How To Decline A Job Offer? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

We live in a crazy world. There are people unable to find a single job and at the same time, there are people declining a long list of offers in order to choose the best. You are on this page, then certainly you belong to the second category, that is, the talented ones evaluating several offers. Rejecting a job offer is an art. At times it becomes tricky and can leave you in a mess.

How To Decline A Job Offer

Eight Reasons For Rejecting A Job Offer

There are several reasons for rejecting a job offer and they depend a lot on the preferences and priorities of a particular person. There are a lot of variations, still, we can pinpoint a few common reasons for rejecting a particular job offer:

1) Low salary

Sometimes, in a quest to save employee expenditure, organizations tend to become over smart, They offer salaries that are way below the standards and market medians. In such cases it is wise to reject a particular job offer.

Tip Of Caution

Before rejecting any job offer, make sure that you have made detailed, diligent, and valuable market research as to what salary your peers are getting for a similar role in a similar industry. If the salary offered by the organization is less than 80% of the salary expected by you, then you are suggested to reject the offer and look for other opportunities.

2) Inferior Benefits and Perquisites

Incentives, several benefits and perquisites play an important role in securing the future of an employee and provides him a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. There are several organiations in the world that are offering superior pay packages, with lucrative:

  • Health insurance schemes covering all the dependents
  • Life insurance schemes allowing all the dependents to take claim benefits
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Entertainment programs
  • Cleverly designed retirement plans
  • Employee stock option plans, etc.

While comparing one job offer with another employee along with the salary component must also compare these benefits too. An organization’s job offer, offering a higher salary but lacking additional benefits must be carefully evaluated, as a higher salary gets completely set off by the value of these benefits.

3) Poor Growth Opportunities

With the advent of technology there are several dedicated sites, that allow an employee to post there personal comments as to:

  • The growth opportunities of a particular company
  • Work environment
  • Office politics
  • Cafeteria, etc.

An employee while rejecting a job offer must evaluate an organization as a whole, by browsing these sites and reading the comments of current or exiting employees of the company. By doing this, he or she would be in a better position to understand the growth opportunities offered by an organization.

Tip Of Caution

There are several employees on these sites, who intentionally make bad comments to spoil an organization’s reputation simply because they are either notorious or disgruntled. Hence, try to read several reviews instead of sticking to a few handfuls of comments.

4) Poor Infrastructure

Organizations tend to maintain an optimal level of infrastructure and office equipment in order to ensure a hygienic and healthy work environment for the employees of the organization. This not only improves their performance but also enhances their health conditions. Carefully research the level of infrastructure offered by an organization. In case it is sub-standard, you are free to move on to the next offer after all health and hygiene come first.

5) Too Strict Policies

Almost all organizations have strict controls and measures in place, in order to ensure the integrity, faithfulness, sincerity, and punctuality of an employee. Sometimes policies are framed, to harass an employee rather than inculcating a feeling of honesty among them. A possible example of such a policy can be, If at any time within the office premises, you are found without a tie, there would be a deduction of 10% from your net payable salary. This is just too draconian to accept and follow.

6) Working Hours Exceed The Mandate

Every government passes laws mentioning the maximum working hours an organization can instruct an employee to work. Say, In India, there is a policy of not forcing employees to work for more than 40 hours a week. If your organization expects you to work for hours exceeding the mandated threshold, you are free to evaluate an alternative offer.

7) Poor Financials

Business houses operate in a dynamic world. There is just too much competition in everything with limited resources and a loyal fan base. Hence, it is obvious that in an economy there would be companies earning huge profits and there would be companies under-performing or simply in losses. If you feel that the organization can go broke soon or its products and services won’t be able to match up with its peers, just don’t join. The survival rate of poor businesses is too low and turnaround stories are very limited.

8) Job Description Does Not Suit You

Every organization offers a job description to its prospective candidates. If you feel, you did clear the interview, but not interested in the duties to be performed, it is recommended that you browse the next set of job offers or simply search for duties and tasks that suit your nature and style of working.

Three Best Ways To Respond

1) Be Specific

Your answers for rejecting a job offer must be specific, reasoned, and logical. Vague answers would simply show, that you are not serious about your career and just blatantly reject job offers without any reason or logic. This could immensely hurt your future prospects with the organization. Hence, always mention a clear reason for rejecting the offer.

2) Don’t Be Verbose

There may be a thousand shortcomings with the organization of which you have received a job offer. But, you are not supposed to mention all of them. Rather, pick anyone or a maximum of two. Your main content must finish within 3 to 4 lines so that your response remains crisp, sharp, and genuine.

3) Maintain Dignity

Even though you are not joining the organization, that simply does not mean that you would call names, use bad words or simply abuse the organization. Being a professional, you are supposed to maintain a high level of dignity and politeness, even when rejecting a job offer.

Five Best Ways To Reject A Job Offer

Method One

I am overwhelmed and deeply impressed by your organization and the nature of offered work profile. Still, it would be a pity, that I won’t be able to join your organization, as I have another lucrative offer in my hand, which outsmarts the salary and incentives offered by your prestigious organization. Being a human, with monetary greed, I hope the organization would understand and accept my decision. Wish you luck.

Method Two

Being a prominent brand, superior infrastructure, and lucrative salary, it has hard for me, but I wanted to express my inability of joining the organization, due to a better and more superior job offer in my hand. It is a matter of our life and we must choose carefully. I hope you will accept my decision grant me relief.

Method Three

The interview session was a joy to attend and our conversations were motivating. I want to state that I won’t be able to join your organization, as I have already joined another organization offering me a higher salary and lucrative employee benefits. It was adorable that you considered by job application and even extended me a job offer. I hope, I will be able to serve the organization, in later years, in some better way.

Method Four

I received the job offer from your organization for the post of (___mention your post name____). But, it would be my misfortune that I won’t be able to join your organization, as I feel that the job description does not match my education and skills. Hence, I am forced to reject the offer and evaluate the other job offers. I hope you can understand the issue and accept my letter in good spirit.

Method Five

I want to thank the entire team, especially the HR manager for showing faith in me and even extending me a job offer. But, I won’t be able to join the organization, as I have already joined another organization offering me a better salary and perquisites. The decision was really hard to make, but since this is a choice related to my career, I need to be more practical rather than being sensitive or emotional. I hope that you would understand my decision and we will remain in good books.


Job offers are hard to decline. Not everyone is that talented or lucky, to choose from a wide variety of job offers. Hence, be diligent and carefully evaluate a job offer. Let not lethargy or your negative attitude overwhelm you. Be logical and reasoned while rejecting a job offer. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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