job Offers

Mistake no. 1: Not Receiving the Offer in Writing

We are living in a dynamic world, where everything changes fast and quick. Further, If we talk about business houses, they transact in a super dynamic world. While considering multiple offers, one must be cautious about receiving the alternative offers in writing. It has been noticed that in a few situations, the alternative offer received by the employee was not true and genuine and was rather just a scam or mockery.

Mistake no. 2: Falling for Extra Lucrative Offers

Almost everyone in one’s lifetime must have encountered a situation in which one receives a communication mentioning the details of an extra lucrative offer, for which, one is not worthy. Falling for such offers without proper due diligence, can lead to a double whammy of losing your first/primary job as well as finding it at a later stage that the alternative offer was Fake or was offered from a sham company. Hence, one must inquire about the offer thoroughly and understand each and every term and condition.

Mistake No. 3: Not Comparing the Extra Benefits

We are all well aware of the fact that apart from Salary there are several incentives too, which an organization offers to its employees. These could range from:

  1. Health Insurance for both employee and its family
  2. Perfect attendance bonus
  3. Festival bonus
  4. Recreational trips with family
  5. Unlimited sick days
  6. Death benefits
  7. Travel allowance
  8. Food reimbursements

The list of perquisites or incentives can go on and on. One, while evaluating an alternative proposal should not only consider the salary hike but also compare the incentives offered by the prospective employer.

It is highly likely, that the effect of an increased salary be nullified with less incentives offered. In such a situation, an employee will lose out instead of gaining from a job change.

There could be many ways to express your desire of choosing an alternate option to your current employer. It all depends on which stage of recruitment process you are standing.

How to Handle Multiple Job Offers

1) Cleared The Screening or Initial Stage or Round 1

If you are just at the first stage of hiring process and have not met your human resource manager, than you must send an E-mail forthwith to the contacting person whom you met or who organised your first stage of interview. The E-mail must be in a polite tone in small letters. Your E-mail content can be:

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I am very well aware of the fact that this is really early and premature, but I want to bring into your kind notice that I have received another offer. If your prestigious organisation is still interested in my application, kindly revert me back to decide the way forward. Thanking You, ABC

2) Cleared The H.R. Round or Round 2

If you have cleared the HR round, which is the second level of screening in most of the organisations, than this means that you are one step forward in securing your dream job. If at this stage, you have received another offer, which in your opnion is better than the existing one, than one must send an Email to the H.R. manager stating:

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

Hope that you are in the best of health and high spirits. As you know, that I am on a job hunt and have applied with several organisations, Hence today, I have received another lucrative offer, which offers me wide exposure and perquisites. Your organisation is my dream company and I have always dreamed of working here.

If you still, think, that I am worthy for the organisation, revert me back.

Thanking You,


3) Cleared the Technical Round

If you have cleared the technical round or Round 3, than this means you have eliminated most of your competition and soon you will be securing the job. Recruitment process is a painful process for most of the organisations, as they invest their Time, Money and Energy into it. Expressing your desire of working for another company at this stage can prove to be irritating and cumbersome for people handling recruitment process. Yet, sharing your true position in a polite way will enable you to handle this delicate situation. You must send an Email to the person who conducted your technical round stating:

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I feel privileged and honored, that your prestigious organisation has considered me worthy for the position of XXXXXX ( state the designation you have been hired for) . Humans, like me and you always evolve, and choose the alternatives which are best suited for them. I want to state that, I won’t be able to join your organisation, as I have received another offer. Thanks for considering me and imparting with me your valuable time. If possible, revert me back, and we can still discuss the way forward.

Thanking You,



An employee must respond to different situations in a different manners. The timing and content of the Email framed, will play key role as to how well you have aced the delicate situation. The responses must be given with utmost care and in a timely manner.

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