Please Describe Your Passion for Sports? (With 7 Sample Interview Answers)

Our passion for is the biggest game-changer in our lives. We can do anything for our passion to get a spotlight in reality. Sports is nothing new in terms of a profession or passion or could be both at the same time. However, it is not a field to master in. You need to represent your state or country at every level and that is when you will be regarded as a worthy athlete.

Passion for anything means that you will live and breath your passion and when it is not there, it will almost make you empty. You will find pleasure when you can live your passion. Now, sports can mean any field which might be Badminton, Table Tennis, Soccer, Hockey, Cricket or even Football.

Please Describe Your Passion for Sports

Handling Sports Related Interviews

So in this article, we will provide you with 7 sample interview questions and their answers. Take a look below for the content:

1. Say something about your journey with sports?

So, citing about that, I have been extremely sporty since I was 7 years old when it came to playing football. Also, I have tried a lot of other sports in which I have made myself better over the past few years. I was growing, I understood that I have grown to be quite a good player and I have been trained by some of the best coaches throughout the country.

To be very honest, I should admit that I am not the best player you would want to hire but the aspect where I am best at is that I am a very strategic player and I would enjoy being a coach for the rest of my life being a player altogether.

2. How competitive have you been?

Sports is like an addiction to me. When it comes to competition, I am quite a strong rival for the opposition team and I would continuously strive towards my goal until I reach there because I tend to be the best version of myself. For the past years, I have equipped myself with an intense amount of knowledge on hockey, baseball, soccer and cricket and also their strategies.

I believe that I have an extremely passionate and deserving commentator inside me which makes me stand out from others and hence, I have come here to give it a shot so that I do not have any regrets about not trying my luck.

3. Tell us about your medical history?

I have had a very painful medical history when it is related to sports. I had to go for knee surgery four times and then I broke my arm three times straight. This was because, as I said, I had been a very dedicated play and plays any sport will entire heart and energy.

All these limitations have left me to the restriction of being a coach, however, I passionately want to pursue my professional career through that. A sports coach should be the best option for me right now. I would be living my dream anyway through my team members with the privilege of not hurting myself anymore.

4. How much time do you dedicate to sports?

Almost six to seven hours a day daily, I have my television or my sports app switched on in my mobile phone and continuously surfing through matches after matches. But that does not mean that I am very jobless or have enough time to spend. Either I am on my phone or TV or I am on the field practicing the sport to better myself each and every day.

5. How important is a nation for you?

The olympic championship is the most important championship for any nation to establish a standpoint for itself. Every nation wants to see its team players getting crowned with huge respect and honour. I dream about the same scenario happening just in front of me, the national anthem playing on the grounds of the Olympic Championship and myself being the coach for the team will be an absolute honour.

Although, it is an extremely long path to that road and the athletic scholarship will just take me a step ahead to that scenario. I think, Nations plays the most important role for any person to become what he wants to.

6. What do you have to tell about your resume?

My resume is a biodata of my sports history that I have been sketching for the past seven years. As you scroll down your eyes through it, you can get a clear picture of how dedicated have I been since the past years. I have tried putting attention on studies and even culinary arts but I never had the same amount of focus for any other field but Sports.

Nothing stands more fascinating to me than those adrenaline rush before the match starts and the sense of team spirit is just eye-catching. However, the most important thing that is to be realised is that the long hours of efforts that need to be put in with each day passing by.

7. How do you define your passion for sports?

I am extremely passionate about any kind of sports activity. I go through almost all the newspaper and journals that talk about sports. Some of them include the NYTimes, USAToday and FoxNews. The commentaries are awesome which are conducted by some of the most experienced athletes around the world.

Just like how we have a routine life for meals, it is mandatory for me to at least watch one match per day to keep me sane throughout the day. However, it is not only that I only enjoy sports as a spectator, though I am a very critical spectator, I also love playing those sports on the field whenever I get a chance to showcase my talent.


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