How To Answer Interview Questions? (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

You must be familiar that Job interviews might be one of the most difficult rounds of a selection process that you will be facing atleast once in your lifetime. It is considered that “Recruitment is not a process of mere selection, but mostly a formal process of rejection”. However, this statement is highly controversial because had that been the case entirely, the nation would have run out of all its fund until now. You can be one of those selected candidates for the job if you strive hard for it and your hard work will surely pay you off.

Mostly, all the organisations recruit candidates through a selection process which ensures the most deserving candidate for the post. Hence, candidates will have to go through an interface meeting, which is basically an detailed conversation between the hiring panel and the candidate about their skills, work experiences, educational qualification and so forth.

How To Answer Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions

Q1. Introduce yourself in brief?

Answer. This is the most basic question any employer would ask you at the start of the interview. Mostly all the hiring panellists will ask you this to get a crude idea about your personal work life experiences, skills, education and so forth.

Q2. What do you expect from this company?

Answer. This might be a tricky question. They want to check if your expectations are in pace the company’s interest. If that coincides with their expectation, then you might be the lucky one to get selected for that job position. However, expecting to become the Chief Secretary of the company wthin 2 years might not be a very desirable answer.

Q3. After 5 years, which milestone do you want to reach?

Answer. You have to know that the company is looking for an employee who would be able to make a remarkable surge in profit. So, be ready for this question, frame your answer beforehand and shoot your answer when asked. Also, you should mention your strengths that are relevant to the post which they are in search for and also show that you need to still better yourself.

Q4. Why do you think should we hire you?

Answer. This is a very challenging and a manipulative question that every recruiter is interested to ask. The reason is simple – they will ask the same question to all the candidates and then will evaluate each answer based on the company’s need. So, be smart and honest while you answer this question and be as creative as you can, however, ensure that whatever you are saying are 100 per cent correct.

Q5. Give a good valid reason for your job requirement?

Answer. This is a very probable question in an interview, no matter whichever post you are applying to. Put forth all you emotional strength while you are answering this and try to show as honesty as possible. Be practical, confident and answer this. Make sure that you also put stress on the type of job you have been keen to work for and this is exactly that one job, along with all your requirements relevant to financial strength, time schedules and location of the job.

Q7. Say something about your weaknesses?

Answer. Humans are made with proper strengths and weaknesses. You cannot say that you are only made of strengths and no weaknesses. That will only make a negative impression upon you. Also, you should not go for an answer that will lead you to debarment from the job, however, at the same time, you will have to be honest. You can say that you are having less perfection for a specific part of the job requirement, but you have a solution to improve yourself maybe through some training program or in-person workshops.

Q8. Talk about your strengths?

Answer. After you have answered about your strengths, this is an obvious question. This might be an easy one for your to cite because no one knows your strengths and weaknesses more than you. You might be possessing many skills but the idea is to put more focus on the skills that the company requires the most. Do not try to choose something that is not related to the job that you are applying for like Chess or Carrom. This might lead to a negative impression upon your application and might lead to disqualification.

Q9. Please tell us about your achievements so far?

Answer. Basically, for this question, you will have to brag about yourself. Try to speak about your latest achievements that will be enough to convince the interview panel about your deserving capacity for the job. Cite about how you could overcome a problem in your previous company or how you could help your colleague in successfully carrying out a presentation in a very urgent meeting. Be very honest about his answer and do not take this question in a casual sense, otherwise, you might mess it up with overconfidence. Prepare a specified list of the accomplishments that you have achieved which will help you in answering systematically.

Q10. Is there any reason that you are leaving your current job?

Answer. Do not get overwhelmed by this question and puke all that you know. Do not dare to say that you did not like your boss or your payment was highly below your positional standard. Be gentle and consider saying that there were no expected promotional growth or the department you worked in was facing instability. Also, if you did not like the working environment in your previous company, then that might be a valid reason also.

Q12. When is the latest that you can start?

Answer. Be honest. If you are currently engaged with any organisation, then let them know that you will be joining this organisation after you get a resignation letter from the previous company. However, if you are not engaged, you can join the job immediately. You can also inform them that you can start the work from tomorrow which show your excitement for your job, putting a positive impression on your application.

Q13. Please state your present salary?

Answer. As based on USA, this is an illegal activity to ask some one their salary. The reason is that the terms and conditions for every company and every job differs based on its loaction and the type of the job. However, if you face any such question related to this, be ready to answer it. You can also mention about your expectations with the salary from this current organisation.

Q14. What are your salary expectations from this job?

Answer. For this question, please consider gaining information about the average salary that is being paid by the company in your area so that you can get an idea about the same and do not end up making an unnecessary mess over there. Please mention them a range of the salary that you are expecting and not specify an exact number and also keep in mind that you are satisfied if you are provided with the least range of your expected salary.

Q15. What do you want to work here?

Answer. Try and put an effort to do some homework on why people would love to work in that company which might be because of reasons such as the working environment, better learning opportunities or it mightmake you more professional in your genre. Ensure that you do not put more emphasis on the salary side, which will create an impression about your inclination towards money factor.

Q16. What do you have to say about our company?

Answer. This is a question that will be asked with the sole motive to test your knowledge about the company you have applied to. If you do not answer properly with confidence, then this will indicate that you are just not serious about working for this company, instead you have a different motive which is not desirable. Candidates who are interested for this job will tend to do extensive research on all the aspects of that company. So, make sure you gather enough idea about the Organisation because this a very probable question.

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